Team BFF are leaving at 1040 PM to fly to Africa. They have to correctly ID the specific country to get in to the travel agency. At that time of night, they’ll all be on the same plane, so I’m just going to cut to said country (Botswana). The teams have to run out of the airport and find a particular “puddle jumper” airline and sign up for one of three flights to their next clue. Teams Country Blondes and Brohockey get the first flight, and Team BFF is on the last one.

They land on a dirt airstrip and get their next clue, which sends them driving down a dirt road (marked) and looking for their next clue, which is a Roadblock. One team member will have to pick three local Bushmen to guide them to an area where they can dig out a scorpion’s nest. Then a Bushman puts it in a jar, and guides them to their next clue. I don’t think even Teams You Tube or ‘Bama could screw this up. Turns out the Bushmen are going to accompany the teams the rest of the way, and Team Brohockey is the first to give them a lift to the Detour, where they select learning to build a fire over learning how to trap a guinea fowl. Meanwhile, it turns out that besides actually digging the scorpion out, the racer has to put it in the jar, which is a major hold up for Joey. As the teams head to their Detours, they have to learn animal calls, evidently for no reason other than to look stupid on national TV, which Team Newlyweds omit. But they do have to bitch about the smell emanating from said Bushmen. Do you see shower facilities available, people? Teams ‘Bama and BFF are racing for last, but both of them are smart enough to realize that, Team  Brohockey’s luck not withstanding, making a fire by basically rubbing two sticks together is NOT the faster of the two detours, which leapfrogs them to 3rd and 2nd place, respectively.

Team Brohockey won the leg’s trip to Thailand, and all the teams except Newlyweds give up on the fire and set a trap for a guinea fowl. It turns out they don’t have to actually wait for one to come along, but just prove it works by tripping it. Once Team Newlyweds actually give up on creating sparks and go for trapping, the editing makes it look like they might not be in last place, since Team Roller Derby falls into the trap of reading the clue, which specifically says to make their way to the Pit Stop on foot, but then decide to drive, or at least check the parking lot to see if anyone else drove. One of them actually said, “Maybe we don’t really have to do it on foot.” Why the hell didn’t the other one reply either, “Check the clue again!” or, if they were the ones with the clue, actually look at it, and say, “No, it says right here ON FOOT.” Why must at least one team do this every season? It doesn’t matter, either way, Team Newlyweds are last, but since this is the real non-elimination leg, another one of the teams I despise gets to stick around, although at least they will have a speed bump next week (or had one last night on the episode I haven’t watched yet).

Nina Lisa