So, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher, and John Ross arrive in Mexico, where John Ross demands to know what his dad was doing there, since last he knew, Pops was working on an oil deal in Abu Dhabi. I’m glad they addressed that straight off, so much so that I’m going to ignore the chalk outline that I’m pretty sure was only ever a Hollywood invention.

The investigators think it was JR because they found his phone under the bed, and John Ross keeps mum about having been on the phone with him when the shots were fired. At least for now. They move into the morgue, and we don’t get to see a face. I’m not surprised. Nice opening, with the muted theme and what I presume is the original footage, showing a lot more of Southfork than we see now. I notice Emma Bell is a series regular now.

And now I’m just going to take quick notes on the action:

Josh Henderson is killing me. Can he get an Emmy, please?

Have to admit Harris drives a nice car. But Bobby didn’t start this fight, darlin’. You did.

Bobby is definitely acting strange. Come on, Sue Ellen, there’s no way JR died at the hands of a “petty thief”. John Ross, you’re no Hamlet. Wonder what’s in that envelope Sue Ellen keeps looking at?

Lotta big name guest stars, but even if Mark Cuban does own the Dallas Mavericks, it doesn’t lend any verisimilitude to have him show up at the memorial.

So Emma’s taking clonazepam, huh? Well, I guess she got it from Annie. Wonder why she’s hiding it. Guess it could be said John Ross was having a panic attack. Speaking of, he may not be Hamlet, but Sue Ellen sure thinks she’s Gertrude. She should be calling her AA sponsor instead.

Damn, Cliff Barnes is just uncouth. But I suspect bar fights are a Ewing tradition.

It’s always nice when John Ross and Christopher are genuinely getting along. And, here comes the president of Mexico, or whoever this Carlos is supposed to be. That was fast. Wonder how much he was really able to find out? Exactly nothing. That’s not going to go over well. Aaand . . . how’d I know Emma would be the one to come after him? And that’s a definite invitation in her eyes.

Wow, I did not expect Bobby to go off on Annie like that. I thought, since it’s been established she needs shots of Valium or some kind of sedative when she gets stressed and/or anxious, there wasn’t all that much for him to “learn” at the trial.

Read the letter first, Sue Ellen! Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

Very nice speeches. Yep, I thought Sue  Ellen was still tipsy. Linda Grey is really killing it here. I’m so glad she was by his bed when he passed.

Ah, JR’s spy is named Bum, not Buddy.  And that’s quite a trifecta he dropped on them. Why don’t I think he means Pam when he talks about Christopher’s mom? Except I guess it’d have to be, for him to be a Barnes as well. If what JR was working on was so dangerous he needed the cover of a quail hunt, I still don’t believe it was a petty thief. Because what we saw and heard doesn’t fit in with that theory. Yeah, I thought so.