There’ve been a few posts I’ve wanted to make over the past few weeks. I was seriously considering a rant on accusing showrunners of lying when it’s possible they might’ve just misstated something. Even when said showrunner comes from a show where the showrunners have proven themselves liars. I don’t think people realize how much crap showrunners have to juggle per episode, and if they’re a writer, too, then they need to juggle and keep track of shitloads of storylines in a serial show. I guess that’s the zero tolerance policy mentality, and it really bugs me.

And while I was reading the TWOP weecap of this past Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, I had to completely agree with Lauren’s comments about Arizona. I even e-mailed her to tell her I think her getting it on with Lauren didn’t just come from left field, but outer space. It goes against *everything* they’ve showed us with this character. AZ adores her wife, and they were working their way back to each other and rediscovering their passion for each other. And if Lauren cyberstalked her (which she admitted doing), then she would know, at the very least, that AZ is happily married. I like Hillary Burton, but I don’t really care for their suddenly being the only couple on the show who can’t be happy. Let’s concentrate on Alex and his crazy, Ben helping Bailey through her personal crisis, Mere and Derek dealing with a baby, or Christina and Owen’s inevitable re-break-up due to kid issues. My WSOD isn’t high enough for this.

Well, CSI’s back from commercial break, and I can’t remember what else I wanted to spout off about. Other than Body of Proof getting cancelled because it fell into the dreaded “skewing older” Nielson ratings.

Nina Lisa