Oops. Methinks the coach has said too much.

Yay, Tamara Braun!

Football is his mistress, Dani.

Yeah, I was afraid she’d start firing those three. And now she’s buying RayJay clothes? Oooh, Dani’s so not going to like this!

A bounty system, huh? Now I’m wondering why the Raiders always get so many penalties. Kidding.

They’re not going to fire you, coach. Juliette’s going to fire you.

At least Rex showed a little sensitivity. But TK, silent? Not gonna happen.  Uh oh. Didn’t see the bit with the dropped gun coming, though. Glad they hashed it out; I think TK needed to hear that. At the same time, how’s he supposed to get back into the game without practice?

Someone needs to tell coach he’s risking his job right now.

Oh, TK.

So, Nico’s ferreted out the truth. Can Dani do the same with her mom?

I’m glad TK called Dani. But I thought he had a sponsor?

Yeah, I thought Juliette had a bit of a hinky look on her face while she held that resignation letter. Well, that gets her out of everyone’s hair, including RayJay’s. I kinda feel bad for her, though; I was hoping she was finally going to make something of herself.

Yeah, Matt wants Dani back.

Oopsie. I guess Juliette’s not only not out of RayJay’s hair, but falling into his bed.