Wow, don’t they usually have more auditions than this? But they’re cutting it down to 19 tonight. I may be able to live blog it. Right now, if I do this right, I should be able to pause the video and comment on here, and while normally I’d just take notes, or sum it all up at the end, 1) I’m out of paper and 2) I have to cast aspersions on Joe right now. Have you been to Puerto Rico, Joe? Because as soon as I saw what Bime was cooking up, I said, “That’s it! There’s the dish that I had (at the top-rated restaurant in San-Juan) that was so good but I couldn’t remember the name of! Now I can look up the recipe on the internet!” But Joe called it a fake shrimp scampi with some plantains thrown in. Usually I respect his opinion almost more than Gordon’s, but right now I want to smack him.

Why is Joe being such an ass today? I feel sorry for Jessie. Wonder what Gordon’s doing? Ah, knife skills are pretty important. They got rid of a contestant on Top Chef because he couldn’t butcher. Dang, I think she just did that faster than he did. WTG, girl!

Note to contestants: If you have to make a showy entrance, you can’t cook and shouldn’t have bothered to try out. I feel bad for the better cooks who didn’t get a chance to be in the Top 100 because the producers wanted to put these idiots on instead. Well, the magician’s getting a chance, and on a dessert, no less. Good thing he didn’t try to be on The Taste.

Ah, the no apron fadeout/fake-out. Of course he got one. Maybe Joe just doesn’t like long-haired guys? And Gordon, just because someone doesn’t swear like a truck driver doesn’t mean they’re a delicate flower. The guy put off his wedding to follow his passion. Maybe a lot was edited out, because I really don’t see how they can think this guy’s going to crack as much as they do. Passion doesn’t have to be violently or over exuberantly expressed, y’all.

And, another montage of idiots whom I wish had not taken up spots in the Top 100. This type of thing is why I’m disappointed tonight’s show is supposed to jump to the top 19.

Oh, I like Sasha! She is the definition of fierce! I hope she makes it.  Excellent. Three yeses. Well, it’s a shame about Rudy. I thought with the cut to commercial before Gordon’s vote meant I was wrong about him saying no, but no such luck. And watching a video sans commercials makes the replay of what happened just before the commercials even more annoying. I blame the short attention spans everyone seems to have these days.

See, the type of passion Eddie displays is the quiet type. They’re not giving him a hard time.

I don’t recall Luca from last year, but now that I’ve seen the replay, I hope he lives up to expectations. Oh, good. Because the way he described how he made the broccoli rabe filling sounded really good. I think he’ll go far. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

Nina Lisa