Episode 4, False Confessions, Air Date 2/11.

Back when I left off, Ann had just shot Harris. His mother finds the body. He’s not dead. Bobby covers for Annie.

Pamecca and Frank argue about the investigation re: Tommy. Sans a body it’s still a missing person case. Frank digs up the body and calls JR. He lets JR know that John Ross is in bed (literally) with Pamecca. Father and son have it out.

Drew fires the head of the drill crew when he figures out Brian’s attempting to screw it up.

John Ross asks his mom to get him in to see Cliff Barnes. On his way out of Ewing Energies, he sees Brian, who tells him they’ve got a problem. Christopher interrupts them, and lets John Ross know he’s onto him being behind Sue Ellen’s problems with Elena. On the elevator, John Ross sets his investigator, Clyde, on to Drew.

JR lets Bobby know he’ll back him no matter what.

Drew proves to Elena he was right about Brian and tells her he wants to win her trust.

John Ross tells Cliff that JR and Frank are in cahoots. Cliff makes it clear he doesn’t believe him. John Ross says he should check into it anyway.

Sue Ellen comforts Annie over Emma.

Christopher accosts Brian at a bar. He’s sure John Ross bribed Brian to sabotage the drilling, but Brian doesn’t budge. As Christopher leaves, a news story about the discovery of Tommy’s body breaks. Barnes father and daughter also see it. She frantically calls first Frank, then Cliff. At home, Christopher breaks the news to Elena.

Lou was present when Bobby threatened Harris, so has to withdraw as his lawyer. The case is looking bad.

Harris mother is being creepy while her son lies unconscious in the hospital.

John Ross tells Pamecca that JR and Frank are setting her up. She still wants nothing to do with him.

As the forensic evidence builds and the cops race into the night, Pamecca packs a suitcase. A knock sounds. Pamecca opens the door to her father. Frank opens it to his arrest. Cliff visits him in jail and basically tells him to commit suicide.

Clyde alerts John Ross Drew’s up to something, probably illegal. It has to do with a trucking job Drew’s taken up on the side.

John Ross pays off Brian, who warns him that Christopher’s on to him.

Bobby and Annie decide to tell Lou the truth, but Harris makes an official statement accusing Bobby. Lou tells Christopher about Frank. He rushes to the courthouse in time to hear Frank confess not just to Tommy’s murder, but Becky’s as well. As Chris makes a scene, Frank takes a suicide pill.


Episode 5. Trial and Error. Air Date 2/18

Annie confronts Harris in the hospital. He says the cops won’t believe her. Emma overhears the whole thing. Annie drops her keys and spots blood spatter on her boots. She goes to the police. Harris and his mother cover with Emma about accusing Bobby. Lou has more latitude now.

Cliff yells at his daughter. Pam insists she’s getting Ewing Energies for him with John Ross’ help.

Bobby, Ann, Elena, and Christopher consult with Lou.

Cliff tells JR John Ross sold him out.

Time jump to a month later. The Ewings enter the courthouse for Ann’s trial. Mrs. Ryland’s nutso behavior gets her taken off the witness stand and her testimony disregarded.

Clyde reports on Drew to John Ross, who says to take him down.

Pam is finally showing. She’s at the courthouse to be a character witness for Ann. She and Chris get into it. After, she finds John Ross and thanks him for telling Cliff about Frank, but turns down his attempts to get closer.

Drew stops at his regular truck stop and Clyde busts out a tail light.

Sue Ellen tells JR she gave John Ross Cliff’s number and JR needs to forgive their son.

Bobby and Christopher see Vicente Cano getting ready for an extradition hearing. Last season, John Ross promised him Chris’ technology and some other stuff. Vicente wound up killing the woman involved. Bobby kept a copy of the tape incriminating John Ross and, by extension, JR.

Evidence against Ann mounts, and the prosecutor is bent on disproving passion.

