OK, I wasn’t able to watch last week’s episode until today, so I’m just going to start this off with a few paragraphs about my personal favorites. The dancers get off the plane and head straight to the dance venue, because they have to dance again to earn a room key. Good-bye to Mrs. Exorcist, who was here alone (and who shouldn’t really have gotten through to begin with, IMO), Katelyn Rodriguez, whose brother we’ll be looking for in three years, and Donovan Gibbs, of Desert Eagle Productions dance studio, which doubles as his family home. As I suspected, Toshi is out in Round 2, but beginning to catch the judges’ notice are Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun. Round 3 gives us the infamous drop on the head, and while the couple both go through, Shanshan is out. My Top 20 pick Jenna Johnson continues to shine, and my new favorite, Fik-Shun, continues to kill it. It was a close call for him in the group routine, tho. Or so they’d have us believe.

There are two Jasmines here, one of whom used to date Curtis. She’s the one with the short hair. Fastest tapper in the West Curtis is still here, and dropped-on-her-head Malece, who’s the girl who psyched Nigel out about being deaf, is also staying strong. Armen, who is the one who dropped her, appears to be redeeming himself. Another animator who caught my eye, Jade, is asked to battle it out with BluPrint, for whom my fingers are seriously crossed. Until they battle, and then the fingers are crossed for both. Luckily, once Ms. Tookey sees both of them (she gets to decide since it was her routine they blew), she realizes they need them both. At the end, all the dancers are asked to explain to the judges why they should be the one kept, and out of all the ones I’ve mentioned as going through so far, only Armen is asked to leave. I’m honestly not surprised. I was surprised that a) Mary fought for him and b) they let her win. After all, she’s the same one who bawled out Sysko for deserting his partner on the audition trail. I can only put it down to her favoring him because he was a ballroom dancer.

I have no idea what happened to any of the other ones I’d taken note of: Prince Charming (probably gone), Nico, Nevien Yarber, Caleb, Jason Kidd (unless he was the surprisingly good haunted house make-up artist; because I know he’s out), Gene and Elena, Elyse Frelinger, Courtney Thurston, Paul Karmiryan, Phillip Kudryavstev, Sebastian Serra, Shannon Tarantino (no idea if she’s related to Quentin), Emilie, Makenzie, Hayley Erbert, Jennie Begley, Anthony Savoy, or Kate Kapshandy, but I guess we’ll find out soon.

And now for your regularly scheduled recap of The Green Mile.  Can I mention just one more time how much I hate the whole one night only thing? OK, thanks.

Nigel’s comment about investing in the dancers this season makes me think both Jade and BluPrint are through. Cut to the holding room a few days ago. Cat wanders through the rows of seats, teasing everyone as she is wont to do, but finally stopping.

Fik-Shun is up first. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t make it. Nigel’s trying to psych him out. OMG, I totally did not recognize Mia! Ah, one of the ones I was missing: Emilio. He is through. Marcus, who I kinda recognize now that they reminded us he got this far on Season 4, is out. I suspect Mariah will go through. Minnie’s the one who called her in Austin. We cut to the choreographed dance so Cat can tell us Emilio injured himself and had to drop out. That sucks. I’m wondering if this show should maybe emphasize conditioning for their amateur dancers, since this competition notoriously has serious injuries every season? Mariah and Fik-Shun start a routine choreographed by Luther Greene, and she is definitely keeping up with him. Nigel agrees, in fact, he thinks she was better. He tells Fik-Shun he needs to be stronger. Mary agrees. She’s very sparkly tonight and gives Mariah a scream. Adam joins in the constructive criticism and praise of Mariah. Fik-Shun is such a little cutie.

Contemporary time. Makenzie’s up. And through. Jasmine Harper is through, no surprise. Ryan somebody is out. So are three girls I don’t recognize. Spine-breaker Tucker Marx and Nico (yay!) are sent up together. I hate this; sometimes this means they’re only going to take one. But they’re both through, and now the first four contemporary dancers are dancing a Stacey Tookey routine. I’m sorry, but I’m going to zone out now. We’re not voting on these, and I’m trying to eat dinner. After the judges’ criticism and praise, Cat sends us out to commercial with the promise of extraordinary animation. Which means Jade and BluPrint are both through, right?

Our three tappers, Aaron, Curtis, and Alexis await their fate. Alexis is up first, and Nigel interrupts Twitch’s speech to tell him to let her know she’s in already. Curtis is next, and Adam gets to tell him the good news. Aaron is worried. This is where he got cut last year. And this is where he gets cut this year. When we come back from commercials, tho, it turns out that since Emilio had to drop out, Aaron was next up, so now we get to see all three of them. They do a great routine, utilizing what I think are pieces of a floating dance floor as sliders. I didn’t catch who choreographed it. Adam starts the lavish praise. Nigel gives a shout out to Anthony someone, who evidently was the choreographer, and touts Aaron for joining in at the last minute, then gives one of Mary’s train high signs. She follows through.

