1. I think Rachel’s father is indicting her.

2. Yeah, Katrina, that’s a bad password.

3. Go, Rachel!

4. That whole couch thing made me giggle.

5. Those cookies sound delish!

6. Zane Sr. is like Harvey.

7. Oh, Katrina! She is goooooood!

8. Harvey has some really good insights sometimes, Rachel.

9. Are Mr. Zane’s remarks directed at Sloan or Rachel?

10. I really like Katrina.

11. I think Harvey will win at trial.

12. Louis vs. Katrina is a battle I’m going to enjoy watching be played out.

13. Mike’s right, Rachel.

14. First time I’ve seen Donna fail at something.

15. Go, Mike!

16. Good talking to you, dad.

17. Huh. Now I could see Louis and Katrina as a couple.

18. Guess Harvey/Louis/Donna have almost reached a detente.

19. Ooh, I bet that Zane family truce is only going to be temporary once she finds out about this.