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While it sucks that this is the final season, I have to admit that last season I was wondering how much longer they could keep to the original premise, since he was essentially back with the CIA; even though he once again went “rogue”, it was because his handler was actually a dirty fed.

Previouslies show Nate’s murder and Michael taking down the dirty fed, Olivia Riley’s downfall, and Mike’s evident selling-out of the team. We pick up in the Dominican Republic. Someone’s washing the blood off their hands. I’m sure it’s Mike, and it is, with a beard. He rinses his mouth, spits blood, and starts taping his hands before taking a shot of an amber liquid, then heads out to join a fight club. So I guess I can’t talk about it. He gets the shit beaten out of him, and a KO punch flings him full body slow motion through the air. His head slams down on the ground, and we flash back to nine months ago.

HRG is reading him the riot act for killing the dirty fed who nobody knows was dirty. Then he offers Mike a deal. Or at least, he’s about to before we cut back to the fight. Michael gets up and takes another shot. Of booze. And then he proceeds to kick the shit out of his opponent, who breaks a bottle over his head, and gets him in a choke-hold while HRG’s VO lets us know he’s on assignment as we flash back to Mike being shown a pic of yet another former Heroes star, Adrian Pasdar. Who is probably wondering if he has a full-time job any more along with all the rest of the cast of The Lying Game. Back at the fight, Michael wins. Title card.

Michael picks up the VO as uzh, talking about deep cover. The guest star credits remind me HRG’s real name is Jack Coleman. I also recognize the name Stephen Martines, though I’m not sure why, as well as Phillip-Anthony Rodriguez, before we get to the name of the guy whose name I actually remembered from seeing his picture. Michael is meeting someone whom I think might be PAR, if he checks out as being Adrian’s father on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

They start to fight, and then Adrian shows up. Not the TSALAT character, the actor. Michael calls him Burke.  He’s looking damn good in a Henley with two breast pockets. (I should note that PAR looks good at all times.) Burke doesn’t seem to be taken in by Michael’s act. Michael joins HRG at a baseball game to tell him it’s not going swimmingly so far. HRG isn’t happy because he’s been after Burke for eight years, and he wants Michael to take him down now.

Michael VOs about security options as he heads back to his apartment. His low budget alarm is working, so he climbs in through an alley window to find Burke and his lieutenant, PAR, waiting for him. Burke tells him to stop drinking or he’ll put a bullet in the back of his head. He tells Mike he’s offering him a new life but  no second chances. Remember that.

Back to Miami. Sam is pulled from his poolside deck chair by a hotel employee who says someone wants to talk to him about Michael Weston. It’s someone from French Intel, with a pair of black-framed glasses who wants to know if Mike’s in the Dominican Republic on legitimate business. Sam says to go to the CIA. The Intel guy says they said they knew nothing. He says Mike’s life is in danger and wants to know if they should watch out for him. Sam drops a name; the guy claims to have talked to him, but stops when he sees the look on Sam’s face and realizes he just flunked a test. Sam throws him up against a wall and demands answers. The answer is, “I’m the man with the knife to your femoral artery.” Ooops. Sam’s not usually that clumsy.

After the break, Sam hunts Jesse down. Jesse tries to blow him off, until Sam tells him what’s up. The same guy (and same pair of glasses) evidently told Jesse he was an Aussie looking for a bodyguard, and five minutes after he left, their computer system went down. They realize he was the hacker and Sam calls Fiona. She’s doing her bounty hunter routine. She hangs up on him to shoot a beanbag round into the fleeing suspect. Her partner, Carlos, decks him when he tries to get up and lays a serious lip-lock on Fi. Sam calls again. Cut to Michael’s former sidekicks having drinks at their usual bar. Fi’s not happy; she has a new life, job, man (although I finally remembered Stephen Martines once took over as Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital while Tyler Christopher was taking a break, the glimpse of him with Fi was so brief I didn’t peg him. In other news, I bet Tyler’s glad he kept his soap job, since he’s also on The Lying Game). Jesse assures her she just needs to keep an eye on Maddy. Turns out Maddy’s concentrating on getting custody of her grandkid Charlie, since Nate’s widow fell off the wagon and is in rehab. Sam reminds her Mike’s enemies are their enemies, and since the “their” includes Maddy, Fi says she’ll do it for her.

