John Ross calls JR, who’s in Abu Dhabi working on his masterpiece. He tells his father they’ve won. He hangs up and joins his mother on her way to Ewing Energies’ conference room. Music that sounds like it should be playing on a lawyer show just before the big trial accompanies the montage of the two of them, Pam Barnes, and Christopher and Bobby gathering around the table.

Sue Ellen and John Ross (to whom I’m going to refer to as the Evil Ewings to save my fingers) announce that now they have a majority, things are going to be different around here. Bobby shows them a file containing the news that he and his other brother Darryl Gary are terminating drilling rights for the derrick on Southfork. As a coup de grace, Christopher reminds them they only have a majority if Pam sides with them. He turns to her and tells her before she makes up her mind, he has something to show her. It’s his methane-fueled racecar. “If there was ever a part of you that believed in me? Then believe in me now.”

Christopher meets with Annie Werschinger, employing her best Deep South accent, to assure her that she needs to bring members from the city council to see the race on Saturday. It’s been so long since I’ve watched, I only vaguely recall he needs some kind of contract or deal pushed through, I think to start those rigs Elena bought for him working. Why it has to be through the Dallas city council, when it’s rather far inland from the rigs, I have no clue. Bottom line is he needs to win the race for more than one reason.

Drew pleads with Elena to let him do a 3D seismic chart of the ground their father used to own. Technology has advanced in the last 20 years. She says she’ll talk to Christopher.

Back at EE, Pam tells John Ross she (and her father) are backing the Good Ewings. John Ross tells her she’ll change her mind when Chris loses the race. As he heads out, he bumps into his uncle Gary and is his father’s son. Gary meets with Bobby to let him know he’s not really happy about having to stop the drilling, since he needs the income. He fell off the wagon and his wife left him. He was too embarrassed to ask Bobby for help.

Racetrack. Ricky Rudd brings the car in and tells Christopher he’s having trouble rounding the corners. As they leave, we cut to a sinister looking mechanic in EE colors. Then we cut to John Ross and JR’s henchman Buddy planning how to exploit said mechanic’s gambling problems. Meanwhile, Christopher goes home and fills Elena in on what went down in the boardroom. When the mechanic gets to his home, John Ross is waiting. He’s interested in paying off some gambling debts . . .

Bates Motel. Ryland Residence. Judith and Harris tell Emma they’ve found a new dressage instructor for her back in jolly old England and they’re taking her back to London the very next day. They are as creepy and menancing as possible.

Sue Ellen runs into Gary in the company break room and turns up the charm. She flirtatiously asks him to the race.

Ann is currying her horse when Emma pulls up.  Emma tells her mother about a time when Grandma made her feel ugly and stupid. Ann invites her on a ride. Back at chez Ryland, they know exactly where she is. Mamma R tells Harris she “won’t let you lose our daughter.” The soundtrack aids the ick factor.

Ann is teaching Emma the difference between Western and English style riding; she can let go of controlling the horse. The horse knows where to go. Emma literally lets her hair down.

Chris and his head mechanic fix the racecar and leave for the night. The sinister mechanic steps out of the shadows and walks up to the car with a bag of tools.

Drew and Elena are placing the charges.

Emma wakes up. Her father is sitting by the bed. He asks her how her meeting with Ann went. He tells her she can ask him anything. She asks to stay in Dallas and get to know Ann. He goes ballistic. She points out that she has the right to know her mother, and he says she doesn’t. She reminds him that he said she could ask him anything. He says he said she could ask, not that he’d say yes. He spots a bottle of pills on her nightstand and asks her if she’s been taking them. She says no. He reminds her that without them, and without boundaries and limitations, she has panic attacks. She takes a pill.

Drew shows Elena that the 3D seismic shows a reserve further down than their father looked. She points out that it’s very narrow and could be difficult to get oil out of. He manages to talk her into partnering up with him anyway.

Sue Ellen asks John Ross if he told JR about her date with Gary. Evidently he sent her some old love letters, along with a new one. Elsewhere, Buddy is reporting in that progress has been made, both with the gambling mechanic and Harris Ryland.

Racetime. Ricky Rudd tells Chris the car’s handling better on the corners. Wonder what the sinister mechanic did, then? How come sabotage is never found out during the practice/warm-up laps?

Judith knocks on Emma’s door. Time to go or they’ll miss the plane. No response. Judith opens the door. The bed is made and Emma’s things are gone.

Racetrack. There are only four cars racing. John Ross insists to Pam that Chris is going to lose the race. Sue Ellen makes a friendly wager with Gary.

Judith accuses Harris of screwing everything up. She asks him why he even married Ann to begin with. “Because she wasn’t you.”

Racetrack. Ricky doesn’t need to refuel when everyone else does, but suddenly his pressure regulator’s not working. He comes in, but pulls out again right away. Chris tells him he needs him to push it for 15 more laps. Sinister mechanic and John Ross exchange nods while Christopher races to pull the pressure regulator out of the prototype so they can swap it. The delay costs them a lap. The other three cars take a second pit stop to refuel, so Ricky moves up into second place. Night falls. At 146 laps, Ricky’s still in second. Chris tells him to make his move, and on lap 149, he does so. He wins by half a car length. John Ross can’t believe his eyes, and Sue Ellen is crestfallen. Everyone else celebrates. Annie tells Chris his whatever will get pushed through City Council. Pam throws him her vote. They have the Evil Ewings over an (oil) barrel, but they refuse to back down.

Bobby and Ann come home to to find Emma sitting on the front steps, suitcase beside her. She asks if she can stay. Ann says, “Welcome home”.

JR calls John Ross. He tells him he has a plan. It will be his masterpiece. He says John Ross shouldn’t have to pay for JR’s sins. JR adds that he’s proud of him. John Ross is his son “from tip to tail”. As John Ross’ eyes well with tears, we see JR lower the phone, staring at something off camera. We hear footsteps. The camera cuts to John Ross telling his father how good that makes him feel. Then he, and we, hear two shots. John Ross says, “Hello? hello? Dad?!” He keeps calling “Dad” into a dead phone. Fade to black. Farewell, Larry Hagman. You are missed.