I think that’s the first time I’ve heard Jones’ first name. Clinton.

And Mozzie goes after the other cab. This isn’t going to end well.

Sounds like Elizabeth just told Peter she told Neal to lie to him. I hope so . . . Damn. Maybe not.

Mozzie has a point. I can’t see him doing the gypsy cab thing. I’m a little surprised, but I bet he bought that medallion legally . . . yep, I knew it! Even if it is a fake name.

Yeah, really, Peter, that’s Mozzie you’re talking to.

Oh, dear, I hope Diana can talk her way out of this.

Neal’s apartment has everything, doesn’t it? I seem to recall they made a sound booth in it a couple seasons ago. Or is this someplace else in her apartment that’s left over from her heyday?

Why do I think the safe’s going to close when June hits that line? OK, it didn’t.

Yes, lucky Delmont (?) didn’t hear that transom close behind Neal.

About time Angelo paid his brother back for taking care of him.

At least Jones paid for the cigar.

And my favorite Neal and Peter finish the puzzle together yet apart again!

So what I want to know is, how old is the key? How long did Peter chase Neal for? And how long has passed in TVland since the show started? Because, if that key is more than about ten years old, shouldn’t the twin towers be part of the skyline? I seem to recall an episode this season where they talked about where they were then and Neal was still on the run. If Ellen hid the key before 9/11, would the key still match, or were they not visible from that vantage point?

Nina Lisa