The morning after. Emma’s face is full of regrets as she lies awake in Thayer’s bed. She lies to him she’s glad it was with him. He has all these plans for the day, but she’s worried about Ted. She doesn’t really think he killed Derek, but how to prove it?

Ethan and Mads also awake, apparently no worse for wear after a night of drinking and sleeping fully clothed in formal wear on lounge furniture. They had a good heart to heart, and he tells her he thinks Jordan’s a good guy and she should listen to his explanation. As he’s leaving, he sees Emma on her walk of shame. They’re interrupted by Ted. He tells “Sutton” to get home before her mother freaks out.

As Emma and Laurel walk  in to Sutton’s room, she hides in the closet. Laurel wants to know why Emma didn’t follow up on the plan. Sutton gets an earful not only of their suspicions over Rebeccannie but of Emma’s first time with Thayer instead of Ethan.

Mads gives Jordan that chance to explain. He tells her Rebeccannie made him ask Laurel. She asks why, but just then both Rybecks come in. Alec invites Jordan to join him on the golf course that afternoon. He accepts.

Emma runs into Sutton in their room. Sutton pretends she didn’t already know Rebeccannie’s their birth mother and attacks Ems for telling Laurel. Then she really hits her where it hurts, telling her she really hopes Emma’s with Thayer, otherwise she gave it up to the wrong guy.

Theresa tells Dan that someone’s been putting flowers on Derek’s grave and she thinks it’s a guilty killer. She thinks they need to stake it out. He reminds her they’re getting married in two days.

Rebeccannie and Sutton go to the cabin. Sutton pushes her mother about playing games. Rebeccannie says Sutton can trust her.

Ems approaches Alec at the club. He greets her by name. She tells him she knows who her biological parents are and then tells him about the 20K. Alec assures her Ted doesn’t know about her. I guess this means he’s the one who split them up. He doesn’t admit this to her, though. He reiterates that he didn’t kill Derek. He asks her not to tell Kristen and to stay out of it. Thayer sees this conversation from wherever the club’s waiters are allowed to stand around and spy on their girlfriends. He’s not happy with Emma, but is surprised and maybe a little impressed that Alec confirmed Ted’s the girls’ biological father.

Alec meets Kristen. He’s doing the wall lean thing, except with a tree. He says he didn’t kiss her the night before because he has to know it’s what she wants. He tells her she needs to do something that makes her happy and leans a little closer. She kisses him. Rebeccannie watches them. For someone who wants Ted back, she doesn’t look all that happy.

Ems catches up with Mads, who blows her off. Ethan come up and gets on her case about not following through with the plan. He’s done. Laurel comes across her crying in the bathroom. She advises Emma to be honest with both Thayer and herself.

Alec quizzes Jordan about his relationship with Rebeccannie and finally offers to help him out. Jordan thinks Mads told Alec, and yells at her about it.

Rebeccannie tells Ted about Alec and Kristen’s kiss.

Thayer and Ems are on a date. He can tell she’s upset about something, but she lies that it’s not about them.

Rebeccannie spills the latest deets to Sutton at the cabin. Sutton probes her feelings on Alec being Derek’s killer. Rebeccannie admits to framing Alec for it, but insists he did it. Sutton’s about had it with her mother.

Ted confronts Alec over the kiss. He slugs him and tells him to stay away. Alec tells him Kristen needs someone to take care of her and he intends to do so.

Ems talks to Kristen about her love triangle.Kristen relates it to Alec vs. Ted and tells Ems to forget about going after what’s right and go after what’s real.

Dan persuades Theresa to drop the stakeout until after the wedding.

Ted rushes home and accosts Kristen about the kiss. She yells at him about the missing 20K, saying she thinks it shows he was having another affair. She gives him divorce papers as Laurel walks in.

In the employee locker room, Thayer rubs it in Ethan’s face that he’s with Ems. Ethan knocks him on his ass.  When Emma sees Thayer’s black eye, she gets the story out of him and runs off.

