This week it was all about the kiddos, and what a messed-up bunch they are. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here are my thoughts while watching this:

I like John Ross and Pamecca together.

Annie certainly is fragile, isn’t she? And she still needs those tranqs.

Emma Bell is doing a marvelous job. You can tell that despite her words, she really does want to forgive Annie. I was kinda hoping she’d overhear the conversation between Harris and Annie at the end of the show, but given what happened, it’s just as well.

JRo is a lot easier to write than John Ross, and I’m taking these notes in longhand, so JRo it is.

Damn, for a moment there I thought for sure Sue Ellen was on to JRo.

Ah, Drew’s another JRo.

Rebecca better watch it, or she’ll be sharing an unmarked grave with Tommy.

Huh. Based on the previouslies, Frank could off Rebecca and make it look like Pamecca did it if he wants to get rid of her. Or he could just hold it over her head. That’s what it looks like he’s contemplating.

Huzzah for honest cops!

Looks like that part of JRo’s plan will be foiled. Then again . . .

Oooh, things aren’t looking good for Pamecca.

Now I wonder how long the arc of JR’s “masterpiece” in taking Harris Ryland down was planned for? It’d be nice if he went out on a triumphant note.

You know, when Annie walked in, I wondered if she regularly keeps a gun in her purse.