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I wish I’d thought to mention that I thought the five of them should just buy the hospital, since that’s who’s having to pay them and that’s why it’s in trouble. I wonder if that’s why Derek quits next week?

So, Jackson and Alex are competing to be the face of the hospital and have people following them taking pix as they do their work, mainly on a transgender girl who’s there to start surgical proceedings to transition to a man. Brian is accompanied by his girlfriend, a transgendered boy whom he met at a support group Alex recommended, and who has contacted Brian’s father without his knowledge, because she knows Brian just wants his father to love him as he is. Since it’s the first time Dad has heard of the surgery, he’s understandably freaked out and pissed off, but by the end of the episode offers up all the cash in his wallet to help with rent.

April’s non date date with paramedic Matthew is interrupted by a call, since she’s a trauma surgeon without incoming traumas, he invites her along for the ride. The closest hospital turns them away, but the 2nd one is so far away she’s convinced the kid will die enroute and enlists Jackson to do a secret procedure. The other interns, Meredith, Alex, and Derek all get pulled in, and when Cahill finds out, she and Owen start interrogating them all one by one, starting with the interns, to find out what caused it. Alex and Jackson find the waiting interns after their surgery on Brian, and burst in to both take responsibility and withdraw from consideration to be the Face of the hospital. Derek is hot on their heels, and Cahill goes off on Owen when he just lets Derek go with a bit of a scolding.

Chief Webber and Callie are growing increasingly concerned with all the stuff that’s going on as the sale to Pegasus looms ever nearer, so they take a road trip to Portland and another Pegasus hospital to see how it’s working there. First, they hit the ER with the gets-you-right-in-the-door chest pains. They’re seen extremely rapidly, which both like, although they’re disconcerted by the omnipresent Face and the fact that the doctor who sees them has to follow his procedure like a robot. Nor are they thrilled to discover he can only spend 15 minutes with them. Discharged, they fall back on another good trick: the purposeful walk with coffee. If you’ve got coffee in your hand, you just look like you belong. They wander up to a group of doctors who are conveniently standing around, and start loudly discussing if the limited time Pegasus gives them is enough to really learn a patient’s history. The gathered doctors at first quickly reassure them, but then when Richard claims they’re from the company and they want to know the dirt, they unload so much dirt on them it’s going to take two or three dump trucks to dig them out. The final straw is when the head of orthopedics recognizes Callie and asks if her job is open now, since he can’t do research any more.  They head back to Seattle, and Richard tells Callie his early retirement package is looking pretty damn good.

Callie rounds up the others, minus Christina, who is busy having sexytimes with Owen, and announces she wants to buy the hospital. Dun dun!

Nina Lisa


So, I’m reduced to notes again, and in the interests of time, I’m not rewatching to fill in any blanks.

In the hernia class, I noted that I knew Bailey had something up her sleeve. That’s because she’s doing her damnedest not to get fired. Smart move, although I’m going to agree with Mere that they can’t fire the pregnant lady.

Why does Alana seem to be so uncomfortable around traumas? What does she have against them? Well, speaking of being closest . . .

OK, I don’t know how long she had to wait for the surgery, but that girl looks too old to be an elite gymnast, or thirteen, for that matter. I suspect Alex is going to sic Arizona on her.

Why did I write, “Christina has another first”?

Open mouth, insert foot. Jackson’s Mark’s protege, all right.

Hey, wait a minute. Are they positioning Alana to be with Owen? I’m going to be very unhappy if they are!

Aha, Little Gymnast Girl appears to be this week’s Life Lesson. AKA Patient of the Week in “House” recaps. Think I’ll adopt that. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be the Jehovah’s Witness guy, but Leah’s just an idiot. Speaking of which, I knew Big Brother was going to get her.

Aaaand, there goes Arizona, to be all, “I did it, you can, too.” Oops. Not what I thought was going to happen. Aha! The Life Lesson is that Bad Cop sometimes works!

