Oh my, oh my. An episode packed full of punches (pun intended).

The cold open left me cold. I think my tape skipped the previouslies and went straight to unnamed girl dragging Isaac along. I also didn’t really recognize the twins; they looked blond in that lighting. But a second or two after we saw them at school, I said, “Hey! It’s Preston and Porter!” Except there’s no way I’m going to call them that, because these two characters are so far from their Desperate Housewives characters it’s not even funny. I’m glad they get to exhibit a bad-ass side. I’m trying to decide between Twin Wolf and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or DJ and MH for short. Because that whole merging into one thing was kinda cool.

I didn’t remember Lydia and Allison being all BFFS, but a lot of mellowing seems to have occurred in the past four months. Mr. Argent has mellowed. Stiles’ dad is trying to not let on that he knows more than he should, and he seems to have mellowed. Scott, and somewhat Stiles, are striving to be better people in general. Derek seems to have mellowed when it comes to dealing with Scott. That must be the whole Big Brother-Little Brother thing the two Tylers were referring to. I like it. My only question is, in the rehash last week, we saw Derek acknowledge Scott as an alpha in his own right. Yet his eyes are still yellow and Bald Alpha was able to beat the shit out of him.

Kudos to Mommy McCall for having assimilated and moved on pretty damn fast. She was right there for Isaac and covering for Nameless Girl (yeah, I could probably look it up on IMDB, but I’m lazy) with Daddy Stiles. The new English Lit teacher is going to be important, but I don’t know how. And I’m surprised the vet, with his knowledge of werewolves, hasn’t figured out why all his patients committed suicide.

Ya know what, I am going to go to IMDB — hang on. BRB. Enh, didn’t do me any good. So I don’t know who the head alpha is played by, although he also looks familiar to me. Guess we’ll wait and see.

Questions: Did Scott at least drop his reply on Allison’s desk as he walked past her? Why didn’t we get to see what Scott’s reaction was to the scene from The Birds? Why did Derek keep trying to get Scott to stay out of it but finally admit he was going to need all the help he could get; why didn’t he just recruit him up front? And why, oh why, couldn’t Colton Haynes have been on both shows? (Seeing a Castle re-run where Tyler H. played Alexis’ hot violin teacher didn’t help.)

Thoughts, comments, questions?

Nina Lisa