When the episode started tonight, I was thinking that Felicity would wind up staying longer than finding Walter. Then she quit.

Two dates in one night! Excellent! And about time for one of them.

I like Ollie’s chemistry with McKenna.

Time for Daddy to check in with Laurel?

McKenna’s still calling Quentin Sergeant.

Any bets that Harper is the new fence?

Geez, Dig, way to screw it up.

I bet he has to kill this guy; he’s a plant.

Good use of the collar.

His attic.

Hi, Quentin!

Ah, I thought I recognized the name. Colton Haynes plays Jackson on Teen Wolf. But was he telling the truth about his mother?

So she’s out now? That’s good, I guess, but something tells me that getting out of there is kinda like getting out of the mob or a gang. You don’t, alive.

Dang, she cleans up nice! Ollie noticed. Heh.

LOL! Yeah, I bet he’d rather deal with the jewel thief.

Yeah, I think you have a problem, too.

heh. Go, Oliver!

Riding between the lanes is legal here in CA.

Not sure a cycle can cause a car to crash. More like the other way around.

If this was H5-0, I’d have a couple three squares already.

Well, of course, The Arrow can cause a car to crash.

No, he isn’t. That’s why I wish they’d quit calling him The Hood.

Well, I thought he’d kill the guy, but this is better.

Glad she’s giving him a second chance.

So don’t think, just kiss her already! There you go!

Oh, this is interesting. The neighborhood looks like he’s telling the truth.

Thea! Give him some money. Oh, wait, nevermind. Is it just me, or was there some chemistry there?

Ruh-roh. This should be fun.

Hello, China White!

Well, that should be interesting. I kinda hope she succeeds.

See you next week.

Nina Lisa