Drew gets pulled over for the tail light. I don’t think he’s given them probable cause, but they decide to search the cargo area and discover he’s smuggling knock off designer duds instead of legal car parts. They arrest him. Clyde watches from afar. I think he tipped them off.

Sue Ellen and Pam Barnes testify for Ann. Drew calls Elena, and she leaves to bail him out.

JR makes nice with John Ross, who’s having none of it.

Harris testifies against Ann and tears her down in front of Emma. He lies, causing an outburst from Ann. When he’s done, Emma leans on her grandmother. Even Bobby believes him. When he asks, Ann admits some of it is true. She says she has to testify so he and Emma can hear her truth. When Emma hears her side, she looks like she believes her. Harris looks uncomfortable. During a break, Christopher tries to reach Emma, who is being called as a rebuttal witness. She testifies as to what she heard in the hospital and is thoroughly brainwashed. The judge calls for another recess.

The animosity between Harris and Ann leads to Christopher and Pam agreeing to a mediation. She lets him feel the twins kicking. Cliff’s happy about her bringing Christopher to the table.

Sue Ellen, Bobby, Ann, Christopher, and Lou wait for the jury to come back. They find her guilty of attempted murder. She’s taken into custody to await sentencing. Vicente Cano is on his way out.


Episode 6. Blame Game. Air Date 2/25

The day of Ann’s sentencing hearing, Sue Ellen visits her to buck her up. After, she runs into Christopher and Elena. She asks Elena about progress reports on the drilling. Elena says there’s been too much going on. I have to say, Sue Ellen gave her a month more than a month ago, thanks to the time jump, plus however long the trial took. She could call the loan in, but Elena’s acually kinda snotty with her. She and Christopher walk off arm in arm, and John Ross sidles up to his mother to ask her how she’d like to just take what’s hers.

The Venezualean consulate isn’t happy about having to host Vicente Cano overnight, and tells him he’ll be treated like a prisoner until he leaves the next day for his flight back to Venezula. Vicente confirms with his bodyguard that his plans for the next day are still on. He’d hate to leave without talking to the Ewings.

At the mediation, Pam gives Christopher an annulment and full custody in exchange for ten percent of Ewing Energies.

John Ross lets his mother in on Drew’s arrest, and urges her to enact the morality clause in Elena’s contract and take her shares. He says he wants her as a partner. He’s very persuasive.

JR discovers the internet. He sends Bobby a You Tube video of a dog playing basketball to cheer him up.

Christopher and Elena fill each other in on what’s been happening with their respective families.

Bobby testifies at Ann’s sentencing.

Pam tells Cliff about the agreement she reached with Christopher. It’s obvious she’s not happy about it. She was very hurt that he wanted an annulment, like the marriage never happened. (That’s what he needs to marry Elena in the Catholic church). She tells John Ross she’s keeping the shares. She tells him once Sue Ellen gets Elena’s, he won’t need hers. He says she’s playing dirty and tells her, “Game on.”

Bobby goes to see Emma. He tells her she has another family at Southfork, and if she ever needs anything, they’re there. She says she won’t need anything, then tucks an errant strand of hair behind her ear. Bobby chuckles. She wants to know what’s so funny. He tells her that gesture was just like her mother. He reiterates that they’re there. She looks pensive.

Christopher meets Drew. Drew says he took the job because he’s still trying to buy his father’s land. He tells Chris that he inspected the truck at the start of the run and the tail light was fine then. He’s being set up. He then tells him about why he fired Brian. They try to figure out who would want to keep Elena from drilling. At Ewing Energies, Christopher reviews her contract with Sue Ellen while Drew is taking responsibility by pleading guilty to the smuggling charge. Christopher finds the morality clause and calls Elena, but it’s too late. Elena’s now done with Drew.

The Venezualan consolate watches as Vicente heads off in a two car motorcade. In the rear car, Vicente plots his escape.

Pam signs the custody agreement.

