The previouslies concentrate on Team Survivor’s journey so far, which makes me think they’re going to be dropping out this episode. The doctor tells Dave he needs to go get a sonograph in Papeete. The race will be swinging back through there on its way to Christchurch, New Zealand. The injury’s guilted Team Surf into handing over the second Express Pass as originally planned. Everyone’s excited to be going to, as the clue says, Phil’s hometown.

At the airport, Team Survivor tells Team Surf they’re heading to the doctor, so Team Surf gives them the pass. Team Brohockey sees it. They’ll be joining Team Surf on the first flight out, at 9 am. Teams YouTube, Roller Derby, and ‘Bama get on the second flight at 11:35. Team Survivor is also on this flight, having gone to a doctor and found out that both his Achilles tendon and the muscle attached to it are torn. He gets a boot at the pharmacy to help keep it stable and they join everyone at the airport.

Team Surf forms a new alliance with Teams YouTube and Roller Derby against Team Brohockey, who’ve joined forces with Team Country Blondes.

In Auckland, Team BFF goes from last to first when they get on the first flight to Christchurch, at 5 pm. Teams Surf and Roller Derby are on the second one at 5:30. So are Teams Survivor and YouTube.

Team Brohockey land a third flight at 6 pm as Team ‘Bama asks a line for cuts because they’re in a race, to no effect. They wait in line while Team Country Blondes use a kiosk to check in online. Team Newlyweds are on standby for the 5:30 flight, and make it.

Team ‘Bama discovers they were not in the right line for buying tickets, and use a phone and kiosk to get tickets on a 7:30 pm flight. Per usual, they loudly boast about how clever they are and wonder why no-one else does it, too, without ever considering that the reason they don’t see anyone is because they’re dead last. I have to say, I hope they stay there. They don’t stay clueless for long, discovering that not only are there no other teams in the airport, there aren’t any waiting at the gate, either. As they board the last flight, it appears that Team BFF is landing and getting in their product-placed car to find the Rakaia River Gorge, where they’ll grab a number for a Jet Boat tour. The sign says it’s open from 6 am to 7 pm, which leads me to find out that it’s just over an hour flight from Auckland to Christchurch, so depending on how fast Team BFF moves, they might just make it up the river to their first clue before closing, but I honestly expect a full bunch up again. At least they’d have a tag to (temporarily) preserve their #1 status. Sure enough, we’re soon shown the next two flight’s worth of teams landing and getting in their cars in quick succession. Then the tape at effs up. This is the second time this week that’s happened; I might just stop watching their shows at their website. When I get the new video to this point, Team BFF turns out to be just as good at getting lost on land as they were in the ocean.

Team Survivor manages to grab the first tag, and since the place is now obviously closed, I’m not going to bother to recount the rest of the arrivals (Tents and a fire pit have already been set up for them). The next morning, teams are slightly staggered as they race the boats (which they get to drive) off to find their next clue. Team BFF is in 5th place.

The clue is a Detour: Rev It Up or Reel It In. First they have to take an ATV to whichever location they choose. Rev It Up requires the each to drive a vintage car through a slalom course in less than 83 seconds total. Reel It In requires them to go fly fishing and catch one fish at least 12″ long. Team Survivor opt to Rev It Up, but after they get there and are running to the cars, Dave thinks to ask if there’s a clutch. There is, and since this is New Zealand, they’re left-hand drive. His left foot is the one that’s booted and bagged. They quickly head to the other half, declining to use the Express Pass. Looks like Team ‘Bama’s the only ones joining them, and I’d expect them to be pretty good at fishing, so they might soon change their minds on that.

Team Surf fails to disengage their parking brake and have to start over. We get to see several teams failing before Team Survivor gives up fishing and use their Express Pass, since Dave wants to stay in it as long as he can. They head to Mount Hutt Station, with the first team out of Rev It Up, Team Surf, not far behind. Team YouTube also finishes up as the remaining revvers arrive. We briefly check in with Team ‘Bama, then watch the car races until almost everyone’s done. At the river, both get a fish on and land it at the same time. Both fish are over the minimum required foot, so they quickly get tossed back and we’re back to the cars.

Team Survivor arrives at Mount Hutt Station to find their next clue is a Roadblock. One of them has to run an obstacle course known as a shemozzle. THey have to dress up in gum boots, shorts, and a burlap sack, then pick a shepherd and dog to guide/accompany them around the course as they get molassesed and feathered while collecting eggs. THey have to deliver a dozen unbroken eggs at the finish line. Obviously, Connor’s doing this one. After his first run, he only has five. He gets five on the second run, too, and heads back for the last two. Thankfully, since he’s now had to waterslide into a manure pond three times, this clue is for the Pit Stop, and they’re off before anyone else even arrives. Maybe Dave will get a chance to rest his leg.

All the teams have finally arrived at the course, and are going through it.

Team Survivor checks in, and win a trip to Bangkok. And then, Phil hands them another clue. He asks if they’re up to continuing. Dave replies he thinks he should concentrate on recovery, but then the screen fades to black with the words, “To Be Continued” and his voice over tries to give us some doubt as to his final decision.

Nina Lisa