Kathryn catches Daphne checking out a bruise she got when she was robbed. Daphne says she fell off her bike. Kathryn says she thought it was broken, but Daphne claims she fixed it.

At school, Bay and Natalie, who appear to finally be real friends, are selling Valentine Day’s roses to raise funds for drama club. And they’re wearing costumes. They’re not doing too well, which gives them time to commiserate with each other that Bay’s not with either Emmitt or Noah, and Natalie likes a girl but doesn’t know if the girl likes her back.

Travis gives Daphne flour, instead of a real flower. He thinks he has to tell her it’s a pun, but her reaction is more that she doesn’t want to think about that night anymore. They settle their plans for Valentine’s.

Bay, still in costume, runs in to Emmitt. It’s clear they still have feelings for each other.

Katherine tells John about Daphne’s bruise and the bike lie (which she checked). John tells her that Daphne is his biological daughter and reminds her of one of his klutzier moments.

Bay is talking to Noah. He tells her last year, his girlfriend broke up with him via text while he was on his way to give her the present he handmade for her. He slams Valentine’s Day and the two stare at each other in an awkward silence.

Melody’s class. None of the pilot kids are in here, although I wish Noah was, for reasons that shall become clear later. She wants to talk about language. The first thing the parents of a deaf child are told is that s/he failed the hearing test. Five hours old and already a failure. “Hearing loss” makes it seem like deaf people are less than everyone else. Melody asks the kids, if someone invented a pill that would take away their deafness overnight, would any of them take it. None of them would. This way, they have a built-in community with a shared perspective. They have an identity. Melody says it’s deaf gain. Daphne looks like she’s learning some life lessons. (Note: Katie LeClerc is not yet completely deaf. She has Meniere’s disease, which is a degenerative inner ear disease that causes fluctuating hearing loss and vertigo, and eventually some degree of permanent hearing loss. This is the same disease that the character Noah has).

Toby’s dropping Nikki off at her house. He gives her a three month anniversary gift, and she blurts out that she loves him. She quickly backtracks that she meant she loved the gift and bolts out of the car. Toby seems intrigued by the thought. Have I mentioned that Lucas Grabeel is a good actor? I really like him.

Lana and Angelo are discussing prospective couples to adopt their child. Angelo’s not down with the whole idea. This infuriates Lana, as it should, since she doesn’t feel like she can raise a child and Angleo hasn’t shown that he can, either. She tells him to do the right thing and sign.

When Bay gets home from school, she and Katherine talk about Noah and Emmitt. Bay wants Noah, but isn’t sure he wants her. Katherine thinks she should throw a Valentine’s Day party. Bay stops her planning because she’s going to go meet Angelo. She’s talking to him again. Maybe.

For some reason, Daphne has decided to take her food truck back to the park where she was attacked. By herself. Ye gods, girl, what are you thinking? Sure enough, when a guy who resembles and is dressed somewhat like her attacker comes up, she flips out and closes up shop. Terrified, she sinks to the floor and texts someone. After the commercials, we find out it was Melody. Melody tells her they need to report the crime. Daphne hates this part of being deaf. Melody reminds her she can’t pick and choose. Being deaf can enrich your life, but there’s a price you have to pay.

Bay and Angelo discuss Lana and the baby. Angelo tells her they’re fighting about the adoption. Bay suggests just hanging out and getting to know each other. He asks her if she has plans for Valentine’s Day. She tells him about Katherine’s idea and why she doesn’t like it. Angelo offers his apartment and services as chaperone.

Melody and Daphne are at the police station when Regina rushes in. She thanks Melody and takes Daphne in to make the statement. The cop is an insensitive a-hole who wants to know why a deaf kid was allowed out after dark alone. Regina starts to go off on him, but Daphne reads her the riot act in ASL. Then she tells the cop if he just lets her talk, they can all go soon. After the commercial, we open on Regina telling John and Katherine. They go through the roof. John says Daphne’s never taking the truck out again. Katherine starts yelling at Regina for not telling them right away or taking Daphne to a doctor. Regina walks out.

Angelo and Lana meet for coffee. She’s surprised he remembers how she likes her coffee. He presents the idea of a detente and asks her to help him chaperone Bay’s party. He says they can watch a movie, but she nixes that. He says they can just hang out. She still looks uncertain, so he asks her if she has other plans.

Katherine catches up to Daphne and asks her about the incident. She wants Daphne to go to her doctor so he can look at the bruise. Daphne insists she’s fine. Katherine asks her if she’s going to go to Bay’s party, Daphne says she was planning on stopping by. Katherine asks her to text her both coming and going. She appreciates Daphne’s independence, but she wants to wrap her in bubble wrap anyway. OK, she doesn’t say that, but she implies it. Daphne agrees, but she’s not happy about it.

Bay’s rounding up party guests, and Natalie’s first on board. Now that they’ve called a truce, I think they realized they have a lot in common. Bay persuades Noah to agree to swing by, then she spots Emmitt. The look on her face when he tells her he already has plans confirms my suspicions of her lingering feelings for him.

Regina goes to the car wash. She needs to get some paperwork from the truck for the police. She asks John where it is. He tells her he sold it. That’s rather high-handed of him. Regina realizes he hasn’t changed from when they first met.

Bay’s a bit surprised to see Lana at Angelo’s, but she’s cool with it.

Toby picks Nikki up for dinner, but asks her to go to Bay’s party first to support her. Nikki agrees, then says they don’t have to go to dinner if he doesn’t want to; they can do whatever he wants. He just smiles and says, “I love you, too.” Yay! They’re so cute together. She gives him a leather cuff she picked up in Guatamala.