Wedding pre-party. Ethan’s giving his best man speech, about losing love and finding it again. Laurel starts crying and runs off. Mads follows her. Laurel tells her about the divorce and the kiss.

Ted texts Rebeccannie and says he wants to see her. She goes to the bar, where Alec follows her. She tells him she’s not feeling well. She refuses his offer to drive her home, saying she called a cab and it’s there.

Mads finds Jordan. He tells her Alec offered to help him. He tells her a little bit more about Rebeccannie blackmailing him, but doesn’t give her any details.

Theresa wants to follow Rebeccannie. Dan reminds her they’re getting married in the morning.

Laurel tells Ethan about her folks. She thinks everything’s going wrong around her, so she wants to see something go right.  She tells him Ems may be with Thayer now, but she’s not over Ethan and he should go after her.

Ted shows Rebeccannie the divorce papers and starts making out with her. She stops him and says it has to be for the right reasons – she’s “done things”. He says he’s “done things”, too.

Mads tells her father Jordan’s “done things”, but what’s really scary to her is whatever Rebeccannie’s making him do. She heads upstairs to bed and he leaves the house.

Ems phone rings. The caller ID says it’s Thayer. Ethan’s sitting beside it on her bed, and when she comes into her room he tells her who it is and asks if she wants to answer it. She tells him what’s going on with Kristen and Ted, and he asks why Thayer’s not there for her. He tells her she and Thayer were a mistake. He kisses her and says that they’re everything.

Theresa’s staking out the graveyard when Sutton calls her. She wants to talk about Alec. Theresa agrees to meet her, but suddenly sees someone running off and tells Sutton she’ll meet her in an hour. She goes to examine Derek’s grave, where there’re some white lilies. As she kneels down to look at them, my video cuts off.


Episode 8. The previouslies let me know Theresa stands back up, with an astonished, “You?!” , so I’m not surprised when it turns out everyone’s waiting for her at the church and she’s an hour late. Dan knows his fiancée well enough to be suspicious.

Ems tells Thayer about the Mercer’s divorce.

Ted wakes  up in his room at the club from a nightmare.

Ethan and Dan race off to find Theresa.

Mads and Jordan talk. So do Rebeccannie and Alec – neither were home last night.

Ted talks to Ems and Laurel at the Mercer house. Kristen’s pissed that he just keeps walking in like he still lives there.

Ethan and Dan check Theresa’s place. As Dan discovers her empty closets, Ethan spots her engagement ring on the counter. Dan refuses to believe she got cold feet. He tells Ethan about the flowers on Derek’s grave. Whoever killed Derek kidnapped Theresa and is trying to make it look like she just ran off. He charges out, Ethan hot on his heels.

Rebeccannie goes to talk to Sutton at the cabin. She gives her a necklace that looks like one of those mizpah necklaces and says she’s keeping the other one for Emma. She tells her about Ted coming to be with her when he got the divorce papers.

Mads and Laurel tell Ems and Thayer about Theresa not showing up for the wedding. Mads admits she knows Alec left the house last night. Ems runs off because she thinks Ted has something to do with it. Thayer agrees to help her.

Kristen meets Alec at the club bar for a drink. He asks her out to dinner that night. She says yes. Just then, someone calls him to come to the cemetery. Dan’s demanding they treat Derek’s grave like a crime scene to find Theresa.  Alec tells them to go home. Dan attacks him and Ethan and a cop pull him off. Dan tells Alec he’s not going to drop it. Alec looks murderous.

Ems and Thayer question a valet named JJ. He tells them Ted signed out about ten pm and didn’t sign back in until after four am. Ethan walks up to them and they cover by claiming Thayer’s thinking about valeting part-time as well. He tells them he thinks Theresa’s in trouble.

