I won’t be able to live blog every week, and I know it’s difficult to follow along when I do, but I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, and tonight I have an opportunity to do so while watching SYTYCD.

First, let me say that the two Latin dancers last night really impressed me. That and the blonde girl who pretended she was deaf for a hot second to psych Nigel out. Well played.

Tonight, I am in awe of the gentleman who was first up. What control that man had over his body! Incredible. And I love it when a street dancer gets a pass through to Vegas without having to “prove” themselves in choreography. (Hi, Cyrus). Now I’m settled in, and will unpause the DVR, but not before saying that I’m extremely disappointed ABC has joined the “competition and results in one night” format for DWTS.  It didn’t work for me for SYTYCD  last season, and I don’t think it’ll be any better this. I think it will be just horrible for DWTS. OK, rant over. On with *this* show.

Oh, dear. I saw this in the teaser and I really don’t want to watch this dad dancing. OK, he kept it short and it wasn’t too terrible. Ah, contemporary. Not one of my favorites because I never know what to say about it or watch for. Or what I’m supposed to be feeling. (And I hate that they’ve incorporated it into DWTS, too.) Well, everyone’s crying, so it must be good. Guess she’s going to Vegas. And another commercial break. Way to keep me interested in the hour, Fox.

I don’t think this is going to go well, with this guy who’s dedicating his solo to his grandma. I don’t know why, just a feeling I get. I’m generally wrong, tho, and they seem to be enjoying it. What ever that leaping turn in the air is called, he did well. Ha! I was going to guess choreography. I kinda think it should’ve been.

Oh, cool, another regional dance. This looks like fun. Like a cross between tap and breakdancing. (I’m old fashioned, I can’t distinguish between all those various types there are now.) Ah, I sit corrected. More like a cross between jive/charleston and breakdancing. Makes sense. Let’s see a full performance now. Oh, I hope he goes straight through! Wow! They’ve really raised the bar this season. Looks like a bit of tribal in there. That somersault! Dang! Oh, my, here’s what I saw on the preview. Mary, you asked for it! LOL Hip roll, huh? Yes, he’s even better at this. I bet they make him go to choreography, tho. Yep.

Hmm. Looks like Twitch has a six pack to me. Time to fast forward. Love DVRs.

Well, I was hoping that if they had time to show us Twitch, they’d cut out the idiots completely. Looks like that was in vain. No, that’s not hip hop. That’s club. Hey, he almost did that headstand. Guess they have to entertain the tired judges and audience somehow. I think 26 is too old, anyway. Isn’t the cut off 25? OK, lets see how Cisco does in choreography. I hope he kills it.Wait, what’s he doing? Crap. I think he just screwed up. Yep. Good on Cat, getting him to commit to coming back next year.

Another nice thing about pausing a live performance is getting to fast forward not just through the commercials, but through the horrible performances like that gangam style travesty that’s been shown often enough that I’ve seen enough.

OK, I like tap as much as the next person, but I don’t think this guy is as good as those three who went through a couple seasons ago, and certainly not the “best in ten years” that Mary’s about to give him. Vegas, yes, though. OK, she clarified it to tap. But I still think there were a couple others that were better. Maybe it’s because I don’t know how hard it really is. (Anything that looks that easy has got to be difficult. General rule of thumb, y’all). Day two is looking good.

I wonder if we’re going to get to see these girls who brought their families along actually dance/audition, or just this montage. Well, the brunette in white should go to Vegas. So should pink halter top. Reserving judgement on the military brat, who I think was first. Ah, they’re all going through, and now I’m not sure there weren’t two with pink tops. I meant the second and third, in case I got them mixed up. And the gangam style wasn’t too excrutiating. Commercials.

And I’ve caught up. And why is male exotic dancing less deragatory a way of making money than female? I hope they’re good. Whoo! Yeah, so far. Vegas! Hmm. Interesting choice, but I think they did the same thing last year with Dragon House. Wow. Send them all through! Whoa! I can see why he likes to dance with his shirt off. I would’ve liked to see that first guy with his shirt off to see all the muscles moving like this. SEND THEM THROUGH!!! Oh, I think Nigel’s just messing with them now. I hope so. Ah, well, I’m not too surprised. They were the best two. Shades of Cyrus again. Uh oh. Prince Charming doesn’t look like he’s picking it up. But he’s better than Smiles.Yes!!!! He made it! Most excellent. Yes, I’m old-fashioned and stodgy, and I have this show to thank for enabling me to appreciate street dance in all its various permutations.

Time to switch to CSI, which I will *not* be live blogging, sorry.

Nina Lisa