*I was going to use the phrase glory hole in this title, and then I discovered that no-one knows it’s a mining term anymore. Instead, it’s become associated with why you should never use public restrooms in remote places. Besides, a mining glory hole is open to the surface, and this one isn’t. On with the show.

I’d thought Elena was beginning to be OK with being a vamp, but her VO about there being “hope” indicates not.

I’m waiting for Vaughn to tell Damon, “This is my island!” And I think I know why his tat suddenly completed.

Ha, the phones do work. Oh, great, they need Klaus again. Hey, Elena just got meta!

I wonder if Vaughn’s the one who saved Jeremy?

I have to agree with Cindy again. How the bloody hell did they ever get the idea that there’d be enough cure to save anyone who wanted it?

Bonnie’s bleeding. I bet she sees Grams. I also bet Beks doesn’t tell the others there’s only one dose. Ah, good, she did. Ruh, roh.

Vaughn’s tattoo is disappearing, too. No surprise here.

OK, I don’t usually comment on the commercials, but there are two this show I have to. First, the Acura TL commercial where they say not to ask your neighbor, because he’s a re-enactor. As my friend pointed out, “I’m a re-enactor, too. I want to know if it’s got room for all my stuff!”

Sorry, Atticus, you lose. Yeah, Elena, put on your big girl panties.

OK, so, the vamps, when they concentrate, can hear conversations from several feet away. They can hear both sides of a cell phone convo (not that that’s a big deal, if the person on the other end is talking loud enough, so can I). I think when they were running around in the woods a season or so ago looking for Stefan, he could hear them sneaking up on him. As much as I hate to agree with Cindy, why didn’t the vampires hear Jeremy being attacked and dragged off? And why, if Stefan felt he had to turn on his motorcycle when Klaus was in the dungeon with Damon so that he wouldn’t overhear Elena’s plan, do Tyler and Caroline think just stepping out on the porch is going to hide their conversation from him?

I’m pretty sure they showed Bonnie’s blood dripping straight down on Silas, so why are they having to walk so far?

Wait, Grams wants Silas free just like all the other spirits? Hmm . . . yep, thought so. Though Jeremy being able to see dead people also seems to come and go at the writer’s convenience.

Vamp Caroline is FABULOUS!

Always a catch with Klaus.

knew Damon was lying about wanting Elena to take the cure.

Oh, now there’s an echo. Because Bonnie wasn’t really that quiet when she assured Jeremy that she’d kill Silas herself if she had to. Of course, Elena *is* yelling, I guess.

2nd commercial: The Old Navy commercial with Julie Hagerty. She looks like she hasn’t aged a bit since her Airplane! days.

Nice that Tyler knows when to lie. I wonder if that’s why Phoebe Tonkin is in the spin-off, it’ll be all Klaus chasing the werewolves, and Tyler specifically?

Did Vaughn just stake Bon-bon?!?! That’ll make a lot of fans happy.

Hello, Katherine! Good-bye, Jeremy!

Most of the other recappers find they can’t get worked up over Jer’s probable death because we’re used to him coming back, although the previews certainly want us to think it’s a done deal. Thomas Galvin mentioned that he paid close attention to Jeremy’s hands on a rewatch and saw the ring; I can see it when Elena grabs him in one of the previews. But later on, she’s wanting them to get Bonnie to heal him. So I guess Bonnie survives and he doesn’t. My theories:

Once Jer became an activated Vampire Hunter, he became a supernatural being, therefore the Protect-o ring doesn’t work.

Alaric’s ring started taking longer and longer to work. It’s possible that Jer’s has reached that point, too, and they just have to wait a little longer.

It’s also possible that he stopped wearing it completely due to the madness that comes with it. But I find it hard to believe he’d’ve gone into this situation without it. So they must’ve believed it would.

I won’t be able to find out until Friday, at the earliest, but the rest of you can see what happens on Thursday.

Nina Lisa