1. Yeah, Liam’s got some serious rage issues right now.

2. I think Megan just made friends with Adrianna. Yay!

3. How scary is it that I recognized Grant Gustin when he walked up? Of course, this show’s more his age range, anyway.

4. OK, Riley and Annie don’t make a bad couple.

5. Rachel’s right, Naomi, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.  You still need to grow up a little, but if you do, we wouldn’t have much of a show, would we?

6. This boxing thing’s not going to end well.

7. Megan’s got a point, Dixon.

8. Well, I’m not too surprised at Riley’s death. Now Dixon can take care of Annie.

9. I know Naomi thinks she’s an adult because she’s been taking care of herself for so long, but really, she acts more like a spoiled brat. She was more likeable in Annie’s dream. I do hope she and Max can work things out, though.  I don’t know why I like such a disparate couple, but I do. Cambridge is less than 200 miles from NYC, and Rachel’s going to need someone to replace the girl that went to Tokyo.