*I was thinking of the song “I’ll Take Manhattan” for the title. Then my research revealed that the name of the song is actually just “Manhattan” and the phrase in the lyrics is “We’ll have Manhattan”. So I threw the “always” in there as a nod to “We’ll always have Paris” from Casablanca. On with the show.

I keep forgetting Rumpy’s actual job/career was a spinner/weaver. And he’s the one who taught Mila to make that scarf he’s currently wearing, back in the Enchanted Past. Which is where this show opens, giving us some more of his backstory. He’s all excited about getting sent to fight in the Ogre Wars so he can prove he’s not a coward like his father before him.

NYC. Emma, Henry, and Gold arrive at Bael’s apartment building. He’s not expecting them, Gold says.

Storybrooke. When Hook overhears Regina and Cora discussing Gold’s trip, he wants to go after them. They don’t want to, not because they’re afraid of losing their memories (why aren’t they affected by that curse? It was the original curse that Regina cast to bring them there they wouldn’t have been affected by, not the new curse/repelling of the old that came out of the purple haze, right?), but because their magic won’t work in the rest of the world, and they know if they can find the Dark One’s dagger, they can use it to kill him.

NYC. The trio study the aparment mailboxes and names. Drawing on her bounty hunter experience, Emma decides it’s the one sans any name at all, and pushes the buzzer. When it’s answered, she pretends to be a UPS delivery person, but they hear the sounds of someone fleeing. Yeah, that’s because those type drivers have regular routes, and if you’re not expecting a package and are easily spooked, you’re gonna know their routines. So much for her bounty hunter experience. Gold tells her to run after him because he can’t, so she does. I don’t think any of us are surprised when she tackles him and discovers he’s Neal.

Neal’s not super happy to hear she’s brought his estranged father with him; Emma, for her part, realizes he’s not surprised by the situation and assumes their relationship was a lie. He insists they go somewhere to talk, and that a good supply of alcohol will be needed. Meanwhile, Gold buys Henry a hot dog, and when he’s thanked, thanks Henry in his turn. After all, Henry brought Emma to Storybrooke and set it all in motion. Henry assures him if he could forgive Emma, Bael can forgive Rumpy.

At the bar, Bael tells Emma what happened when he let her go to prison, and we finally learn what August showed him to make him leave her: his typewriter, with a sheet of paper in it bearing only one sentence, “I know you’re Baelfire.” Neal explains to Emma how living with Rumpy made him learn to believe in fate, and says that maybe something good came from their being together. She barely hesitates before she says she can’t think of anything and starts to leave. He notices she’s still wearing the key ring he gave her and asks her why. She throws it back at him and tells him it’s a reminder to stay away from people like him. She adds that she made a deal with Rumpy to find him and she needs him to come back with her so she can hold up her end of the deal. He asks her to tell Rumpy he got away. If she does, she’ll never have to see him again.

Enchanted Past. Rumple’s tasked with guarding a “beast that can help turn the tide against the ogres”. He’s warned that it’s a tricky beast. When the “beast” calls his name, he discovers it’s a seer, who tells him she can see his future. She says Mila’s preggers and his actions on the battlefield the next day will cost his son a father. He doesn’t believe her, so she tells him when the army rides cows into battle, he’ll know she spoke the truth.

NYC. Emma calls Snow and spills her guts. Snow encourages her to tell Henry the truth. Meanwhile, Gold and Henry discuss whether seeing the future is a gift or a curse. Emma comes in and claims Bael got away.

Storybrooke. Regina visits Belle. Putting her to sleep magically, she levitates and juggles the contents of Belle’s purse, finding an index card bearing only a Dewey decimal number. She, Cora, and Hook are off to the library. She can’t find the book. Cora realizes there’s a drawing there instead. Hook, being a (fictional) pirate, realizes it’s a (fictional) treasure map, and of course, he’s the only one who can read it. Thank you, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Snow and David discuss Henry’s lineage: Rumpy is his grandfather. Regina is Henry’s step-great-grandmother, as well as his adoptive mother. This confused me for awhile, until I realized that’s because Regina is Snow’s step-mother, which I’d actually managed to forget since her father’s long gone. What was really cute about the scene was David protesting, “I’m his grandfather!” and Snow dryly reminding him, “You can have more than one.”

NYC. Gold breaks in to Bael’s apartment.

