Wow, I’m so far behind on this doesn’t even make sense to me, so I’m just going to semi-translate:

Jordan made some crack to Mads that I thought was funny, but I wonder how much Alec overheard. And with what he said to her, I was trying to figure out if he was throwing her in Jordan’s way.

Laurel’s definitely noticed something amiss; Kristen hasn’t with all that she’s got going on.

Ethan said something to Sutton that made me agree with him. No clue what it was.

They’re not as good at sharing info on this show as they are on TVD, but they’re still pretty good at doing so when it would be natural/normal to do so.

Dan’s proposal was sweet.  And I’ve been thinking that trailer’s too small from Day One.

Um, hello, Ted, this is kettle (when Sutton spilled about the journal?)

Oh, Ethan, don’t tell Sutton about Laurel’s questions!

I wonder if Alec knows how Sutton got hold of that journal?

Jordan and Mads make me smile.

For once, Alec’s doing the right thing. Ted and Sutton should not punish Kristen for having thoughts, and neither should she punish herself.  But I thought this  scene was going to end with him hugging her and one of them walking in to misconstrue it.

So now Thayer and Emma know Sutton’s in allegiance with Rebeccannie, and why. Wonder what they’re going to do about it. I wonder what Sutton’s planning on doing about Laurel’s curiousity, and I wonder what Laurel’s going to do about the secrets.

So, when  Sutton was kicking Ethan out, I knew Laurel would be eavesdropping. My question as to whether she’d heard Sutton refer to Laurel was answered in the negative, and then followed Sutton.

And if Rebecca killed Derek, that explains why she framed Alec for it.

I knew Laurel was going to fall off that wall. I wonder how soon we’ll find out whether or not Ted knows there were twins.

I also wonder what Rebeccannie is holding over Jordan’s head?

I just realized Alec’s got a lying game of his own going on. This could probably stretch for another season, since there’s only about another 5-7 episodes this. Sometimes the shorter run of cable shows is a good thing.

Kristen’s right, Ted!

Ted’s acting like he doesn’t know Sutton is really  his. Of course, he’d be acting like that if he didn’t want her to know that. Because I recall he and Alec had that secret last season, which I thought was mainly about his affair with Rebeccannie. It made me think they both knew that he was adopting his kid. But now I’m thinking maybe only Alec knows. I would have to sit down to work out who all knows what secrets!

And, Emma’s just told Thayer there’s more than one entrance to the hospital. Go, Emma!

I’m worried for Mads, now. It sounds like Jordan is trying to tell her he has to suck up to Rebeccannie right now.

Yay! I’m glad Laurel’s been brought on board with the twins. I can’t wait to watch the episode that aired two days ago, but it’s probably going to be next week before I do.

Nina Lisa