I finally got a chance to watch the Teen Wolf special, and it confirmed my fears about the rumor that Colton Haynes has left the show. While I’m happy for the actor gaining a series regular contract with Arrow, I’m bummed that I won’t get to see him again until next fall. And it doesn’t look like Teen Wolf is going anywhere anytime soon, so it would’ve been nice for him to be on both shows. But I suspect that there was an exclusivity clause in one of them.

We got to see commentary from Tyler Posey (Scott), Crystal Reed (Allison), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek), and even Holland Roden (Lydia), but not Colton (Jackson), nor did I see him in the Season 3 trailer. Since his character made the transition from kanema to werewolf last season with the strength of Lydia’s love, I can see the arc being over (and thus clearing the way for Lyles! [Lydia+Stiles]), but I am disappointed not to see further exploration of his family issues as an adoptee myself. I would’ve also liked to see his developing relationship with Scott’s pack; he knows they care about/for him as well.

According to Tyler P., Season 3 will be bloodier, sexier, and sweatier. I saw plenty of blood in the trailer, not so much sex or sweat. Crystal says that Allison kinda comes into her own, and IIRC, both Tylers see Derek and Scott gaining a brotherly relationship. That part I like, not so much the whole pack of alphas thing. But we’ve seen these writers learned from the TVD writers at keeping the action moving; a lot of what I saw regarding the first two seasons made me realize a lot happened then, especially in Season 2. I kept thinking it seemed like we should be on Season 4.

I’ll be watching this online, so may not be able to keep posts in a timely fashion. Bear with me! (Or wolf, I suppose).

Nina Lisa