Bay’s party isn’t exactly rocking yet. She’s relieved when Toby and Nikki show up; evidently it’s been an hour and everyone’s being fashionably late. Nikki goes off to get a drink (non-alcoholic), and Bay spots a huge cross on Toby’s cuff. She asks him if he suddenly got born again. He’s both disconcerted and a little embarrassed. He pulls his jacket down over it. She confides in him that she’s hoping to mack on someone that night, and when Noah comes in she tells Toby the party’s officially looking up.  She greets Noah and reminds him that in the spirit of the party, there’ll be no hooking up, and looks at him expectantly. He happily agrees that everyone is just friends and heads off for a drink.

Regina’s venting to her mom about John and Katherine, who rightly points out that instead of arguing over who’s the better parent, maybe she should be more concerned about Daphne right now.

Toby and Nikki are talking to Lana and Angelo about their session with the producer. The guys wander off and Nikki watches Toby try to hide the cuff again while Lana tells her what a great guy he is. Nikki asks her about baby names, and Lana says it’s not her place if she’s giving the baby up. Angelo jumps in and says nothing’s definite. Nikki tells him it’s like he’s got a second chance and says she’ll pray for a safe birth. Both Toby and Lana are obviously uncomfortable.

Daphne walks in. Bay tells her she heard about the attack and asks if she’s okay. Daphne says she is, then Toby comes up and tells her he wishes he’d been there. She snaps at him as Angelo and Lana come up so Angelo can introduce them. Travis comes in just then and Daphne goes over to hug him. She pulls him into the kitchen to tell him what went down at the police station.

John comes home and tells Katherine about Regina and his selling the truck. She also takes umbrage at his not discussing it with anyone first. She blames him for Regina not tellingh them about the incident, and says he’s washing away any bridge she tries to build with Regina. He says that’s “absolutely ridiculous” and storms out. No, John, that’s absolutely right.

Noah’s hearing cuts out at the pary and when Bay tries to help him, he pushes her away and runs into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. She sinks to the floor outside it. Just then, Emmitt walks in, much to her surprise. She tells him she’s glad he’s there, he agrees. Travis comes up to ask Emmitt if he has any music and Bay if it’s okay to switch it up. The answer to both questions is yes, so Travis and Emmitt head off.

Lana is studying some pix of Angelo with Daphne when he brings her a drink. She says it must’ve been hard for him when he found out Daphne wasn’t his. He admits it. He tells her he’ll do whatever he has to to raise his new daughter, and his heart he knows he’s the one who should raise her.

Nikki finds Toby, who’s taken off his jacket. The cuff was large enough his jacket wouldn’t really hide it, and it’s obvious it’s not under his sweater, either. She asks him if he wants to go someplace more private.

Bay has gone into the bedroom to talk to Noah. He tells her the hearing losses are happening more frequently. She jokes that if the music gets any louder they’ll all go deaf anyway. He agrees, and heads off to pick a fight with Travis. It’s just words at first, until he tells Travis that when he talks he sounds like a seal. He says none of them are perfect and asks Travis to give him a break, then starts to walk away, but Travis pulls him back and slugs him. A brawl ensues. Emmitt tries to break it up, but Travis throws him off. Angelo comes running in and Emmitt helps him pull them apart.

Nikki and Toby are walking by a pool, possibly outside Angelo’s apartment complex. When he asks her if she’s okay, she tells him she knows he doesn’t have the same relationship with God that she does. She believes in God and that He has His hands on her life. Toby reminds her that’s one of the things he loves about her. But she doesn’t know if that’s enough for her anymore, and breaks up with him.

Katherine’s moping by the cheesecake she mae for her and John when Regina comes in. Katherine tells her she wasn’t happy about John selling the truck, either, but that’s how they felt when Regina didn’t tell them about Daphne’s attack. Regina confesses that she was upset because Daphne hadn’t even come to her, but went to Melody first, and she thinks it’s because she doesn’t sign any more. Katherine reaches out to her, and then John comes in. He bought the truck back. He still wants to sell it, but agrees they should talk about it first. Katherine and Regina promptly say they want to sell it. John rolls his eyes. Regina leaves. John tells Katherine he really is sorry. She says he should be and hands him a fork.

Emmitt tells Daphne he thought that fight had been coming for a while. They’re somewhat blaming it on Travis. Well, he did throw the first punch.  Travis pulls up in his car. When Daphne gets up, Emmitt tells her she doesn’t have to date Travis just to prove she can date a deaf guy. She thanks him and gets in the car. Emmitt watches them drive off.

Noah is sitting on some steps when Bay walks up and hands him a frozen quiche because Angelo didn’t have any ice. She then apologizes for forcing him to come to her party, where he got decked. Noah owns that he deserved it. He’s upset about the Meniers and took it out on Travis. Bay concedes that he has a right to be upset. Then she asks him about how he’s been acting with her. Noah tells her he heard all about her “epic” romance with Emmitt. They even had their own nickname, “E-Bay”. Bay hadn’t heard that, but she’s flattered he asked about her. He says he likes her, but he’s not up to being used to . . . Bay cuts him off when she dives in for a kiss, but their noses collide. She apologizes and he tells her to do it again. This time, they both move in.

OK, because I’m a romantic, I think she should eventually wind up with Emmitt. But because she’s still in high school, I think dating more than one boy is probably a good idea at that age. Last I recall, she told Daphne she’s still a virgin. As long as she stays that way, she can, and probably should, date as many guys as she wants, AFAIC.

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