*Part of Emanda’s Revenge opening VO for the episode of the same name. I find it very fitting, but I don’t think I’m going to compare the two episodes, except to note that both lead characters lost their childhood friend who was like family, because both friends sacrificed themselves for someone they loved.

We open with Oliver hanging by chains while Barrowmerlyn pontificates at him. Isn’t it rather cliché when the villain explains their plans for world domination/destruction/Armageddon to the good guys in search of approval and understanding? Because they’re all megalomaniacs who can’t possibly be wrong, but the white hats never buy it. Or in this instance, the Green Hood. (And neither does Tommy, later.)

MM spits at Oliver that the younger and faster man will never beat him because MM knows what he’s fighting for and willing to sacrifice for it. Bear that in mind. He also claims he’s honoring his wife by planning on leveling The Glades, the same way Ollie’s honoring his father by turning vigilante. Keep that in mind, as well.

Time for a flashback, and I’m just going to sum them all up here: The three stooges escape their bonds, but not in time to prevent a missile from being launched at a passenger jet. So they fight their way to reprogramming it, in ways that take far longer to describe than to do, but evidently not as long as it takes for a missile to reach its target. They succeed in getting it to head/fall back to earth and blow up the camp where they just were instead. Well, actually, Slade’s still there. He snarks about Oliver messing it all up, and then the bad guy shows up with a gun to Shado’s head. He asks Ollie, who’s drawn a bow on him, if he’s willing to sacrifice his freedom for her. Ollie shoots him in the neck, and he and the audience snark, “Guess so!” The flashbacks are designed to show us MM is wrong about what he and Ollie are willing to sacrifice for their respective causes.

So Ollie does this neat trick where he escapes the side of beef position he’s in, and takes out two of MM’s henchmen before Diggle takes out the one with the gun. Our Three Musketeers are planning on gathering back at the Arrowlair so Felicity can go over the earthquake machine schematics with Diggle and Ollie (which is how MM is planning on leveling The Glades), but she gets waylaid by our not-so-favorite cop. I guess when a cop says he wants to take you to the precinct/HQ/whatever for questioning you just go? You don’t say, “Call my lawyer and make an appointment”?  I guess it’d ruin the plot, but I think that’s what I’d do. Because if you don’t know by now our justice system is pretty screwed up, and innocent until proven guilty is what we all wish it was instead of what it really is, pray god you never have to find out.

Anyhoo, Quentin and Felicity are having a little chat over the tracks she wouldn’t have left because she’s too good at that sort of thing, when Q’s Arrowphone rings. Q tries to jerk his chain about Felicity, but Ollie claims to work alone. Remember that. The end result is Q now has bigger fish to fry, so he lets Felicity go (who manages to get a dig in about the vigilante being a hero), and goes to tell his boss what he learned from Ollie: namely, MM is leveling The Glades sometime in the near future, so they should evacuate it. But since Q’s been on an anti-vigilante crusade, and heads up a task force for that purpose, the fact that he got this info from said vigilante doesn’t sit well with his boss, who promptly suspends him.

Ollie called from the lair, which I guess must have a buzzer for The Verdant’s front door, because the next thing we see is him talking to Tommy in the main part of the club. Kudos to the writers for having Tommy confront Ollie about what he saw right away, but I guess that was foreshadowing. Dammit. Ollie tells Tommy straight up what’s going on with his father, but Tommy refuses to listen to what Ollie has to say, and instead takes a swing at him, which of course misses and sends T sprawling on the floor. He tells Ollie he wishes he’d died on that island. Flashback.

Back in the present, Ollie walks in on his mom packing, for jail, I guess. Oops, spoiler. Anyway, Ollie wants her to stop The Undertaking, but she just wants to get the heck out of Dodge. Maybe that’s what she’s packing for. When he tells her he spoke with MM, she tells him MM killed his father. Ollie corrects her, letting her know that his father sacrificed himself (and a random extra/yacht crew member) so Ollie could live. Speak of the devil, and he will call you to give you an update on his plans, probably knowing you’ll pass them on to  your son, whom you don’t know is his nemesis. Ollie promptly takes the bait.

On his way out, he’s intercepted by Laurel, who’s not super happy about waking up with him gone, per uzh. She thought he’d changed. Ollie says there’s so much he’s wanted to tell her for so long, but just as I think he’s finally going to come clean about being the vigilante,  he kisses her and tells her to stay out of The Glades that night (which is when everything’s going down. Or at least, everything in The Glades is).

Tommy has gone to his father to whine about Ollie being back with Laurel and share a laugh over the vendetta accusation. He’s rather thrown, and horrified, when Daddy Dearest acknowledges Ollie’s claim. And when MM goes off the deep end, you can clearly see he’s not  honoring his wife at all, but taking revenge. It seems she bled out on the sidewalk in front of her clinic and nobody stopped to help. I guess it was rush hour and not really late at night like I thought we’d previously been led to believe?

The Three Musketeers have figured out where the earthquake machine will be (in the old subway tunnels under The Glades, as betokened by the mysterious symbol, which is actually a portion of the system’s map), but are interrupted by a phone call from Ollie’s sister Thea. Moira’s throwing a press conference. They, MM and Tommy, and Quentin all watch on the news while she fesses up to the whole plan and throws MM squarely under the bus. Thea watches from the audience with a cop, who’s waiting to arrest Moira, but not before Thea whines about Roy living in The Glades. Moira has no clue who Roy is because her daughter never tells her anything. Evidently Thea’s phone either ran out of minutes or died, because instead of calling Roy to tell him to get the aitch ee double-hockey-sticks out of The Glades, she runs off to drag him out personally.

