Today Michelle appears to want to be on her team. The interview with Kate makes me think she’s going home.

The designers have to design two outfits for the launch of Heidi’s newest perfume, one for the press conference and one for the commercial. She wants a total of six options: two press and four ad campaign. She wants feminine yet hard, sexy but not slutty, and in the packaging colors: pink, black, and gold. It has to look good from every angle. They have one day and $1200.

On Team KIR, Daniel kinda takes charge of coordinating efforts. Some of them will have to team up. Kate and Layana volunteer.  So do Joe and Amanda. They’re doing one of the PR outfits, Patricia’s doing the other.

On the DTs, it sounds like Ben’s taking over again. Matt and Michelle team up to do the two press looks; everyone else has an ad look. Since there are six members, they can each do their own thing. That’s not a good idea for a team presentation.

Amanda and Joe are talking about their wildly different design aesthetics. Amanda’s designs are closer to what Heidi usually wears, and she doesn’t hesitate to tell him so. She offers to let him go crazy with textiles. They all head off to Mood. Patricia describes how she’s going to make her own textile, and it sounds cool. Daniel’s idea of a Bond girl also sounds great. Matt’s not feeling inspired again. Maybe he should be in a different line of work?

Joe and Amanda are freaking out at the register because they’re about $100 over budget. Behind them, Layana assures them that she and Kate only have about $100 worth of stuff, so the other two can have the rest. Not only are they covered, they get change back. But what hasn’t changed is their non-consensus on a design, with 12 hours left until the end of the day.  Over on the DTs, Cindy’s culturally aware enough to drop a piece of material like a hot potato when Ben tells her it looks like Madonna’s “Material Girl” dress color. It appears she trusts him this week.

Kate and Layana’s only disagreement appears to be the color scheme, but Layana’s so busy pressing corset seams she doesn’t hear Kate ask her a question, which makes Kate think Layana’s being complacent since she has immunity.  Richard has joined the discussion of Joe and Amanda’s design differences. Richard tells Joe he doesn’t want to be on “What Not to Wear”. Joe says he’d be proud to be on that show. Oh, honey. Also: Listen to your client! She said, “NOT slutty”! Amanda says she respects his ideas but she’ll have to rein him in a little bit more.

With 8 hours left, Patricia’s worried she won’t have time to finish the fabric she’s created, and Ben’s confidence has been shaken by last week’s loss. He still hasn’t started on his look. Stanley and Tu have formed a non-partisan friendship and Tu proves he can bust a move. Finally, Amanda and Joe have a design and Joe gets to play around and make his own fabric, which thrills Amanda because he’s really good at it.

Tim comes in and consults with the DTs first. He seems happy with all their designs. He also seems happy with Team KIR’s, but maybe they’re starting to crack under pressure? Patricia’s running out of material to finish her look and time to make it look good anyway. Layana starts to freak out over her and Kate’s look. Kate is not amused. After the commercial break, she manages to calm Layana down and feel better about where they’re going, so now it’s Daniel’s turn to panic. Evidently he didn’t purchase enough or the right kind of material, so when he spots some he likes on Patricia’s station, he asks if he can use it. She tells him to go ahead.

Model fittings! The DTs don’t seem to have a lot to put on them, but for some reason Matt thinks it’s time for them to win. Ben has a confessional about a past emotionally abusive relationship and starts crying. I just want to reach through the screen and hug him and tell him he’s a wonderful designer and a lovely human being and it will be all right. I’m sorry I called you a douche, Ben. I feel like crying myself.

Kate and Layana are in accord again. One hour left. Michelle’s punching holes in something and it’s making her team nuts. Then time is up and Patricia’s not finished with her textile.

The next day, the models come in and both teams have fit issues. Designers on both sides are freaking out and/or taking pot shots at the other team. There still appears to be no team consensus in the product placement make-up room. Ben is panicking and Cindy is trying to help him, but he can’t let go enough to trust her to cut leather strips for him. His bodice doesn’t look very good. His teammates interview his dress is a trainwreck, and it certainly looks it. Oh, dear. I’m worried for him now. He needs to stay in the competition a few weeks longer and get some of his self-confidence back.

Kristen Davis is the guest judge. Team KIR is up first. Daniel’s look is nice, but I don’t like the material. It’s a nude jersey evening gown with a halter top trimmed in black leather. Then the model poses and turns at the end, and it’s really flowy. I wish it were closer to the pink of Heidi’s packaging. Patricia’s awesome leather mesh is up next. I think she pulled off a miracle. It looks very fresh. But on close-up and when the model turns around, you can see that the gold leather squares on the skirt don’t cover the see-through nude mesh. I thought the look on Heidi’s face meant she hated it. I will no longer try to figure out what her face means unless she’s smiling.

Joe and Amanda’s look is cute and I could totally see Heidi wearing it. The lattice effect Joe created seems to mimic Patricia’s leather mesh. It’s a short black dress with grey lattice-work on either side of a front panel. I love Richard’s look, but when the model turns around both he and I see that Matt was right when he made a derogatory comment about the ruffle.

When Layana and Kate’s look hit the runway, I like it. They love it. The black net or taffeta or whatever over the pink really cuts the feminity without losing it completely, and the corsetted top is great. Finally, Stanley’s look comes out, and I like it, too, even though I don’t care for gold. But the touch of black on this one makes it interesting. The model’s wearing too many necklaces, though. Zac is smiling and Kristen Davis looks like she likes it. Again, I’m wrong. When all the models come back out, it does look like a collection, which I think has been Team KIR’s strong suit.

