So, thanks to Google Chrome being extra obnoxious, I wasn’t able to watch the broadcast of 5/21 until yesterday afternoon, but was able to watch most of last night’s episode despite the satellite continually cutting out. Which just reminded me of the problems I’d been having with the previous episode.

Anyway, I hope SYTYCD is on not just for the next three years but for another 11 beyond that, because in Austin we had two of the most adorable break-dancing (animation, mostly, I think) 4 year olds to ever grace the SYTYCD stage. I know Nigel tried to hook up a 9-year-old with the little boy, but I think he’s a better match with the Exorcist’s daughter. Same age, same dance style, yadda yadda.

I liked the ballet dancer who auditioned in board shorts, and the guy from Orlando. ALL the ballroom dancers, especially the one whose name we didn’t learn who took his shirt off for Mary per Nigel. I’m afraid he’s going to get the no camera time edit.

Wow, the family who gave up their home and car to keep their dance studio. At first, I was thinking I would’ve gone the other way ’round, but keeping it helped keep their son out of a gang, and then it turns out that dad is a dancer, too, so I totally get the “giving it all up to follow your passion”. And in the father son battle the dad just KILLS it. I would’ve given a Vegas ticket to him!

Oh, dear, this guy’s not going to be any good, is he? Haunted house make-up artist. Sigh. Hello! Way to psych us all out, show. He may not be as good as some of the people we’ve already seen, but he’s no Sexx, either. Speaking of, we get “treated” to a zillionth time returnee who claims he’s not a diva any more, then promptly quits when he doesn’t get through to Vegas. Which gives the producers and judges leeway to choreo-fake a fabulous dancer, who, after an INCREDIBLE routine, smiles and says, “OK” to that judgement call and starts to happily trot off the stage, before they call him right back and point out the lack of hubris which led him to accept that decision, when in fact he’s going straight to Vegas. Another dancer is evidently so good, they have to parade on stage themselves to give him his ticket (I blame the satellite cutting out, not my being distracted by playing games on Facebook).

I’m so glad Shane Garcia got through. He was just enough better than Slick that I can see it, but I really wish they’d also sent Ernest through. I thought he was about the same level. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Toshi, but I’m afraid the choreography in Vegas will kill him, like it did that one awesome Asian popper chick last year. And I totally agree with Joe R: this show has you trained for horrible backstories, so when the gal was talking about her older brother with the sad song in the background, I thought it would turn out that he’d been killed, too.

Complaints: Well, I can kinda see why they sent Hampton “The Exorcist” and his wife through, she did do enough of her style, almost, but I’m surprised they didn’t send her to choreography. But sending Elena through because they knew what Gene could do and “it would be a shame if your wife wasn’t there with you” is a cop-out. She needed choreography, too.

Now to see if I can find watchable video of all the Masterchef I’ve missed.