Enchanted Past. Rumpy’s beginning to realize the only way to go home alive is to be so injured you can’t fight any more. His commander announces that they’ve got horses to ride into battle, then tells Rumpy to get his “cow”. That’s what they call the saddles. Rumpy realizes the seer was telling the truth. He goes to confront her, but she’s gone. He picks up a huge mallet and lames himself.

NYC. In Bael’s apartment, Emma notices the dreamcatcher she and Neal hung in that motel room so long ago that Cindy had to remind me of its significance. Thanks, Cindy. Gold realizes it means something to her, and starts to press her. She sends Henry to the bathroom. As Rumpy starts to yell at her about their deal, Bael interrupts.

Enchanted Past. Evidently it took at least nine months for Rumpy to go off with the army and then return. Admittedly, since he’s pretty badly lamed, a lot of that was probably taken up in walking. Obviously, the news of his actions got there ahead of him. Mila’s less than impressed and told him he could’ve (and should’ve) fought and died honorably. She hands Bael over to him and walks out. Probably to the local tavern to get drunk. Rumpy holds Bael and promises he’ll never leave him. Oops.

NYC. At first, Rumpy thinks Bael came back for him, but Bael came back for Emma, since he knows what his father does to people who break deals with him (escargot, anyone?). He yells that she found him, and now his father can leave. As he yells at Rumpy to get out, and Emma tells “Neal” to calm down. Rumpy realizes they know each other and wants to know how. Neither of them want to tell him, but just then Henry comes in and asks “Mom” what’s going on. You can see the realization cross Robert Carlyle’s face right away. Emma tries to usher Henry out as the same realization hits Bael. When he asks Henry how old he is, Emma tells him not to answer, but since everyone’s yelling, Henry joins in, yelling that he’s eleven and he wants to know why everyone’s yelling.

Bael asks Emma if Henry’s his son. Henry tells him the story Emma told him, then turns to her, beginning to doubt for the first time. Have I ever mentioned what a terrific actor Jared Gilmore is? Emma takes his face in her hands and I’m thrown out of the scene by her incongruous black nail polish. She tells Bael the truth while gazing lovingly at her son, but the fact that she lied to him causes Henry to flee to the fire escape. After a moment, Emma follows. Neal starts out as well, but Rumpy stops him. The deal, he explains, was that Emma get Bael to talk to his father. If he wants to protect Emma, he needs to talk to him. Bael gives him three minutes.

Storybrooke. Mendel captured Regina’s magical juggling act on his phone and sends the video to (presumably) his wife as an explanation for why he’s going to stick around there a bit longer. Hook translates the map for Cora and Regina, but when he starts to get shirty with them, Cora sends him sprawling into a corner. She then tells Regina how they’re going to get Rumpy to kill Snow, David, and Emma, so that Regina will look blameless in Henry’s eyes.

NYC. Henry and Emma discuss Bael. He tells her she’s just like Regina (ouch!) and he wants to meet his father. Rumpy tells Bael he wants to make up for all the time he missed, but everything he suggests has to do with magic. He tells Bael he’s changed, but the thing is, Bael’s been haunted by their parting. He’s been haunted by Rumpy’s simply letting go of his hand, choosing magic over his own son. So now he’s letting Rumpy go.

Enchanted Past. The Dark Rumpy seeks out the seer (which she also foresaw). He wants her to tell him his future again, and this time, not to leave out any details. She tells him he’ll find his son again, but not how he might expect to. There’ll be a curse, which he won’t cast, and it’ll be broken, but not by him. That’s all she can give him. The Dark One gives his whinnying little laugh and says that’s not good enough. She offers him her gift. He’ll take it.

NYC. Emma talks to Neal to let him know Henry wants to meet him. Neal wants to meet Henry. When Emma expresses her doubts, Neal acknowledges that they’re both pretty messed up because of their parents, and suggests they don’t do that to their son. He goes out to the fire escape and bonds with his son while his father watches . . . and remembers.

Enchanted Past. Rumpy realizes the seer’s gift isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and pushes her away. She tells him he’ll be able to figure out how to tell all the possible paths apart soon enough. She’s dying, but offers him a final seeing. A boy will lead him to his son, but the boy will be more than he seems. There will be a price; the boy will be Rumpy’s undoing. She dies, and Rumpy tells her dead body, “Then I’ll just have to kill him.”

NYC. Gold looks determined to carry out that promise.  See you in two weeks!

Nina Lisa