I’m trying to catch up on the past three weeks’ worth of shows. As happy as I am to have Blair Redford back on my small screen, the more I’m concerned that that means The Lying Game isn’t being picked up.

I don’t know how to feel about the past two episodes I just watched. I think Regina’s wrong in trying to dictate how both Daphne and Bay are treated by  the Kennishes. I do agree that Daphne doesn’t need a credit card at her age, but to then hop right in and interfere with John’s discipline of Bay just rubs me the wrong way. OTOH, I think Daphne and Kathryn need to give Bay and Regina the same time to bond that they’ve had. It seems like the Kennishes are happy to recover Daphne, but want to keep both her and Bay for themselves, and that’s not right any more than Regina interfering in their parenting of Bay is. (Nor should the Kennishes interfere in her parenting of Daphne).

I think Toby’s too young to get married, and I don’t think Nikki’s the right girl for him. I do like the girl and think she’s sweet, but something about her really bugs me. I suspect I might be prejudiced against her because of her religion, so I’m just going to try to shut up, but what else bothers me is how fast Toby’s been turning and burning them over the past couple years. He seems pretty malleable, and I’m not sure that John giving him the managership is going to be good for him. I hope it will, but I have to admit I kinda wish he’d made Toby and Travis comanagers. I’d really like to see the two of them and Emmitt all hanging out together.

Well, I’m going to watch last night’s episode now.

Nina Lisa