I’m starting this as a live blog, and I may not be able to get names before publishing, so bear with me.

That priest is in for a shock if he gets through.

Gordon’s greeting them. Masterchef is bigger than Top Chef? Well, I know it didn’t start here and there are other versions, but I’m pretty sure there’re other versions of Top Chef, too.

Now it’s Joe and Graham’s turn. Yeah, that didn’t cost Joe anything to burn that stack of $100 bills. Probably only the top one was a bill, and it was probably fake. Did they have a trophy before? I don’t remember.

Only 100 home cooks are cooking. OK, first up is Natasha. I like her earrings. The phrase is, “Couldn’t care less”, not “could”. Oh, yeah, put on lip gloss, that always helps. Empanadas. I like her restaurant idea. Yes, turn the gas off! OK, the spinach one sounded awful. Wow, they totally acted like they didn’t like it.

Christine. She seems nice, cool, and fun. Oh, I hope she makes it. The duck looks done correctly. Uh-oh, leaving the fat on wasn’t good. I think Graham will let her through because he was pretty young when he started, wasn’t he? We have all commercial break to ponder it. Wow, that’s too bad. But I understand the bar was raised pretty high last season.

Ah, the weirdo and weird food montage.

Brian from Texas cooks roadkill? Oh, boy. I didn’t know you could eat beaver tail (the animal kind), let alone the whole rodent. Don’t argue with the chefs, dude. Oh, please don’t say yes, Graham. Oh, goddess. What a nimrod.

Hmm. Interesting coming ups.

Jordan. This looks like the plate that Joe said “You’re the one to watch”, but knowing how these are Frankenedited, I’m not going to hold my breath. It looks good, though. Nice presentation. Ah, he does say it. Excellent. Well, I think I might be rooting for him.

Coming up: Yeah, I’d do a spit take at that ingredient, too, although as my friend just pointed out, technically all milk is breast milk. Hmm. Hope he proposes before she cooks, so that if she doesn’t make it, it’s less of a disappointment.

Another montage of weirdos and weird food. They had to walk out on her before she shut up? Why didn’t they just call security?

Oh, good, her family made it. That must be why the audience did that thing. Hmm. Adrianna’s dish actually sounds good. I hope she gets through. She seems personable. Yeah, I figured Joe would think she’s too sweet as well. And again, we have all commercial break to wonder. Or not. I was right! She got it.

Hey, the priest made it through! That should be interesting. Time for George. Ah, he said “Not yet”. He’s the proposer. I hope they put him through first, then. That looks yummy. No, I don’t think they put butter in the soup in Greece. Maybe in Grease. Oh, maybe he’s not the proposer. I think the girl getting proposed to has a red shirt. Nope, here we go. Well, they’re right. That’s a better prize.

So, Christy’s son surprises her. Excellent. Seems like a good kid. Why does she sound like she’s from Jersey? Is that how Philadelphians talk, too? Oh, no, she’s Italian. Nevermind. Good point about the meatballs! LOL Sounds good. Why am I not surprised they want to meet the son? I wonder if they’ll tell him to try out for Masterchef Junior? Wow, you don’t usually hear 13 year old boys talking like that about their mothers. I’m glad they put her through. Another one for me to root for, but we have to change the channel now. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post Part Two.

Nina Lisa