So, Allison and Lydia are trying to figure out what their bruises mean, and Allison has decided they need to go talk to Scott. He and Stiles are on their way to a party thrown by a childhood friend of Stiles’, although Scott’s a little nervous about going to a party with attendees from a different high school. How big is Beacon Hills, anyway? I could’ve sworn they go to Beacon Hills High. No, wait, Stiles and his dad moved there not too long ago, didn’t they?

Cut to the party, where the birthday girl (Heather) is telling her BFF (Daniella) she’s gonna give up her V-card that night, and she’s not going to bother waiting until she’s in love. Daniella looks like the super fan who won a role last season. No, wait, the hair is super short. Is that Unique?! Heather spots Stiles and lands a huge smooch on him, then drags him off to the wine cellar for a “bottle of wine”. Love how Daniella cuts Scott down with just a look.

So, Stiles is about to lose his V-card, too. But he’s very conscientious, that one, and halts the proceedings to search out a condom. I love how adorable he is here. But I wonder what he’ll discover when he gets back, or if he gets back.

Allison and Lydia, having called Scott, meet him outside the party. Allison shows him her arm.

While Heather is waiting on Stiles, bottles start shooting off the shelves. Of course. Virgin girl = poltergeist. Sigh. Well, your feet are already bloody, girl; don’t just stand there, get upstairs! And why are her feet barefoot, anyway? They seem to have a thing about focusing on bare feet this season, but at least this one’s got a decent pedicure. Uh-oh, she just got nabbed by an unseen something. Poor Stiles. Is he ever going to get laid? More to the point, are we ever going to see him with his shirt off? He’s looking really good with the longer hair this year. Wait. How old is Dylan O’Brien?  (Checks IMDB. Damn. 22. That’s well below my cut-off).

Nice loft. Where are they? Peter’s? Since that’s obviously who they’re talking about. OK, guest credits, let’s see: Gage Golightly. That’s Erica. And Bianca Lawson. She played Ms. Morell, Lydia’s counselor. And Allison’s too, IIRC. There are the twins. But no Alex Newell. Hmm. That was five lines, wasn’t it? Well, I’m not going to go back and check.

So, I guess Peter’s going to slice Isaac’s neck to access his memories. Wonder what it’ll do to Isaac? Or was that accidental on Derek’s part last year, which is why he’s coming to Peter with this? I must say, this whole memory access is a rather interesting twist to the mythology.

And now Lydia and Allison are showing Derek their arms, but he’s not buying what they’re selling. Heh. Stiles is always looking on the bright side. “No one died. There may have been a little maiming, a little mangling, but no death.” Except for Allison’s mother. Oops! And BeeTeeDubs, Derek, Peter was possessing Lydia. It’s not like she did it on purpose. And if she hadn’t, you would’ve had to do that little operation yourself this morning. But his parting shot to Scott is a good point. Allison needs to know her mother was trying to kill Scott when Derek bit her.

So, Coach Finstock is the stereotypical HS coach who can teach anything and everything, and does. Economics, huh? Heh. Love how he just dismisses Scott at first. Oh, dear, Stiles, didn’t you put that condom in your wallet? But I think you just got a huge reputation, pun intended. Is the coach going to teach them to play quarters? Risk and reward and he makes it first try. The class applauds politely. Wonder how many shots that took? Hey, look, it’s Danny! I knew I recognized that name in the credits. Don’t do it, Stiles, this can’t end well. And it doesn’t, but it’s not as bad as I thought. Sherriff Stiles Senior and his deputy interrupt to let him know he was the last person to see Heather at her party. Wonder if the Alphas took her?

Lydia and Allison are doing more research on the marks in the library when the twins walk in. Lydia, can’t you see they’re spying on you? “The straight one”? How do you know . . . oh. Oh, boy. Can’t feel too happy for Danny since the twins are on Team Evil. And now Allison does a search for logos.

So, since Peter’s trip down Isaac’s memory lane didn’t turn out so well, they’re going to turn to someone who knows a little bit more about them – Doctor Deaton. Wonder if this is when Bianca’s going to show up. Oh, boy, Isaac gets to get in an ice bath and slow his heart rate until he’s nearly dead? Yikes. But I guess that explains the clip we saw last week. I think we were supposed to think it was Scott. I know I did.

Hey, Mr. Vet, why don’t you try getting your hands dirty? Or wet, as the case may be. So, Derek, Scott, and Stiles continue to dunk Isaac, who reaches for Scott when he’s asking for help. Hmm. Wow, so he found Boyd and Erica. I can’t make out what he’s saying. OK, when Stiles tells him what he said about Erica’s body, I had to replay the scene a couple of times. It cuts from Female Alpha finding him to him yelling about the vault and coming out of it. We didn’t see what he said because we were experiencing it from his point of view. I can handle that.

