No, Sara, don’t do it!


Uh-oh. Guess who it is . . . yep.

Glad she talked to her boss. I certainly hope nothing happened.

Is it possible she drunk-dialed and doesn’t remember?

Yeah, there goes Greg again. Or was it Nicky who wouldn’t let go of Doc’s wife being guilty? (Besides Brass, that is).

Well, there are stories of having sex and doing other things while on sleep medication. Throw in the alcohol, and who knows.

I really hope nothing did.

Yeah, Doc remembers how they all treated him. She wasn’t here then, was she?

Oh, that doesn’t look good.

Hmm. Sounds like she was drugged. But the lying doesn’t look good. Wait, what?!

I think she’s right about you, Ronald.

I’m afraid the detective is right about if it were anyone else they’d be arrested already.

Bet that’s a real delivery guy. Oh, no, that’s worse.

Yeah, I figured that was going to happen sooner or later. In fact, I kinda thought that was what he was going to say when he first walked in to DB’s office. And I guess it also looks like she did sleep with Tyler. But technically, if she and Grissom are divorced, it wasn’t an affair. And that explains why she’s been acting so hinky about taking his calls and things.

Difficult to prove a negative.

Hmm. Won’t the time stamp on the tape not match the 911 call? Good, no transfer evidence helps.

And yes, a stalker guy would do something like that.

One thing about DB, his open door policy is a good one.

Ruh-roh. Shouldn’t they have confiscated her back-up gun as well?

Did I mention that I’m glad Hodges was the first one to put forth another theory, one that helped to exonerate her?

Oh, wow, she didn’t have the affair, either! Excellent!

C’mon, Sara, pick up! You’re playing into this guy’s hands.

Well, now the detective has seen how this guy pushes buttons. But they need to go to his house.

Good to know that Taylor didn’t go after her willingly.

Did not realize it was all a set up. Glad of that, though.

Fine, I kinda believe. Great, not so much.

Well, that still isn’t going to keep the fans quiet about wanting William Peterson back on the show.

Nina Lisa