Hi, my name is Nina Lisa Tomlinson, and I watch way too much TV. My excuse is that it’s part of my job as an actor.  If I get called for a role on a show, I need to be familiar with the show so I can do a good job.  Too bad that I prefer ABC and CW shows, when my type is CBS and NBC.

I also like to read, write, cook, fence, dance, play board games, HoGs, and lots of other things. I’m a cat person.

I started this blog because I have serious problems with some of the editors and recappers on a site called Television Without Pity, which I still recommend. Part of the problem I have is that nowadays it seems the “iwantitNOW” mentality has crossed over into movie and TV land. If it didn’t happen onscreen, it didn’t happen. If it isn’t explicitly spelled out, it didn’t happen. There’s no longer any such thing as implication or inference. And, oh yeah, everything gets real world rules applied to it, because this is all supposed to be real, right? Argh.

Years ago, you went to a show or turned on your radio or TV with the expectation of being entertained. Because of this expectation, you were more likely to believe in what was going on, and thus willingly suspend your disbelief. I think this ability has been lost.  I think the forgiveness that should come with poetic/artistic license has been forgotten. I realize that my suspension of disbelief is much higher than other people’s; thus, the title of this blog.

My idea is that I will post my thoughts and reactions about each episode of a show I watch.  For reality shows, it’s more of a recap, for dramas, sometimes it’s just a list.  I’ve discovered that I don’t have all that much to say about sit-coms.  I’m not going hold back on saying what happened in each episode, so to avoid being spoiled I’d hope you’ll have already watched it. And whether you agree or disagree, I’d appreciate it if we can have a mature, non-trolling, non-flaming discussion about the episode we just saw. I’d like to hear your thoughts of what occurred to you and the questions you thought of and the reactions you had while watching that same episode.

And I hope to find others like me, who watch way too much TV, and most of the same shows I do.