Six guy’s slots remain; now we get to see if Jade and/or BluPrint got through. And they have to walk the Green Mile together. BP is getting the dreaded personality lecture from Twitch, and while they start in on telling Jade he needs to work on partnering due to his height, Mia interrupts to say the choreographer needs to account for that. So they tell Jade he’s through, and then Twitch tells BluPrint to come back and see them. He nods graciously, and Twitch adds, “Like, come back and see us soon. As in the Top 20.” Blu is incredulous at first, and Jade is really happy for him, too. We get to see them do a Christopher Scott routine, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far they go. Nigel mentions his comment on investing in dancers, and I just giggle because that’s why I was sure they both made it. Mary continues the love fest, and Adam shouts out to Christopher. Cat throws us to commercial.

More contemporary. Carlos something is up. Nigel lists all the judges who love him, but still has to spell out that he’s through. David Lorenzo is out. Ah, another one I liked: Hayley Erbert is next. Adam asks her how she is, and she says she’s scared. He doesn’t BS her but tells her she’s through, sending her into paroxysms of tearful joy. Malece is sitting in the interview room with Cat (I presume) when a knock at the door gives her her cue. Mia asks her about the accident, and tells her she started to decline after that, which we now see Nigel commenting on in flashback but didn’t see before. Mia tells her they want fighters, and she needs to fight, because she’s through. More tears of joy. And Mia is the choreographer for these three. As usual, she’s come up with an interesting routine. The girls are wearing fifties dresses, and the carpet they’re on looks like it took its design from a Twister board. My apologies, but I can never understand contemporary routines, even the ones where the story is explained beforehand. I’ve only once ever had one move me the way the judges always get moved, and that was Kellie Pickler and Derek’s freestyle on DWTS. Mary starts off and gives a shout-out to Mia, who’s sitting next to Louis Van Amstel. I do love how the two shows share dancers. Adam gives some constructive criticism on getting votes. Nigel assures Malece she’s going to gain the maturity she needs and wishes them all luck. Cat sends us to commercial.

Time for the ballroom dancers. There are six dancers remaining, and I already know four of them are guys, so I don’t think Gene and Elena are two of them. In fact, a Serge and a Brittany get to walk the Green Mile together since they auditioned together in L.A. I’m afraid I don’t remember them. They hold hands. Mary quickly cuts Serge and puts Brittany through. Now it’s Jenna’s turn. I’m crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath. Until I hear that her two sisters got cut at this point seasons past. Ah, but Mary starts talking about a jinx, and she sucks at trying to psych people out. Also through is Paul Karmiryan, another one of my missing faves and a jive dancer. Which means that one of the Bersten brothers is not through. Alan’s through. Ah, I didn’t realize Gene of Elena and Gene was the other one. Except I only vaguely recall this whole brother thing the show’s belatedly trying to play up, and only remember them sending Elena through because it’d supposedly suck for Gene to be there without her. But she must’ve been one of the ones cut without even a whimper or a notice, unlike the last married couple we had. Louis choreographed this dance, and it’s smokin’, as uzh.

Cat tells those of us who aren’t mathematicians there are two spots left. I wonder how many girls there are left? Six. Yeesh. Amy’s one of them, I think, and I’m right, as Cat sends her off to the Green Mile. I have faith in her. I don’t recognize the girl with the huge blue opal statement necklace, but I want the necklace. The judges give Amy’s dad a shout out, and call her a beast. I don’t think she’s this year’s beast, but I’m prejudiced. Marissa, Tess, and Gabby (the one with the necklace) are out. Jasmine Mason and Megan Branch are left. Neither one made it last year. Only one will make it this. Adam has the unpleasant duty. Jasmine is in. Amy and Jasmine do a Sonya Tayeh routine. Cat promises the top ten guys after the break.

Chris Scott is ready to whip them into shape. It’s one of his usual fascinatingly intense scenes that reminds me of a dance with water once choreographed on DWTS, by Derek, I think, but this is with sand. Cat calls it amazing, and she’s right. The judges are on their feet. After the fulsomeness, Nigel has to add the creep factor by asking them to dance with his ashes like that after he’s dead. Shut up, Nigel. You’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Despite what American Idol seems to think. Cat promises us the girls and a jazz routine when we finish not watching the commercials. Except I’ve been keeping up fairly well and can’t fast-forward.

The girls have been choreographed by Ray Leaper. (I’ll correct all these names next time, I’m sure). And I get some cultural education, as they’re dancing to “Let’s Have a Kiki”, which I’ve only heard as a mash-up on Glee. So it sounds a bit strange to me without Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel’s interjections of “Mother”. They’re wearing black and silver sexy cheerleader costumes with white elbow length gloves and go-go boots. Both Adam and Nigel want to have a kiki with them, but it’s less creepy from Adam since they’re not his type. Cat promises us a Top 20 Sonya Tayeh routine, and we close out the show with the ubiquitous awesomeness that entails.