I’m seeing a hell of a lot of hypocrisy in the characters lately. Not everyone is being a flat out hypocrite, some of them are being moderately deceitful, instead. And quite a few of them are teenagers, who really aren’t emotionally mature enough to realize they’re being hypocritical. But some of them are adults, and should know better.

Let’s look at the Kennishes first. Up to now, I really kind of liked them. Well, okay, I still do. Even though they’re part of the conservative Republican 1%, they’re not part of the radical section that subverted the Tea Party. They’re fairly open-minded and inclusive. But John’s “family values” don’t include a recovering alcoholic single Latina mother from the barrio. He flat out told Regina he’d’ve taken Daphne away from her (and we know they would’ve kept Bay in the process), and essentially he and Katherine (to a lesser extent) are trying to do that now.

Next up is Emmitt. Emmitt is the only deaf character on this show who makes no attempt to verbalize while he’s signing. This is a personal choice. But his best friend, Daphne, wears hearing aids and vocalizes quite well — also a personal choice (yes, I’m aware of the difference between her going deaf after language learning as opposed to being deaf since birth). He doesn’t seem to have a problem with her doing that, only with her having a tendency to only date hearing boys. And when he first started dating Bay, he seriously considered (and even attempted) learning to vocalize. He gave it up fairly quickly, deciding it wasn’t for him. Which is fine. Now his father says he’s been thinking about getting a CI (cochlear implant) for some time. Yes, his current girlfriend has one, and perhaps that spurred him into looking at it more definitively. But again, whether or not to get the implant (if one is eligible for it), is a personal choice. I’m as sorry Emmitt’s father gave him the power to choose as I am for Emmitt denying his father something he himself may not be able to have.

Jace and Daphne. Jace told Daphne point blank he didn’t want to get involved in a relationship. Then she kissed him on their “non-date”, was hurt he didn’t invite her to his party after they’d made plans for a real date (which she initiated), and got jealous and hurt because he was talking to another girl at the party he didn’t invite her to. It’s hard to believe this show is only in the middle of it’s second season when Daphne has dated Liam, Wilke, Chef Jeff, Travis, and now Jace. Each one she meets, if she’s attracted to him, must immediately become hers exclusively — no matter what he says (Jeff, Jace) or does (Jeff). Daphne is in love with love (which has more to do with the fact that she’s 17 than Regina’s parenting) and I hope she grows out of it faster than I did. She also can’t see that Jace’s only interest in her is the same as any normal teenage boy’s — although I do wonder how much older than her his character is. I don’t think she realizes the kind of trouble Chef Jeff was in for sleeping with her. Guys who tell you straight out they don’t want a relationship really don’t.

Bay and Ty. First, I have to say that telling your bio mom, with whom you’re staying temporarily, that you’re dating a boy you know your adoptive father hates, is deceitful. As for hypocrisy, well, Bay kinda made the same mistake Daphne did, but not with Ty. With her boss, Matt. She talked him into the double date with Marybeth by promising him it wouldn’t be fun, even though he tried to explain his non-fraternization policy. Then she pushed them together at every opportunity, even after Tyler told her to back off. I’m very glad he spoke up so quickly in offering to take MB home before Bay could push Matt into doing it. Ty’s continuing to insist to Bay that he’s fine when there’s a fairly good chance he’s got PTSD (although probably more from Justin’s suicide than the war – I suspect growing up in a barrio could help in that aspect) — well, even he knows thats not completely true. I’m glad Ty feels that everything is better with and around Bay, and that she can make him forget the horrors he’s seen and experienced, but that’s not really him living in his real world. In fact, he’s running/hiding from it, which isn’t healthy. As much as I liked him and Bay together before he left, now I’d rather see him with Mary Beth.

Katherine: While her reasoning was accurate, I’m not sure how I feel about her initial decision not to tell John that his boss had made a pass at her. I do think that there are some things your partner in life doesn’t need to know — you hate their favorite shirt, her favorite jeans make her ass look huge when it shouldn’t be — but something like “Your boss said he was having sex dreams about me” is too major a thing to try to gloss over, IMO. As an aside, judging from her discussion of John’s temper with Toby – which to me came off very similarly to how family members discuss dealing with someone’s alcoholism — and John’s eventual reaction (the confrontation with his boss), lead me to wonder if he wouldn’t benefit from some anger management sessions. Perhaps he can go with Ty. (Although I’m not sure that’s the kind of therapy Ty needs.)

This past Monday night, those of you with control of the remote got to see what would’ve happened if Regina had come forward as soon as she found out about the switch. I have to admit I’m looking forward to that, because while I want to know if John’s OK, I’d rather not dive right in to him having another heart attack when he finds out Bay just lost her virginity to Ty.