We start with a flashback to a year ago, with Shane running through the woods being pursued by someone who looks like one of the five Original hunters. By story-line, I don’t think it can be, but a lot of actors are taking “anything that pays” work these days, so it’s possible it’s one of the same actors. Shane finds what appears to be an abandoned mine-shaft.

Cut to the landing party, where he exposits that they’re 200 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Can you imagine their passport photos?

Elena and Becca catfight. Becca 1, Elena 0.  That’s going to keep Stefan busy this trip.  Not sure why Elena brought the Original Slaying Stake, but I’m thinking I’m not wrong in recalling that they narrowed their bloodline down to Klaus sometime last season or earlier this. I should do some more research on that some time.

Have I mentioned yet that I don’t think there really will be a cure and that all this will do is unleash this season’s Big Bad, which will somehow result in the Mikaelson’s leaving town so they can have their spin-off?

Bonnie’s getting crazy eyes, Jeremy, not lust-filled. Stay away!

Tyler could be right. But if any of the Originals get to drink the cure, they probably won’t get to be part of the spin-off. I mean, if Phoebe Tonkin has already been cast, then they’re not going back to the beginning. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s dependent on Daniel Gilles signing? Does anyone know if he already has?

Ha! I love how even Stefan smirked when Becca told Damon his purpose for being there is that he has “a nice behind.”!

Shane is now expositing about what happene when he found the mineshaft well last year.  Note: evidently witches and hunters can see in the dark as well as vampires, because he’s the only one wearing a headlamp. Although I guess Jer-Bear has a flashlight.

Jeremy is targeted by someone who looks like another one of the hunters, but Elena vamp runs him out of the way and someone else tomahawks the guy in the back.  A commercial break gives the two time to catch up with the others and fill them in, so that when Shane proposes camping out at a cabin for the night, Damon gets to snark about hunters running around in the woods. In return, Shane pushes Damon’s buttons about losing Elena when she takes the cure.  And here I can agree with one of Cindy’s points about the show: For the past two seasons, they’ve taken care to show us Elena’s growing feelings for Damon, feelings she admitted (or let her silence speak for her) to Stefan before she was turned.  Then they even gave us a “what if I met you first” story line, which, surprise! He did. Now that she’s a vampire, she remembers that, along with all the selfless stuff Damon’s done because he loves her.  Tyler even flat out told her the sire bond doesn’t affect your feelings. But Elena’s never repeated that to anyone else (nor Tyler, for that matter), and she and everyone else continue to act and talk like she’s only with Damon because of the sire bond.  If I weren’t so positive there won’t be a cure, or that something will happen to keep her from taking it, I’d trust that the writers are setting something up for us.  But right now, it’s incredibly frustrating.

So much for Klaus being a dick only for the greater good. I guess he’s going to hold Caroline’s life over Tyler’s head? OK, maybe not.

Aaand, that’s why they shouldn’t trust Shane.

Looks like the guy who took Jeremy is the guy who was chasing Shane.

I hope Bonnie’s set a magical fire that won’t burn down the forest.

OK, ladies, can we have a detente now?

I didn’t think I’d lost track of the number of massacres; the one in New Orleans doesn’t count.

I think Shane’s a masochist.

See, this is why I love Damon.  Deep down he wholly believes he’s a monster not worthy of being loved, not even by himself, so he’d rather hurt you before you hurt him.  It’s very relatable. And it’s why I don’t believe his line about not wanting to be human again.

I think that’s also part of Klaus’ make-up. I was confident he’d come through for Caroline.

And that’s how Elena wins people to her side.

So maybe Meshawk really is one of the original five hunters?  Because the close-up of the end of the tattoo over Jer-Bear’s left breast showed five swords in a star, points to center, and it reminded me of the aerial shot from when the hunters were made.  And since the new hunter just snapped Damon’s neck instead of staking him, I’m thinking we need five hunters and five vampires, although I’m only counting four of the latter. Plus two witches and Shane. Which makes 12. Guess we’ll see what happens next week.

(Since I wrote this, I’ve read a couple other blogs that made a good point: How come everyone’s talking like there’s going to be enough cure for everyone? Bonnie’s ancestor only made enough for Silas!)

Nina Lisa