Uh-oh, looks like Daphne’s regretting that kiss.

I think Emmitt hit the nail on the head.

I guess John has daddy issues. And now I can see why. But I think Grandpa’s right.

I like that Katherine and Regina are friends. I just feel bad for Daphne having to answer to three parents. Bay and Toby don’t have to run things past Regina.

Yes, John, but with all the changes in the band, it does seem more like a hobby, and it would seem like that on a college application, too.  Wasn’t Toby a large part of that zombie movie? He could put that down as well.

Isn’t Regina entitled to some of Angelo’s money? Of course, her pride probably won’t let her accept it.

That’s not going to help Travis’ case any, if a hearing guy had been with her, he might’ve heard what was going on.

Hmm. Well, maybe John’s daddy issues have a good reason.

Actually, Katherine, with today’s economy, unless you throw her out at 18 and tell her never to come back, I don’t think she’ll be gone forever in two years.

Travis and Daphne should’ve gone to the police.

Oh, this isn’t going to end well for Regina.