Episode Four:

They source materials at a flower shop and a hardware store to make a cohesive line of six looks. Since the teams are now so uneven, the DTs get to choose two designers from Team KIR. So then they’ll have seven and Team KIR will have six. Why don’t they just pick one? Do the producers think two will give them an advantage? After much discussion, wherein Ben says he’d rather have Stanley than Daniel and Michelle expresses how much she hates Patricia, they pick Stanley and Layana. And now the twist. Of course there’s a twist. Tim tells Team KIR they can pick one of the original DTs. They’re already unanimous in their choice and don’t even need to talk about it. Daniel counts three and they all shout, “Michelle.” Hee. I think she’s the strongest designer on the DTs, so I’m not surprised. They have two days and $2500.

Team KIR worries about the overall cohesion of their look, and Tim voices this concern on his visit. They decide they’re doing decades. The DTs picked a color range and 1950s Dior.  The same color range is really going to help keep it together. Leandra Medine and Bette Midler are the guest judges. Team KIR goes first. I’m not seeing the whole “decades” thing. There’s one dress that looks 60’s and another that kinda looks 80’s to me but is supposed to be 90’s? Heidi claims that they loved all the looks so much there are no losers, there’s a winning team and a second place team. And the DTs have their first win. They all praise each other. Team KIR turns on Amanda, again unanimously. The top three are Ben (finally! Although they don’t bother to tell him so), Layana, and Samantha, who wins. The bottom two are Amanda and Joe, and Joe’s out. I’m not surprised. It was time.


Episode Five. At the end of last week’s show, Tim told the designers they’d have to meet Heidi back on the runway in ten minutes. When he and Heidi pause behind the scrim, we see the dreaded button bag. They’re finally reducing the two teams down to pairs. As the previous winner, Samantha gets to pick her partner, and she picks Daniel. The rest are called randomly by button to pick. Richard chooses Stanley. Patricia chooses Layana. Matt picks Michelle. Kate picks Tu, which leaves Ben with Amanda. They’re going to be designing two looks for Miranda Lambert, a performance look and a red carpet look. Everyone seems excited about that. They have 30 minutes to discuss who will do what and sketch, then they’ll have 30 minutes at Mood with a budget of $400.

Amanda reveals that her brother is a member of Maroon 5, so she kinda feels like an underachiever. Her look is great, but I think Ben’s sucks. We’re back to Heidi calling designers to step forward. Patricia and Layana, Kate and Tu. They’re safe.

Richard and Stanley and Amanda and Ben are the top two. I liked Richard and Stanley’s the best.

Daniel and Samantha and Matt and Michelle are the bottom two. I think either Matt or Michelle is in trouble. I wouldn’t miss Michelle. The producers have cast her in the role of bitch, and she’s taken to it like a fly to shit. But as the judges talk, I start worrying for Daniel, especially since Samantha has immunity. When I do my positive/negative comment count, it really looks like he’s gone, which sucks. The winner will be either Amanda or Richard. Miranda gets to announce it’s Richard, and she says she really wants to wear his design. I wonder if she’ll also wear Stanley or Ben’s red carpet look? The top designers and Samantha leave. Heidi tells Matt he’s out. That’s too bad. He really lost confidence this challenge, though, and that’s almost always the kiss of doom. But there are two designers still left. Is someone else leaving? No, thank goodness.


Episode Six. Michelle is now without a partner, and she puts it out there that she doesn’t want to be on Patricia’s team, because she hates Patricia. Patricia sucks and only her other team members have gotten her this far. You know, Michelle, you’re the only designer left who’s been on a team that’s always been on the bottom. Shut it.

At the runway, Heidi brings out the dreaded button bag. Whoever she picks, that’s whose team Michelle’s going to join. She pulls out Patricia. Neener neener. They head out to meet up with Tim, and find several ladies enjoying a jazz dance class. All of their new clients (and models) are eligible to join the AARP. Each team is randomly assigned two (or three) clients and they can figure out who’ll work with whom on their own. They have one day and $200 per client.

Amanda starts to lose confidence. That’s what sent Matt home, girlfriend. Buck up. At least no-one’s bitching about having to design for a “real” woman. Tim calls Layana, Michelle, and Patricia “Team Threesome” and they all crack up. The client-models come in. Amanda has nothing. Ben’s client pats Stanley on the ass. Layana and Tim joined Michelle in criticizing Patricia’s garment, and when she gets it on the client, she realizes they were right. She says she listened too much to the client and plans to start over the next day. Um, that’s runway day, Patricia. You’d better sew like a fiend!

