Last week, Thea regained her trust in her mother, this week, Ollie loses his, and Laurel finds out her dad set her up to be bait. Here are my thoughts, jotted down as the show progressed:

Yay! David Anders! Uncle Snark Daddy! Ooh, he’s so good at being bad. And his girlfriend’s pretty chilling, too, what with that little look at the corpse and straighten the jacket bit.

I wonder if, by the end of the episode, Oliver will find out either a) Walter’s alive and being hidden somewhere or b) Mommy dearest has a hand in it all.

Consigned to the fire. Good thing Ollie has another copy. I wonder if he suspects her yet? The look on his face seemed like he may be beginning to lean that way.

Wait, Thea still has 499 hours to go because orientation doesn’t count? What about all that filing she did last episode?

I guess it’s not meta when Arrow mentions The Bachelor, since it’s on a competing network. But it is pop culture. Hmm.

No, Ollie honey, you were gone for five years and you were a party boy before that. You were shocked to find out that your mother had actually married Walter. You have no clue who she is.

This meeting is going to end badly for Quentin.

I hope Dig has a tape or video recorder on him. Ollie’s not going to believe him otherwise. Aaand, looks like it may just be a party after all, though I’m not sure I’m buying it. Where’s she going afterward? I saw John Barrowman listed in the guest credits.

It’s LAID in wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a little weird that Oliver’s giving Tommy love advice about Laurel. I do hope she’s not into The Arrow, though. I don’t like them together.

Ha! Another pop culture reference. Sorry, guys, I think Michael Voltaggio’s too busy running his two restaurants to come work for you, although he might be interested in popping by for an interview, since he’s done that kind of appearance before.

At least Laurel can fight and defend herself pretty well. I’d expect that from the daughter of a cop, but it is difficult to block a taser.

You know, I’m sure Ollie has all sorts of cool listening devices in the Arrowlair, why didn’t Dig just plant a bug on Moira?

So, Quentin knows there’s a leak in the cop shop. Still can’t figure out for sure if he’s been repromoted.

There you go, Dig! I knew Ollie’d only believe a recording.

I don’t feel sorry for Quentin at all.  Because I totally agree with the dressing-down Laurel gave him at the beginning of the episode.

Ha! I like the description of how Vanch’s safeguards will take the Arrow out going on and being intercut with it not working. But I’m afraid Laurel’s more in to the Arrow than ever, now.

Back-up is always a good thing. So is a voice of reason, although I don’t think Quentin really appreciated being reminded it’s not his job to dispense justice. Not that it’s the Arrow’s either, except in the world of this show.

Well, I didn’t think that interview was going to end well for Moira, what with that usually fatal line, but the previews for next week make it look like it’s going to be really bad for The Arrow.