Rebeccannie confronts Jordan. He says he’s going to tell Mads everything. She asks him if that includes the call he made from Flagstaff to help frame Alec. She doesn’t think Mads will be happy to hear about that.

Ethan wants to tell Dan everything. Thayer and Emma want him to trust them. He says they don’t trust him. He leaves to find Dan. Dan says that Alec told Theresa a family secret and wants to know what Ethan might know about it. Ethan swears he knows nothing.

Ems comes home to find Sutton waiting for her. She wants to make peace. She confesses she’s been working with Rebeccannie since the night she went into the lake. She tells her about Rebeccannie’s plan to get Ted back. She says she realizes that their mother isn’t being honest with her, either, and that she called Theresa to confess but she never showed. She wants to work together, but Ems says no. Sutton knows she’s hiding something.

Jordan asks Alec if his offer’s still good. He says he’ll lose Mads if he keeps doing what Rebeccannie wants. Alec ascertains that he really cares about Mads and agrees to help him. They shake on it. Alec adds that he’ll help Jordan if Jordan will help him. Jordan asks what he wants him to do. Everything Rebeccannie tells him to.

Laurel’s figured out that Ted’s the twins’ dad. Ems says she’s beginning to wish she hadn’t started the search. Laurel says she’s glad they found each other.

Sutton goes to Ethan. He tells her about the 20K, and says that’s all he knows. Suddenly, he races off on his bike.

Alec heads off to his date with Kristen. Mads tells him he should divorce Rebeccannie if she’s so dangerous.

Ethan goes to Ems. He knows she suspects Ted of kidnapping Theresa. She asks him to give her one night before telling Dan. She uses his “everything” comment to twist his arm.

Sutton goes to Rebecannie and tells her Derek was blackmailing someone. Rebeccannie says it’s not her and wants to know if Sutton knows who it was. Sutton wants to know if Rebeccannie knows. Sutton realizes Rebeccannie’s protecting Ted.

Ems finds Ted in the kitchen, frantically looking for his hospital ID card. She questions him about his whereabouts the previous night. Just then, Kristen’s phone goes off. It’s a text from Alec giving her the hotel name and suite number to meet him at. Kristen comes in and starts to yell at Ted for just walking in the house again, but he goes off on her about sleeping with Alec. He totally loses it and pushes a vase of flowers off the counter. Emma’s eyes go wide as she considers the possibility that Ted killed Derek after all.

Rebeccannie tells Jordan she has a new assignment for him. She wants him to get close to Mads. Mads is coming downstairs and overhears them. She sneaks closer. Jordan asks Rebeccannie if she wants him to spy on Mads. And her friends, Rebeccannie tells him. Find out what she and her friends know about Theresa. Mads hears him agree.

Kristen tells Alec about Ted. He realizes she’s not ready to be with him and she leaves.

Ems tells Thayer about Ted snapping. She runs off to make sure she’s not wrong about him. Thayer wants to come with her, but she says no. He goes for a run instead. Alec meets him. He tells Thayer whatever happens, Alec has done everything, and will continue to do everything, because he loves Thayer.

Rebeccannie finds Ted digging frantically through his stuff in the room at the club. She tells him he can trust her, but he runs off.

Jordan finds Mads and asks if he can talk to her. She says no and starts to leave. He tells her Rebeccannie asked him to spy on her and Alec asked him to spy on Rebeccannie. He tells her he’s doing it for her. She warns him that Rebeccannie’s dangerous. He tells her he knows about Sutton and Emma.

Dan and Ethan pull up to where the cop working the case has found Theresa’s car. It’s empty except for her vows, which had slipped down beside the driver’s seat. Dan reads them aloud and then asks Ethan if he still thinks she got cold feet. Ethan doesn’t, but he looks pained. Dan threatens to kill whoever took Theresa from him.

Ted pulls up to Derek’s grave and starts searching the ground with a flashlight. Emma walks up, dangling the ID card. “Looking for this?” she asks.