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No, Sara, don’t do it!


Uh-oh. Guess who it is . . . yep.

Glad she talked to her boss. I certainly hope nothing happened.

Is it possible she drunk-dialed and doesn’t remember?

Yeah, there goes Greg again. Or was it Nicky who wouldn’t let go of Doc’s wife being guilty? (Besides Brass, that is).

Well, there are stories of having sex and doing other things while on sleep medication. Throw in the alcohol, and who knows.

I really hope nothing did.

Yeah, Doc remembers how they all treated him. She wasn’t here then, was she?

Oh, that doesn’t look good.

Hmm. Sounds like she was drugged. But the lying doesn’t look good. Wait, what?!

I think she’s right about you, Ronald.

I’m afraid the detective is right about if it were anyone else they’d be arrested already.

Bet that’s a real delivery guy. Oh, no, that’s worse.

Yeah, I figured that was going to happen sooner or later. In fact, I kinda thought that was what he was going to say when he first walked in to DB’s office. And I guess it also looks like she did sleep with Tyler. But technically, if she and Grissom are divorced, it wasn’t an affair. And that explains why she’s been acting so hinky about taking his calls and things.

Difficult to prove a negative.

Hmm. Won’t the time stamp on the tape not match the 911 call? Good, no transfer evidence helps.

And yes, a stalker guy would do something like that.

One thing about DB, his open door policy is a good one.

Ruh-roh. Shouldn’t they have confiscated her back-up gun as well?

Did I mention that I’m glad Hodges was the first one to put forth another theory, one that helped to exonerate her?

Oh, wow, she didn’t have the affair, either! Excellent!

C’mon, Sara, pick up! You’re playing into this guy’s hands.

Well, now the detective has seen how this guy pushes buttons. But they need to go to his house.

Good to know that Taylor didn’t go after her willingly.

Did not realize it was all a set up. Glad of that, though.

Fine, I kinda believe. Great, not so much.

Well, that still isn’t going to keep the fans quiet about wanting William Peterson back on the show.

Nina Lisa


I don’t really have much to say on these two episodes except that it was kinda nice to see Gary Sinise interacting with Ted Danson. I liked him being in Vegas. We knew the body in the trunk wouldn’t be Christine, because then there’d be no reason to go to NYC.


And it’s not Chris Everett. But in one instance, it’s Tracey. No surprise there, really. But Jim Brass had a couple of really bad lines this episode. Those’d be the ones that everyone in the viewing audience finishes with him. I think my cat could write better lines than that.

As for the other instance, hmm. Does Elizabetta know about Hodges’ propensity for octupi porn? Yeah, I think it’s a green card marriage, too, although I do hope it isn’t.  Being the romantic that wants everyone to be happy and all. I haven’t really liked him with anyone since Liz Vassey’s character left, and I don’t see him with Morgan. Of course, that’s probably because I’ve had her pegged for Greg since day one.

I have to admit that I’m not sure I’m going to keep this show listed in my categories. I dropped Bones because I have too many shows on Mondays, and I’m way behind on lots of shows this week because last week was super busy for me.  But this isn’t the first time I’ve taken more than a day or two to do this series. Drop a comment if you think you’d keep reading.


Dead Air

Locked room mysteries are always such fun to solve, aren’t they?  Am I the only one who thought the guy playing the IT guy looks like the IT guy from Nikita (he isn’t)?

I really don’t like Sarah continuing to ignore Grissom’s calls, and I don’t like where the show is obviously going with this. Other shows have just had peripheral characters disappear entirely, and that’s what Gil is now, so why address the issue at all? We never see Stokes’ home life, or that of any of the lab techs, and we took ten (eleven?) seasons to see Doc Robbins’, so why do we have to see hers? It’s not fan fulfillment, because the die-hards want him back, not just mentioned onscreen and heard via occasional voice-over.

My friend and I were laughing over “Rainy Dayes”, because the local ABC weatherman’s pseudonym is “Dallas Raines”.

I liked the way DB decided to recreate the crime scene, by playing capture the flag. Not sure how he figured it out, but then, I don’t think we always are. I have to say, I’m really enjoying his addition to the show. What I didn’t like about the episode was they didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the lab. I like seeing all that stuff, even if none of it is true to life in how it’s done or how fast the results come back. Or even if the whole profession is imaginary anyway.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was tired and only watched half the show last night and then the second half this morning, and then rewatched H5-0 and blogged about it before writing this post, but I really don’t have very much more to say about this episode.



I generally get to watch this one as it airs.  I don’t watch the remaining spin off. I watched them both when they had that big cross-over story, but found the filmography too annoying. And hey, now that H5-0 is back, we don’t need Jack Lord.

I’m really liking Ted Danson on here, much better than I liked Laurence Fishburne.  Back before DVRs, I’d stopped watching this show due to conflicting air times (also back when it was on Thursdays), so there’s a few seasons I’ve missed entirely.  Is it as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that Sarah Sidle and Gil Grissom are heading for a divorce? Does anyone besides me miss Archie Kao? Can Elizabeth Shue really replace Marg Helgenberger? (Well, I think the characters can.) Does anyone else hate George Eads’ shaved head?

CSI is back on Jan. 16.

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