Back at Evil Arrow HQ, Tommy’s last shred of illusions about his father being a decent man has been severed. Even more so when a SWAT team bursts in and MM takes them all out with a scimitar. Tommy grabs a gun, but his father disarms him and coldcocks him with the hilt of the scimitar. The way he does it, it looks like he might’ve killed him, but I knew despite his earlier proclamation to Oliver he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his son.

At Good Arrow HQ, the 3M conflab about how they’re not going to fail this city. And now I have an earworm, damn it. Anyway, Diggle insists on backing up Ollie with MM, so they call Quentin to go disarm the earthquake machine with Felicity’s help. So much for Ollie working alone, although he manages to spin it in a bit of a callback to her earlier comment about the vigilante being a hero.

SOP for a city or neighborhood during a time of tragedy: riots, looting, random fires and auto collisions, etc. Roy’s just catching up, and since he’s the smart one of Theroy, he decides to jet. Quentin is doing the salmon swimming upstream thing so he can bust into the subway system.

Evil Arrow HQ. Digs and Ollie arrive. They figure he’s left, but he’s waiting to lure Ollie into a fight in an arena he owns. But first, Ollie finds Tommy, who’s just coming around. Tommy acknowledges Ollie was right and asks if he’s going to kill MM. Ollie just tells him to get to safety. Digs finds the false wall, and they burst in on MM, in full Black Arrow regalia. Three-way fight. MM incapacitates Digs, then heads up to the roof so he can take out Ollie and then watch his master plan succeed.

In The Glades, Felicity’s talking to Quentin, who’s just found the machine. Roy runs into an alley to stop a mugging, and takes out two of the gang. Number Three pulls a gun, but Thea shows up and uses the TV trope of hitting him on the back of the neck with a bottle, thereby rendering him unconscious for an indeterminate amount of time but with no further damage whatsoever. Then she and Roy have the following stupid conversation:

T – “I went to your house.”

R – “I figured I’d run for my life with everyone else. Did – did you come here to rescue me?”

T – “Yeah. Come on.”

Again, why the hell didn’t she just call him? Because of course he has the brains to vacate the premises when said premises are sitting on top of a major fault that’s about to blow. And I think it would’ve made more sense for her to tell him she was there to rescue him, and for him to reply with something like, “Well then, let’s go!” Argh. Rant over.

As tempted as I am to sum up all the zillion storylines we keep cutting back and forth to in the last ten minutes, I think it’ll be more efficient if I just use short phrases.

Rooftop Arrowfight.

Felicity – “Cut the blue wire.” Quentin does so, and the machine obviously speeds up, like it does in every similar storyline. Felicity decides there’s an anti-tamper device. Guess she didn’t look at the blow up for that part of the schematic. There’s less than two minutes left, so Quentin promptly gives up and wastes most of the remaining time calling his daughter to tell her good-bye and to leave CNRI (which is in The Glades) because he knows she’ll be there. He tells her to get out right now, which only scares her. He tells her he’s not going to make it. He does NOT tell her there’s less than two minutes for her to move her ass out of a building that’s most likely going to collapse. I hate this guy so much right now, I almost hope Felicity doesn’t get his attention in time to disarm the antitamper device, but she does and he does.

Roy and Thea are driving out, but stop so Roy can help get people off a bus that’s been rammed in the front door by a car. The driver of the car is trying to open said door. People, I have been on buses, and there is not only a back door that opens separately from the front one, but there are egress windows in the back and possibly one on the roof. No wonder Roy needs to help, he’s the only one with brains in that neighborhood. BTW, I have to say I’m enjoying watching Colton Haynes play someone rather the opposite of the character he plays on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Rooftop Arrowfight, now bow to scimitar, then hand-to-hand. There’s a move called a hurricanrana. Diggle crawls partially through the doorway in time to witness MM put Ollie in another TV trope – a sleeper hold. Instead of going unconscious for an undetermined amount of time with no further damage whatsoever, Ollie grabs  a nearby arrow and thrusts it straight through MMs heart. He thanks MM for teaching him what he’s fighting for.

Tunnel. Quentin’s disarmed the machine. Felicity reports success to Ollie, who’s busy knocking MM back down. MM smirks that being a successful businessman taught him about redundancy, then dies. Oops! Ollie tells Felicity there’s another device, but there’s also no time. Cut to the second earthquake machine finishing arming.

Lights go out across The Glades, and the Arrowlair and CNRI start rocking and rolling. CNRI more so, because guess where the second device is? Yeah. Quentin’s headed there as Laurel gets pinned beneath a huge chunk of cement. Ollie leaves Digs to admire the view, and heads to rescue the love of his life, but Tommy gets there first. He tells Laurel he loves her, then uses that hysterical strength to lift the cement slab off of her. She runs into her father’s waiting arms, but Tommy is not right behind her. Which means, when the building collapses, he’s buried under the rubble. Q holds his daughter back from going back in after him. Ollie shows up just in time to get in through the back door (of the building!) and dig Tommy out, but Tommy’s got a piece of rebar coming out of his torso just below the sternum. He makes sure that Laurel’s safe, and Ollie lies that he didn’t kill MM. Tommy thanks him and dies. Ollie desperately tells him to open his eyes, even though you can tell he knows Tommy’s gone.

Through the camera lens, we exit the building and swing up past Laurel’s coworker, Quentin, and Laurel. Up over a collapsed wall to a helicopter, searchlight illuminating the rubble, rabble, and streets below. Title card. See you in the fall!

Nina Lisa