Wow. OK, so Ch ch ch changes was the title of Episode 1, but it felt more like a season finale than a season premiere. Marc Blucas is out and John Stamos is in, and the former with hardly a whimper. You could tell that Matt and Dani seem to have more to explore, but I have to wonder, as much as I love JS, if we lost Marc to pay for John? I was also really worried when Dani took the V3 job, since I’ve come to care about some of the characters involved with the Hawks, so I was afraid we’d be moving away from that venue. Especially when most of those characters were just written off with little to no explanation.

I’m glad Nico is still around, and I’m glad TK is back consulting with Dani so we can keep in touch with him and Rex. I’m also glad to see those two being real friends. I thought the scene where Rex came out to TK was handled very well. I haven’t gotten John and Uncle Snark Daddy’s character names straight yet, so I’m not sure which one Nico’s been planted as a spy for, but considering his interactions with David Anders’ character and the type of role DA usually plays, I’m placing my money on him.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch this show, so I might not be able to recap it on a regular basis, but I will try. But with Suits moving to Tuesdays, opposite Franklin & Bash, something may have to give.