Well, if this food truck challenge is based on sales, I don’t see how Dean can win if it’s three against one. I hope there’s only two trucks.

Ha, I like Guy’s name tape.

Oh, good. It’s individual. I just hope Dean wins the overall so he’s not at risk again.

I guess Carnie’s win gave them the advantage. Makes sense.   So does their going with comfort food. That’s a fairly wide range and in most home cooks’ wheelhouse.

Dean’s right about messing up Asian food, from what I’ve seen on other cooking competitions. But he’s not feeling Italian and doesn’t have experience with Mexican? Not good, but if anyone can pull it off, Dean can.

Kathy’s doing her mom’s mac ‘n’ cheese with a Lebanese flair.

Carnie’s making meatballs with brown gravy over mashed potatoes. I kind of agree with Hines’ concerns. I have to hope she goes to pieces because I want Dean to win.

Hines is doing a chili cheese dog. That’s nice and simple. I’m saying this objectively because I don’t care for beans, therefore I don’t like most chili, especially on my hot dogs, but I know it’s a popular item. I like my hot dogs with cheese, ketchup, and onions. I don’t like sweet pickles, so I don’t care for relish, either, but it occurs to me that I usually keep dill relish on hand to make tuna salad. I should try a hot dog with ketchup and dill relish some time.

Guy’s ambitious. A three pork taco is going to be both time-consuming and a lot of work for one man to do. Aaand, he give Dean a vidoe from Tori, and now I’m crying! Those two are such an awesome couple; I just adore them.

Hines’ chili looks good (except for the beans).

Ooh, Kalamata olives in mac ‘n’ cheese would be yummy if the cheese was mozzarella and maybe some Parmesan. I usually brown up some ground beef with curry powder, and put more in the cheese sauce mix for mine. A Bechamel sauce will work, I think. Aaand — Kathy may be going down. I like her, but I gotta hope she crashes and burns so Dean can win.

See, all the prep and the amount of time it takes to cook pork is why I’m so concerned for Dean having to be on his own.

I agree, Carnie, those are the worst peelers ever.

C’mon, Hines, Dean’s being a gentleman letting you use his burner. Don’t take advantage by spying on him.

Interaction isn’t going to be as easy for Dean since he’s alone.  Glad Guy can help out with that a bit.

Good question, Lou! It is a basic chili cheese dog, after all!

My gosh, Carnie used chicken stock for the meatloaf meatballs? You always use the appropriate stock for the meat! You may have to make your own fish stock, but it really adds to the depth of the flavor of the dish.

Ah, I’m worried for Dean again. IMO, presentation doesn’t matter as much at venues like food trucks, and tacos, even soft ones, aren’t meant to be wrapped up in paper like burritos anyway. Just throw it on one of those little paper tray thingies and go.  I don’t think the others screwed up enough to cover those 30 votes, I would’ve liked to have seen/heard Lou Diamond Phillip’s comments, though.

Yes, Guy, Dean’s dish was complicated and time-consuming, and whose fault is that?

What the hell is “snap” and why does a hot dog need it?

Mint, parsley and black olives? I can see the last two, especially with the bechamel, but mint? Je ne comprends pas.

“Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”! Dean is through! I admit I got a very slight feeling that’s where Lou dropped his golden ticket. Something about the way he said good luck.

I like how Dean is cheering the others (I know we’re shown mainly Hines) on.

Kathy, I think putting it in a pan and tasting it as you go is how the best cooks work. Recipes are more for a list of potential ingredient ideas. Unless you’re baking.

Carnie’s in the zone! Go, Carnie!

Yeah, I thought three minutes for shrimp wouldn’t be long enough. Raw food usually sends people home on Top Chef; I don’t think it’ll be any different here.

I think it’s fairly even between Carnie and Kathy in terms of presentation. I think more garnish vs. less food is a wash. I do think Carnie has a slight edge in the overall flavor and composition.

The dishes I’d like to try from this episode were: all of them. I’d pick the beans off the chili dog and whatever I didn’t like off Kathy’s dessert just to try them, because I think they’re all fantastic cooks.

Yep, not really surprised. Good show, Carnie!

I’m writing this the afternoon of the finale, so break a leg, Dean!