Called it. Jer’s a supe, so the ring won’t work.

Damon’s right; Kiki’s long gone by now.

Clair Holt does that put upon exasperation so well.

IDK if Bon-bon will be able to bring back Jer or not. I’m writing this as we go. But I was spoiled by TWOP, so I rather suspect not.

I want Caro’s boots! Hey, if you’re a code monkey that wants to help me develop an app, contact me.

See? When vamps concentrate, they can even hear over running tap water. Especially if you continue to speak at a normal volume. Speaking of which, is it still laced with vervain? ‘Cause how are they making that tea?

Decomposing? Can’t she smell it? I’m beginning to think those zombie rumors might be true . . .

Looks like the tattoo being gone doesn’t stop the uncontrollable urge to kill vampires. Kat, you might be right about Silas.

Matty can get through to Elena, I hope.

I can see Damon logic, but I’d say it’s more like he doesn’t dislike Bonnie any more than he likes her.

Everyone? Does that include Jenna, Alaric, Daddy Uncle John, Lexie, Kol and Finn, et al?

Shane has seriously got Bonnie hypnotized, or compelled, or whatever.

Qetsiyah created the Other Side where Anna and Pearl and Vickie and all those others were hanging out? I LOVE this show!

I wish I had Ms. Dobrev’s acting chops. I love her so much right now. Admire just doesn’t seem a strong enough word.

So, she’s flipped the switch. Now what?

Caro, if he ditched his phone, he’s not going to get any of your messages.

Bonnie’s going to do the ritual anyway, you know.

If no-one knows what Silas looks like, why do I suddenly think he’s possessed Shane? Aaand . . . right again!

Oh, and props to Zach Roerig, too. Snotty crying on cue is probably even harder for a guy.

I’m glad Damon and Stefan always seem to find their way back to their brotherhood.

I think that was the switch talking.

And TVD has done it again. That could be a season finale right there. But it’s not. See you next week!

Nina Lisa

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