Today is Friday. New plan is to do my best to catch up on shows and post on Fridays and Saturdays. Arrow I will probably be able to “live blog” most weeks. As I said previously, I’m just going to start fresh on the dramas, and there are going to be more shows I’m going to have to let go, such as The Carrie Diaries and 90210. Today I’m going to post OUAT, TAR, Revenge, and TVD’s most recent episodes, then I’m going to try to catch up on The Taste, Top Chef, and Project Runway since I’m at least two if not three weeks behind on those. I’ll be watching but not blogging Wors Cooks in America because even though I really did try not to do a blow-by-blow recap for TAR, I still have three pages of hand-written notes to transcribe, which tells me that’s what I feel like doing for reality shows. I kinda feel like I should do it for dramas, too, but I just can’t, y’all. OUAT and Revenge this week I could, because I could pause the TV to finish a thought, but I’m not usually the one in charge of the remote.

I’m no longer planning on recapping Cult or Zero Hour. We’ll have to see about my USA shows and Dallas, the latter of which will probably go once DWTS starts up again in March. Now, if you’ve been waiting patiently for me to make comments on any of the shows listed here (my USA shows include White Collar, Necessary Roughness and Suits, but not Royal Pains, Burn Notice, or Covert Affairs since I don’t expect them to return until summer, when I watch a lot less shows), then please let me know and I’ll try to keep up.

Thanks for reading, and if you read, please leave me a comment. Unless I call you Kat. I know you read this. 🙂
Nina Lisa