Emma goes to visit Ann in jail. As Ann sits down, she pushes her hair behind her ear. Emma notices. Ann asks what she’s doing there. Emma says she’s there to show support . . . for her father. Ann says she’s a good daughter. Emma looks uncertain. Ann says she recognizes that look and the feelings that go with it. She recounts a story from the early days of her marriage, when she was so afraid of Harris getting angry that she’d gotten highlights, she went back and got her hair redyed. He found out anyway, and got mad. He made her feel stupid and worthless. Emma smiles tentatively at her mother, then says she’d better go before they wonder where she is. She starts to rush out. Ann promises her it will get easier.

At Southfork, Elena and Christopher tell Bobby about the morality clause just before Sue Ellen and John Ross walk in. Elena accuses Sue Ellen of being personal. Bobby can’t believe Sue Ellen’s going through with it, and decides it’s time to show her what JR and John Ross are really like. He hollors for JR, and they all head down the hall. I suspect JR deleted the cloud drive in between You Tube videos. When they get to JR’s room, he’s gone. We cut to a motorcade. Bobby leads everyone to his office, where he pulls out a USB drive. When he sticks it into his laptop, it starts to erase. It occurs to me that we must be getting close to the point in the filming where Larry Hagman died, and they did promise us another “who killed JR” mystery. I wonder if Vicente will be one of the suspects. John Ross explains to Bobby that he shouldn’t have opened the dog basketball video. Pam overhears Bobby throwing John Ross out. We cut to the motorcade again as it arrives at Southfork. One of Vicente’s henchmen drags Pam inside as he confronts John Ross.

At Ann’s hearing, she worries over everyone’s absence.

Vicente’s got everyone in the living room. He threatens Pam, and gets confused when John Ross jumps to her defense. But he quickly picks up that he should be threatening Elena instead, and does so. Christopher has an hour to get him the methane extraction prototype.

Ann testifies that emotional abuse is worse than physical, and talks about how she searched for Emma, whom she thought was dead, and how she just broke when she found out it’d been Harris all along. She looks at Emma and begs her forgiveness. Emma looks like she’s going to cry.

Southfork. Everyone waits for Christopher to return. Elena takes the opportunity to try to get some honest interaction with John Ross, and Bobby tries to talk Sue Ellen down.

Court. Harris testifies against Ann. She and Lou wonder where everyone is.

Christopher gets the prototype out of the company safe.

John Ross confronts Pam about keeping her shares. She asks him if it was just revenge sex. He tells her that was all he could handle.

Christopher throws the prototype at the goon escorting him. They wrestle. Chris gets the gun, but the goon gets his phone. It has a text message on it to send to Vicente, telling him to kill Elena.

The jury sentences Ann to probation. Mrs. Ryland demands a mistrial. The judge shuts her down and reads her and Harris the riot act. He says if it were his kid they’d stolen, he might’ve shot him, too. Ann and Lou plan to hurry home.

The goon marches Chris and the prototype into Southfork. When he tells Vicente what happened, Vicente grabs the prototype and Elena and leaves. Drew arrives as they’re heading out to meet a copter. When he sees what’s going on, he runs to his room and grabs what is obviously a gun bag out from under his bed. Inside, the goon is holding a gun to Christopher’s head and ordering everyone to gather one spot. He shoves Christopher into the group. John Ross grabs him with both hands and yells, “You really screwed this up, didn’t  you?” His eyes flicker to the goon. Christopher gives an extremely faint nod. Together, they tackle the goon. Bobby takes out the one by him, and Christopher goes after Elena. He slugs Vicente and uses himself to shield her from Vicente’s gun. But when the shot rings out, Vicente goes down. Drew lowers his rifle and scope. John Ross and Bobby march their prisoners out into the driveway. Sue Ellen and Pam follow. As the cops take the goons away, Ann runs into Bobby’s arms and tells him she got probation.

The next day, John Ross introduces Sue Ellen to the Ewing Energies employees as the newest board member. Bobby promises to fight them.

Hopefully, I won’t take so long with the next recap.

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