Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that. But I’d forgotten how adamant Luke was over keeping Jane and Grayson apart so she could live Jane’s life and not Deb’s, so in retrospect, it makes perfect sense that Brittany has to stay away from Jane. I’m just glad the two have a start on being friends.

I could really see how Old Jane was recognizing that new Jane is truly smart and how she’s won the respect of the people around her in a way that old Jane didn’t actually have. I just hope new Jane realizes she’s right about Owen and Grayson. Paul certainly won’t try to keep them apart the way Luke did.

Speaking of men who aren’t around; I’m extremely disappointed in Parker. I honestly thought he’d be there for Kim. OTOH, I do understand as a character choice his deciding to get back together with his original baby-momma instead. I can’t say I agree with the reasons behind the storyline decision, but perhaps that’s because Kate Levering does such a fine job that I don’t particularly like Kim – and because she’s such a good actor is why Josh Berman decided to give her the challenge of being a single mother while also being the managing partner of a law firm. (For more of Josh Berman’s take on Season 5, there’s an interview at this link: http://tvline.com/2013/06/21/drop-dead-diva-season-5-spoilers-josh-berman-jane-grayson-owen/ — if the line is broken by line-wrap, just right click and copy on the second half, then click on the first half and paste the 2nd half into the browser window) I hope Kim doesn’t decide to take Grayson up on his offer of “anything”.

I’m looking forward to next episode, which, according to the above interview, will feature Stacey having to make a major decision and perhaps coming into her own a little.

Nina Lisa