So, we know the Alphas are holding Boyd and a nameless female possibly werewolf in the vault at the now closed First National Bank of Beacon Hills. How to break in to rescue them? Ah, the power of the Internet. Derek needs to get a computer. Snerk. I knew minutes would translate to hours with Stiles. It’s the next morning, at Stiles house, as evidenced by the fact that SSS (Sherriff Stiles Senior) has to wake them up and tell them to get to school. And also that there’s been no further progress on finding Heather. Wow, Scott’s trying to be the positive one? I thought Stiles was the one who did that. But he’s just found a picture of his dad putting the bank robber (which robbery is why the bank closed) in the back of his squad car. He runs after him.

Allison and Lydia arrive at school. As Allison gets her purse out of the trunk, we see a pair of bolt cutters, and she is “reminded” to tell Lydia she has to run an errand after school. Would that errand have something to do with those bolt cutters, Allison? And since when do teenage girls keep their purses in their (otherwise practically empty) trunks? As the two go into school, Stiles and Scott park the jeep and head in. Stiles is pushing Scott for the afternoon’s plans. “And until then?” “Go to English.” I wonder how long this role reversal will last.

So, Allison also used the internet to determine the marks on her and Lydia’s wrists match the logo of the Beacon Hills FNB. And she’s just gonna cut the bolt off the front door and walk in. I had a problem with this; because I figured the doors would be locked and dead-bolted as well. But I had to replay that scene for a later comment, and I see the glass on the left door is busted.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, Stiles has gotten all the info about the robbery from his dad, as well as the blueprints for the bank. Peter is trying to talk them into just letting it go. When did he become such a goody-goody wishy-washy, anyway? So, if they patched the vault wall, why did they close the bank? But Scott has a better question, who is the other girl? And we get a shot of her, but I don’t know who she is.

I forgot for a moment Allison doesn’t know this is where they’re holding Boyd and Erica; she’s just trying to get something “real” for Derek, like she told Lydia. Hello, what’s Ms. Morell doing there? Other than shoving her into a supply closet, that is. Ok, Ok, she goes in voluntarily. And spills some ammonia? And finds Erica’s body. But Female Alpha (FA) doesn’t seem to care about the ammonia she just walked past.

Oh, my. Peter and Stiles snarking off each other? I can hear the slashfic engines revving now. But if Peter doesn’t live here, who does the loft belong to? I know Derek claimed he wasn’t living in that old house anymore, but I didn’t believe him. This is a hell of a lot nicer than that abandoned subway car, too. Did he get a job? Hello, what did Peter just think of? What does it matter what the vault walls are made of? That’s an awfully thick stack of specs, Stiles. Better start digging. Architecture moved to the 200s once they “unified” them, IIRC.

I love how they wind up doing parallel lines of thinking on this show. Yes, what if the amount of time they’ve been held is significant, Derek? Oh, hello. Who is Cora, and who is she to Derek? At least she’s got enough sense to tell him to get out; Boyd just seems to have gone off the deep end. And now we know why. Why the vault walls are important, why holding them for three months was important, and why Boyd’s gone off the deep end. Oh, and the minor little detail that Cora is Derek’s not-dead baby sister. Wait, is that mountain ash Scott just spotted? It is! What’s Ms. Morell doing? And with Deucalion, no less! I didn’t expect that.

Oh, wait, I forgot she told Allison to come out when she heard the fighting. So despite Derek’s protests, she breaks the mountain ash ring. Which lets Boyd and Cora go wreak havoc, excuse me, I mean chaos on good old Beacon Hills. And now she and Derek are at it again. As I watch the final seconds tick down, I don’t think Scott’s going to tell Allison about Mommie Dearest. At least, not on screen. Aaand, there goes Lydia again.

OK, my first assumption was correct. Daniella was played by Teen Wolf super fan Shantal Rhodes. Here’s a backstage peek at her first appearance, when she got to sober up Stiles by dunking him in the pool. Wow, it’s so much better to be a fan in a walk-on than just a regular actor. The stars will actually come up to you and hug you!

Next week, looks like Scott gets to talk Daddy Argent into hunting werewolves again. Now, there’s an actor who took a network series job without quitting TW. Why the hell couldn’t Colton have done the same? I know, I know, because his character’s going to be more than a guest star on the show and JR Bourne’s character was only a guest star for this season. I’ll get over it eventually.