DTs. Michelle’s look is up first and it’s a fabulous LBD. It has a gold polka-dotted top in a shinier material starting at the chest in front and running around into a deep scoop at the back. Matt’s look is next. For some reason, he heard bondage while Heidi was talking, and although Tim tried to get him to class it up a bit, this looks ugly and boring to me. He says he hates it and Zac Posen looks like he just threw up in his mouth a little bit. It’s also black.

When Cindy’s look comes out, I find it a bit of a shock. It’s a cocktail dress, and the iridescent gold and pink material looks fantastic with the model’s coloring and AFAIC, this is not a catalog dress. I think it’s a subtle sexy. I had in my notes that Nina Garcia liked it, too, but again, I’m completely wrong. Samantha offers us an asymmetrical pink and black evening gown. She’s not happy with it, and I’m not sure I like it, either.

Ben’s mess of a dress is coming out, and we may be headed for a wardrobe malfunction with that unstructured bodice. Even though they showed us wrapping the leather straps on the model backstage, and they were so tight she actually had back fat. I think the skirt part is supposed to be long and flowing, but the way the straps are bunching material between them at the top detracts from anything else. But I don’t think any of the other looks were much stronger, except Cindy’s. I think it looks more like a bondage dress than Matt’s did. The back is just awful.

Tu’s look is last. It’s a long, black gown. I don’t like it. Tu loves it. Ben compliments him on it. When all the models come out, IMO they look like they had an overall style. Even Ben’s dress fits. Team KIR is worried. Since Heidi needs two outfits, there will be two winners. Team KIR makes it a trifecta. Poor Ben. I don’t think anything can save him now. If he’s sent home, I’m going to try to reach out to him. I’m afraid I’m going to read that he’s killed himself. But to my surprise, Cindy joins him and Matt in the bottom. That’s two for the guys, but three might be the unlucky charm for Cindy. But I liked it, Cindy, I really liked it!

Zac tells Matt his look is trashy, not sexy. Matt explains his mental block, which I seem to recall he did last time, and I totally expected one of the judges to bring that up during the discussion. If they did, we didn’t see it. I’d rather see him go than Ben, now. Heidi thinks Cindy’s look is too loose. I can see that, but I still like the color, and again, I’m not a big fan of gold. But the judges say it looks cheap and won’t photograph well, showing every bump and wrinkle. Her team defends the fabric choice, but I admit I wouldn’t mind too much if she went home, either.

Kristen points out that Cindy’s dress looks like something her character would’ve worn on SATC ten or fifteen years ago. But unlike with Matt’s design, she says she can at least see what Cindy was dreaming of. The Nina Garcia comment of “It’s a shipwreck” is directed at Ben. Ouch. It gets worse when he says it was a time management issue on his part and Zac tells him he needs to own what he’s done and stop making excuses for it. Ouch again, but he’s right. Last week he sold himself out as a designer, this week it’s time management.

Before Team KIR’s critique, Heide addresses Richard andStanley. It turns out if their team hadn’t won, they’d’ve been in danger of going home. This, to me, contrasts with Michelle’s firm belief that only the fact that her team keeps losing is what’s kept her out of the top three. I’d think if that were even remotely true, the judges would’ve said something to her about it. Shut up, Michelle. I can understand how the judges feel about Richard’s design, but not Stanley’s. The top three are Pat, Kate and Layana, and Daniel. Yay, Daniel! And yay, Patricia’s amazing textiles! Nina G thinks Patricia’s look is interesting and Heidi says they haven’t seen it before. It turns out that in this case, she likes that it’s boxy-looking and not close-fitting. Poor Cindy. Pat’s teammates rave about her technique.

Kate says she’s glad she can finally show the judges her, but Layana says it’s totally fifty-fify and Kate agrees it was a total collaboration. Heidi thinks it’s got the soft yet hard look she was going for as well as looking great from every angle. She also says it’s luxurious. She asks who should win if it’s the winning look, and I expect Layana will do for Kate what Daniel did for her, and offer immunity up, but she doesn’t. I think she knows she’s the weakest link and she’s been pulled along these last two weeks. Kate starts to break down and says that just being chosen is enough for her.

Daniel gives a shout out to Patricia for her leather, and it turns out Kate and Layana used it, too. Nina Garcia doesn’t like the fabric anymore than I do, and Zac’s not fond of the color, again like me, but the shape and construction are beautiful. Heidi says it’s sophisticated.

Discussion time. I like to keep track of the number of positive and negative statements the judges make during this, and try to figure out who the winner and loser is based on that. My picks are Kate and Ben. Since Patricia was the one with the ad look, and since she has six positive and no negative comments to Daniels six and one, I pick her as the second winner. While I’m right about Kate, I’m not done being wrong. Heidi wants to wear Dan’s look for the commercial, even though he designed for the ad campaign. He breaks down in confessional about coming from nothing and now he’s something. They’re determined to make me cry this season, aren’t they?

Patricia and Matt are in. I cross my fingers for Ben, and I was right again, about three times not being the charm for Cindy. I still like her dress, though, and I thought it was sexy! When Tim comes in to tell her to pack up her space, she tells him he’s the one who inspired her to make fashion her new career. Aaawwwwwww.

Nina Lisa