Amanda’s crashing and burning. Tim encouraged Richard to put wide black strips of cloth down the side of his turquoise dress as well as around the collar and, it looks like, down the sleeves. It looks 80s to me. Ben’s client comes on to the make up guy, but I’m not sure I blame her. Of course, she’s got to compete with Kate’s client, who told her to be a slut while she was young. Kate declined to tell her she’s engaged to her high-school sweetheart. Tu’s look is so bad, Kate has to rescue him. Ben discovers his bodice fits too tightly with five minutes to runway.

Joan and Melissa Rivers are the guest judges. Rachel Roy is filling in for Zac Posen. Michelle’s look is first. It’s a bit Christmas for me, but her client seems to love it.

Layana – It’s a one piece dress but has a weird double-seamed waist for a self-waist-band look and I think it’s fugly, emphasizing her client’s waist in a bad way. Heidi seems to like it, though.

Patricia – Yikes. The poncho looks like something she’d wear herself. I think it’s ugly.

Stanley – It’s an indigo tailored strapless jumpsuit with matching jacket and his client looks gorgeous in it.

Richard – The dress looks worse on the client than it did on the mannequin, and it looked pretty bad there. It’s pulled to one side and that makes the sleeves fall weirdly. When she turns around, I can see that the back is all black. He’s done this before, and I’m sorry, but it’s 80s, and ugly 80s at that.

Tu – Forest green wrap shirtdress with diagonal pleats across the bust. It’s ugly. Kate lies that his client looks great. He acknowledges that the bad sewing makes it look confused. The handkerchief hem isn’t helping.

Kate’s look is next and Tim was right to be concerned about the different weights to the fabric. It’s a long sleeved, jewel necked dark blue top that’s fit very close, and a flowy skirt made out of a pretty white fabric with red and blue flowers on it. Gag. I think it’s frumpy and catalog, but Nina Garcia’s smling.

Samantha’s look is smokin’. It’s a chartreuse top with a scooped neck and puffy cap sleeves, and a knee-length leopard print pencil skirt with a black bow belt separating the two in front. The belt kinda reminds me of an obi. In the back, the two materials meet in a V. It’s fitted with princess seams and the back is low enough it shows off the client’s tattoo, which is what she wanted.

Daniel’s back! He made a nice tailored suit that’s very reminiscent of his first look. It’s black and the jacket nips in at the waist in a funky way and the collar is only on one side. It has a turquoise top showing through. But Tim had asked him what made it special and I initially didn’t think anything did, because I hadn’t seen the collar or the structure of the waist and detailing of the sleeves, which end at the elbow. Disadvantages of not being able to get as close as the judges.

Amanda’s dress is as fugly as Layana’s. And when the client turns around, you can see she screwed up the back. She’s in serious trouble.

Ben’s dress, along with the too-tight bodice, has an inverted pleat at the skirt’s center front. The color is great on the client but I think the dress itself is frumpy.

The trio is safe. I can’t argue with Michelle’s earlier statement about Patricia’s teammates getting her to this point, because Heidi reveals that she gave Layana and Michelle the two highest scores of the evening, but Patricia pulled them down. Well, judging from how the others fell, she’s the only one that did, though, otherwise two high scorers would surely outweigh one poor one. And this is why I don’t like teams. Or at least, one of the many reasons.

For the high scores we have repeats in Richard and Stanley, and an upset with Samantha and Daniel. Yay, Daniel! This means Kate and Tu as well as Amanda and Ben are in the bootom. Not sure I’d really miss any of them, but I’d still kinda like Ben around for awhile. He’s really grown on me.

The judges love Daniel’s look but hate Samantha’s. See what I meant about the two high scorers should’ve outweighed the one? Because the way they’re talking, she would’ve been in the bottom if it hadn’t been for Daniel. And Stanley’s pants aren’t the best, but everything else is good. The judges also love Richard’s look and that the skirt is above the knees.

They really hate Amanda’s look and Ben’s construction. They tell Amanda that the back of her dress looks like her client sat on a hot glue gun and the skirt got accidentally stuck together. It does. Tu owns up to his bad sewing to the judges, and it turns out that the belt is the only thing holding the client’s dress on. Yikes. They like Kate’s dress, though. I think Ben and Tu are in trouble, and Tu might be going home. I think Stanley will win.

After the judges discussion, I think Tu might be safe. C’mon, you do have to be able to sew on this show. I thought his construction was worse than Ben’s. Ben’s client didn’t need a belt to keep her dress on. Stanley wins and Ben’s out. Sucks. I wonder if they’ll put Amanda with Michelle or if she’ll make another triad? Or if Patricia or Layana will get to choose who they want to work with. Or if Stanley, as winner, will get to choose a new partner. I guess we’ll see next time.

Nina Lisa