Back to the DR. Michael VOs about “Need-to-know” intel while Burke and his looey watch him scoping out a building. The looey’s supposed to get Michael in to this building, containing satellite decryption equipment, so they can blow it up. Burke finally confirms PAR’s character’s name is Pablo, and tells Michael to treat him with respect. Then he tells Pablo to treat him like a team-member. The plan will be for the two of them to go in as weekend janitors. Burke says they’re on in three hours and leaves. Mike doubtfully eyes the numerous guards. Commercial.

Carlos and Fi are at Maddy’s house. Maddy’s freaking out because Fi has a gun. She also quit smoking. Jesse calls Fi to give her an ID, Marston, and a location, and assure her he and Sam are on it.  DR. Michael VOs about how to sneak metal and C4 in to a building that has both metal detectors and a bomb-sniffing dog: guns inside a buffer, C4 into the plant ferilizer. They pass and make their way to the server room. Pablo’s having trouble opening the door. He takes apart the buffer and grabs the guns so he can shoot the lock. Michael says he’ll take the door out with a small blast. Pablo says they only have one detonator. Michael says to leave it to him and to cover him. This gives him a chance to VO about MacGyvering a detonator. He radios Burke to let him know they’ll be coming out hot. Burke aims what looks like a rocket launcher at the doors. After Mike blows the server room door, Pablo plants the charge with a timer set to twenty seconds. The guards have shown up in response to the first blast, and start shooting. As Mike and Pablo start to escape, Pablo takes one in the leg. With nine seconds on the timer, Mike has to drag him out of the building. They make it just before the blast wave does. Burke shoots out the tires on the guards’ vehicle and radios final instructions, including no contact until the meet in two hours.

Miami. Jesse and Sam are checking out Marston’s address. Even though Michael’s in the DR, he still gets to VO about how to tell if someone’s home by checking out their electrical usage. After a bit of interplay between Jesse and Sam, they keep checking and Mike keeps up with the VO. As Sam starts to open the door, the voltage meter spikes. He freezes.  Jesse spots a claymore mine wired to the front door and tells Sam not to move. It’s on a remote trigger which they just activated. This means the guy isn’t home. Cut to the custody hearing.

The receptionist leads Maddy to her meeting with a supervisor who just came in from the state office specifically to interview her, probably because the case is sensitive, she’s assured. Guess who’s now passing himself off as Mr. Embry, minus the glasses? “Warren” tells Maddy it’s so good to meet her. Commercials.

“Warren” is using a trace of his French accent again as he assures her he thinks she’s good to go, except for one little detail. Michael. She says she can’t talk about it. He tells her they’re going to put Charlie in foster care. She says he’s on government assignment. When he pushes her, she tells him of her arrest last year and says “they” were all released as part of Michael’s deal with the CIA. He wants to know more.

Jesse’s trying to turn the claymore 180 degrees as Michael VOs that being behind it is second best to being out of the blast radius. Jessie ducks and covers, and Sam fully opens the door and half dives for, half is thrown into, the bushes. They search the house. Jesse finds a “fake ID factory” in the kitchen. They spot his DCFS badge and call Fi. They tell her about the ID, and she bullies the receptionist into telling her where Maddy is.  She runs down the hall and finds an empty room. As she looks wildly around, she spots Maddy coming out of the restroom. Maddy tells her the guy’s on his way back to Tallahassee after granting her full custody. When Fi presses her about his asking questions about Michael, Maddy realizes she was just conned. Commercials.

DR. Pablo and Michael are in a van, heading for a police checkpoint. Pablo answers his phone. From his side of the conversation, Michael’s sixth sense about being made kicks in. He tells Pablo he needs Pablo’s gun to shoot his way out of the police checkpoint if he needs to. Pablo turns it on him. Turns out the guy Maddy spilled her guts to was working for Pablo. They pull up to the checkpoint, and Michael plays dumb American tourist, then speeds off, figuring they’ll shoot and hoping Pablo is collateral damage. He is, but Michael almost buys it himself when he flips the van. He crawls out and runs off. Night. Mike tells a version of the story that makes him look good and Pablo bad to Burke. Burke tells him the mission’s still on, but he’s going away for a few days. He tells Mike to stay strong and be ready.

At a farmer’s market, Mike and HRG fill each other in. Mike thinks if Burke knew about Pablo’s man, he’d be dead already, but the guy won’t keep a secret forever. They have 48 hours before Burke’s next contact. HRG says they’re heading back to Miami to take care of Marston/Embry, and no contacting Mike’s cohorts or the whole operation will go south. He asks if Mike understands the stakes. Mike says he understands “It’s him or me”, and that’s it for this week.


Burn Notice

The 7th season kicks off this summer on USA. I’ll be watching online.

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