Casinos, huh? I saw what they did to the Gulf Coast before Katrina and while I didn’t like it, they did bring in jobs. But don’t the Hamptons pretty much close down in the winter? And Atlantic City’s actually closer to NYC than Montauk.

Hey, Jack still looks pretty good with a shave!

That tape was made six years ago?! That sucks. Oh, poor Nolan, he has hope he can rescue Padma from the Initiative’s clutches.

Oh, dear. The coroner found a report that could be Colleen. Poor Aiden.

How can Daniel not know she put him on speakerphone? There’s an echo-y, tinny sound quality when that happens.

Nolan, you just need to ask Padma straight out, “What is Helen holding over your head to get you to do her dirty work for her?”.

What’s Emanda up to? I wonder if she’ll find those pipe cleaner rings. And how does she know Amily’s password? Well, Conrad, it has been Amanda Clark. Just not this Amanda Clark.

BTW, why do laptops on TV immediately spring to life on the last page viewed when they’re opened? That never happens to me.

Funny, I always thought men could turn their emotions on and off like a tap. Or a switch.

Emily VanCamp has really grown as an actress on this show.

I hope Nolan both helps Padma and doesn’t leave her.

So, Mommy Dearest finally tells Daniel the truth! And even the house is bugged! Did that really not occur to them?

I like Nolan’s officiant jacket.

They say love is blind. I guess that’s why Jack didn’t see the confused look Emanda threw Amily when she opened the box and saw that ring for the first time, nor the relieved look after he explained its significance. Not to mention Nolan’s pause and Amily’s confirming nod before he said the name. But at least she really does love him, and even fi he doesn’t know she’s not the same girl he fell in love with all those years ago, I think he loves this Amanda Clark. It makes me sad for the real one, though.

Nate just leaped to the top of my list.

Poor Daniel. He thinks he’s protecting the woman he loves, when instead he ought to be enlisting her help to fight the Initiative.

“Takes one to know one.” Heh.

Wonder if Victoria’s going to kill Helen? Because she didn’t say she’d have to call off the call to Daniel.

Aw, she should’ve just fired on that line, and not let Helen talk any more!

Go, Victoria! And thank goodness Daniel actually listened to her.

Resolution time!

Greysons: They make a nice family unit as they stare at Helen’s body. They’ll get through this.

Nolan/Padma: I’m afraid they won’t. I think the Initiative runs like a terror cell, and Helen was Padma’s only contact.

Aiden/Emily: I’m glad they seem to be back together. Maybe they can help Padma.

Porters: After what Emanda pulled with Conrad, combined with how she took out WHM last season, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nate’s the one going down, not Jack. And there shouldn’t be any in yours, either! 🙂

Nina Lisa