Ted tells Ems, who he thinks is Sutton, the truth about her parentage. He tells her Derek was blackmailing him and that Alec arranged everything. When Derek was killed, he was relieved because then the blackmailing would stop. Then he realized Derek was Sutton’s age, and started feeling guilty, so he’s been leaving the flowers. Theresa caught him, and he answered all her questions, but then she left. He promises to tell Dan everything in the morning.

Ems sneaks back into her room to find Mads (asleep) and Laurel (awake) waiting for her. Laurel’s delighted to hear that Ted confirmed they really are sisters. Her squeal wakes Mads up, and then Thayer appears. Ems goes out to meet him. He asks if she’s going to tell him what happened.

Cut to the next morning. Mads returns home. Alec asks her to call, not text, next time. They discuss how Jordan might know about the twins. He thinks Rebecannie told him.

Ethan goes to Emma. She tells him everything Ted told her. He’s really not happy that Ted was probably the last person to see Theresa alive and says he’s going to Dan. Ems says Ted said he was going to talk to Dan first thing. We cut to the police station, where Ted’s asking Dan if he needs a lawyer. Dan’s playing bad cop. Except I don’t think he’s playing, or that Dan believes him. He gets violent, and Alec comes in. Alec’s always having to remind Dan that he’s still the D.A. Alec tells Dan his suspicions about Rebeccannie. He tells Dan to give Ted a ride home and maybe Ted won’t press charges. He leaves. Dan pats Ted on the cheek and tells him to find his own way home. Commercial.

Rybecks. Jordan spies on Rebeccannie as she places something in a box, then locks the box in a file cabinet.

Ems and Laurel tell Sutton about Ted’s confession. Sutton tells them Alec split the twins and they should concentrate on finding Theresa. When Ems agrees, Laurel wants them to hug and make up. Ems says that one of them should talk to Rebecca. She says she knows which one that should be – Sutton.

Rebeccannie encounters Kristen at the club. Kristen’s walking with some friends to yoga class when Rebeccannie asks to talk to her. Kristen says she’s late and asks if it can wait. Rebeccannie says no, but Kristen keeps going, so Rebeccannie yells after her, “Are you having an affair with my husband?” Alec’s just pulled up in a golf cart. Kristen wheels around, affronted that Rebeccannie would be the one to accuse her of adultery. Alec steps in in time to deflect Rebeccannie’s question about the kiss. He tells her it meant nothing. Kristen looks sharply at him, then agrees. She walks off. Rebeccannie asks Alec how the hunt for Theresa’s going. He evades the question. When her phone starts ringing, he snarks, “Say hello to Ted for me.” and walks off. She looks at the ID. It’s Ted.

Police station. Ethan arrives at Dan’s office just after a cop leaves him the evidence box for the Derek Rogers case. Dan tells him Alec suspects Rebeccannie. Ethan asks about Ted. Dan wants to know how Ethan found out Ted was there, and when he figures it out, he’s pissed that Ethan chose Sutton over his own brother. He kicks him out, of his office and the trailer.

Mercers. Ems and Thayer are talking. Ethan comes over to tell her Dan kicked him out. Kristen comes in in time to hear this, and invites him to crash on the couch, provided it’s okay with “Sutton”. Ems and Thayer exchange a glance.

Sutton asks Rebeccannie if she killed Derek. Rebeccannie doesn’t answer. She leaves.

Thayer’s not happy with the situation, but Emma persuades him it’ll be just for a couple of days. He leaves, but not before warning Ethan off Emma.

Rebecannie goes to see Ted, but he doesn’t answer his door.

Ems can’t sleep. She goes into the kitchen to make some tea, which wakes Ethan. They talk. He slowly moves closer to her. She doesn’t pull away, but as he goes in for the kiss, he bumps the teacup and it spills all over her. He grabs a towel and wipes her off, but she flees. Sutton saw the whole thing through the window. She meets Emma in their room to report on Rebeccannie. Then she asks about Ethan. Ems insists she’s with Thayer. Just then, Ethan bursts in to say something. When Sutton says they’re all ears, he leaves. Commercial.

The next morning, Kristen answers the door to Thayer, who’s not happy to learn that “Sutton” has already left with Laurel and Ethan. Kristen tells him he’s too young to be so serious with her. She asks what happened, he was doing well in California, going to start his own business. What happened there to make him come back? He tells her all his life he’s seen people give up on each other. He names her and Dr. Mercer as two. He says he’s not to going to give up on Sutton.

Cabin. The twins, Laurel, and Ethan are trying to figure out their next move regarding Rebeccannie. Mads walks in with Jordan. He greets first Emma, then Sutton. Laurel: “So you know about the twins?” Mads: “Oh, you would be surprised at how much he knows.” Jordan tells them about the box he saw Rebeccannie with, and what it is. He offers to check it out for them. Sutton says she has a plan, too. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Alec goes to the club to talk to Thayer. He tells Thayer that Rebeccannie’s the one that needs to go down and asks for his help.

Ted pulls up to where a car is waiting. Sutton gets out and asks him to tell her he’s her father again. He does, and she launches herself into his arms. He says if that’s the only reason she wanted to meet him, he was glad to do it. She says there’s one more thing. Ems gets out of the passenger side. “Hi, Dad. My name’s Emma.” They fill him in on Rebeccannie. He’s on board. He hugs them both. Then he goes to talk to Alec. He slugs him again for separating the girls and tells Alec to stay away from his family.

Rybecks. Jordan goes to get the box and discovers that the filing cabinet has been broken into. The box is empty. Suddenly, a figure in black dashes out the door. Jordan gives chase. Mads is coming in, looking in her purse. The person knocks her over and flees. The noises made by the person make me think it’s female. Jordan helps Mads up.

Sutton comes back to the cabin to find Laurel working on a jigsaw puzzle. She wants to know if Sutton ever really cared about her family, since she tried to destroy it. Sutton apologizes for the way she’s treated Laurel for the past few years. Suddenly, her phone rings. It’s Theresa. Sutton answers, but hears only heavy breathing. Commercial.

Laurel, Sutton, and Ethan are at the police station, trying to get the cops to get Theresa’s cell tracked. Dan comes in. They find the location and take off.

In his room, Ted tells Rebeccannie he knows Sutton’s theirs. She’s not happy that Sutton told him, and asks what else she told him. Ted asks her what else could there be?

Alec goes to see Kristen. He tells her he’s going to see Rebeccannie put away and they can be together. She asks him how he knows that’s what she wants. He says he kissed her.

Club. Rebecca is telling Ted about Emma. Ted: “You’d do anything to protect me, wouldn’t you?” Rebeccannie: “Anything.” Ted: “That’s why you killed Derek. And Theresa.” Sirens sound outside. He looks out the window.

In his room, Thayer’s asking Emma where he stands. She says she doesn’t know how to answer that. He says the only way to answer it is with the truth. The sirens arrive. They go outside. Emma sees Sutton and waves her over. Sutton tells Ems what’s going on as Thayer joins Ethan and Dan. The cops spread out. They found the phone in a planter, but where’s Theresa? Emma says one of them should be there for Ethan. Sutton says she knows which one of them it should be. Emma asks if she’s sure. Sutton turns her around and starts to unzip her dress.

Ted is heading for the gathering. Rebeccannie runs after him, trying to explain. He blows her off and joins the guys as Emma runs up, tucking in her shirt. A cop calls for Dan. Everyone runs to the club pool. The lights come on. Theresa’s floating face down in the middle.