I’m going to try to be quick and dirty with this one.

Noah and Bay make out. Daphne breaks up with Travis. Katherine talks Daphne into auditioning for the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.,  Regina found a job and turns down a drink with Zane to celebrate, so maybe she didn’t stay off the wagon, after all.

John talks Bay and Toby into helping on the campaign. Bay will be designing a billboard. Toby advises her to tell Emmit she’s dating Noah.

Noah apologizes to Daphne at her audition. She tells him she’s not the one he should apologize to. He tells her Travis won’t look at him. With a bit of coaching from Katherine, she knocks it out of the park and gets the role. She and Noah leave the class, talking and being friendly. Travis sees them and gets upset.

Bay tells Emmit she’s with Noah. She thinks they should move on. He tenderly cups her face and kisses her gently, then asks if she’s ready to move on. She can only stare after him.

Regina seems to be settling into her new job well.

Noah and Daphne aren’t too thrilled with Katherine’s costuming, which will be a mix of modern and traditional. I’m not too thrilled with it, either. Bay fills Daphne in on her and Noah and says Emmit’s taking it well. Katherine gets a call; the police may have caught the guy who attacked Daphne.

Noah tries to be there for Bay while she works on her dad’s campaign billboard, but he doesn’t have an artistic eye like, say, Emmit. Or Regina, Bay should say but doesn’t.

Travis is already at the police station. After Daphne positively ID’s the guy, they bring him in, since he saw the guy when he bought the taco. He lies and says he doesn’t see him. When Daphne confronts him, he sticks to his story.

Regina’s talked into drinking again by Zane and the bartender, Tria. Looks like she’s late for her second day of work. Sidebar: Tria is played by Kim Rhodes, whom some of you may or may not recognize from the Disney show with the twins Zack and Cody. I just read her short bio and now have a girl crush: she’s certified in four types of stage combat – hand-to-hand, quarterstaff, rapier, and dagger.

Looks like Emmit’s also been roped into volunteering for the campaign, so he’s there to play wingman when Toby’s new love interest walks in. Her name is Alyssa.

Regina’s 1.5 hours late, and her now ex-boss isn’t taking any excuses.

Daphne’s talking to Noah when she has an epiphany about Travis. Sure enough, the camera cuts to him lurking outside the thief’s workplace with a baseball bat. He’s forestalled when Daphne pulls up, her headlights blinding him. She reads him the riot act, but he’s determined to follow through.

Toby, Emmit, and Alyssa are putting up campaign signs. Alyssa starts spouting off on how horrible John’s opponent is. Emmit can see how the two are looking at each other, so he takes his time getting more signs out of the car. Alyssa’s impressed with Toby’s fluency in ASL.

John and his campaign manager, Ivan, aren’t really impressed with Bay’s design, but John says to go with it. Daphne swings by the design center and discovers Regina no longer works there.

Alyssa asks Toby and Emmit to her house. Emmit’s already advised Toby to go for it, and he takes off. Cut to Toby and Alyssa making out in a hot tub. When he stops kissing her, she starts asking him about ASL. He offers to call Emmit to take his place, so she moves in and starts kissing him again, meanwhile taking off her top. She flings it to the steps, where it’s promptly picked up by her mother. And I’m not surprised to learn Alyssa’s mother is John’s opponent.

Speaking of John, Daphne told him about Travis, so he calls him into his office to talk to him. He points out that now that Travis is 18, he’d be the one to serve time if the thief pressed charges.

Toby’s pissed that Alyssa set him up and leaves, despite her protests that she likes him for real.

Bay overhears Ivan telling a potential contributor not to waste his money on John’s campaign; he thinks Kennish will lose.

Daphne confronts Regina, asking where she was. Regina says she was at work. Daphne reveals she knows Regina doesn’t work there anymore. Regina realizes Daphne doesn’t know she was fired, and lies about the job not understanding she needs time with her family. She apologizes for lying about where she was and promises it won’t happen again. I’d like to believe her, but . . .

Bay apologizes to Noah and they’re back on track. Travis did the right thing, but tells Daphne his life still sucks. Turns out after Bay overheard Ivan, she purposely missed the deadline to get her poster in. When John confronts her she finally tells him about Ivan. Turns out John knows how Ivan feels, and was hoping Bay’s poster would be the way to show he’s not the average politician.

Regina drops by the bar to get her phone. She tells Tria about losing the job, but not why. Tria immediately pours her a glass of wine. Regina asks if she has any openings, and Tria says the manager will be in at ten and she’ll put in a word for her. She says Regina should stick around and listen to the band. Regina takes a drink of wine. Looks like she’s officially off the wagon. Later, she’s walking down the Kennish driveway when Bay comes out of her studio and sees her. Regina lies that her car broke down and that she caught a taxi and had him drop her off in the road. I guess it’s good she’s not driving. She tells Bay she’s not feeling well, and then trips going up the stairs. Bay looks like she might know what’s going on. I’d think she’d be able to smell the alcohol; they weren’t that far apart.

And that’s it for my recaps of Switched at Birth. Thank you for reading.

Nina Lisa