They’re selling the hospital? And she’s staging it? This does not bode well. Guess Bailey was right in sucking up so she wouldn’t get fired. Not that that lasted very long. And I wonder what’ll happen now that the other doctors know that these efficiency people think the patients don’t matter. Are they going to stage a coup?

Ya know, if $75,000,000 is going to bust the hospital, why don’t Derek, Mere, Callie, Arizona and Christina just take a 20% share each and call it good? I’m calling it now.

Nina Lisa

I’m not sure I entirely buy that no-one picked up on Arizona’s phantom leg pain. Even I’ve heard of it.  But I guess if she was so successful at hiding it from Callie, of all people – an orthopedic surgeon who lives and sleeps with her – then I guess I can give everyone else a pass for also not picking up on it. I just don’t see how Callie could be so blind about it.

Yay, Meredith! Erica Jong would be proud. As for Shane, well, I think I might just have to adopt the TWOP recapper’s nickname of Smash. Because that was about his level of competence this episode. And speaking of levels of competence, I agree with Alana that the ER needs to go. I think they’ll be so much better served as a teaching hospital sans all the trauma stuff. But just when April had a cute guy interested in her, and Justin Breuning was back on my TV screen!  For the record, I don’t think April was being super harsh on Stephanie because she and Jackson are now hooking up. That was classic April, in teaching mode. I hope she passes her boards this year.

Yay, Callie, for fixing Derek’s wrist/hand so that the neurosurgeon god could do a 23 hour surgery. And a nod of appreciation to Princess Jo for keeping Alana out of his OR for as long as she did.

Yay, Alana, for letting Arizona and Alex keep the African orphanage charity surgeries. Yay, Bailey, for being a voice of reason, and for not being more nasty about all those millions Derek et all will have to fall back on being the reason the hospital has to make cuts.

I would’ve liked some more Christina and Owen hook-up, but over-all, it was a good and satisfying episode for me.


Circle of Life

According to’s prognosis as of two days ago, Grey’s Anatomy is almost certain to be renewed for another season, but between the title and the ending of this episode, I have to wonder if there’s something ABC isn’t telling us?

So, as usual we begin with Mere’s voice over, talking about tests and prognoses. We find out for sure that it’s been a month since the last episode a bit later; other clues are that this is the last day of her first trimester and she can finally tell Christina she’s pregnant, and this is also the day the judge tells them his ruling about the plane crash.

It turns out, no surprise to us viewers and it really shouldn’t be a surprise to Derek, that Christina already knows Mere is preggers and that she’ll tell Yang when she’s ready to be happy about it, which by the end of the episode, she is. The plane crash survivors have gone out to dinner to celebrate their victory (more on that in a bit) and she declines toasting with champagne due to being pregnant. I know a lot of people who don’t tell anyone until after the first trimester because even when you don’t have a hostile uterus, so many things can evidently go wrong then, and I’m just going to presume that it’s even more true in this case and hope that this means smooth sailing for them now.

Yang and Owen are back to having hot singles sex and he’s sneaking in and out of Mere’s old house, which she’s still sharing with Alex and which neither one has furnished as of yet.  In the meantime, Princess Jo appears to not be sleeping with Alex except in the literal sense after their nightly partying routine winds down. At least I presume it’s nightly. Maybe weekly? I don’t know. At any rate, there’s a funny bit where Owen thinks she’s Christina and sneaks up on her and caresses her intimately, which amuses both Christina and Alex no end but horrifies Owen and Jo.

Stephanie and Jackson, in the meantime, are trying to keep their new relationship on the DL, but Leah (who appears to have gotten over Alex, and BTW she and Stephanie both appear to be off probation) has suspicions and tricks Steph into confessing all. Evidently the latter then mentions this to Jackson, who knows he needs to tell April ASAP, the hospital being what it is. When he does, she confesses that she misses him, and he whips out the old, “We can just be friends” line, and she answers that all she can think about whenever they stand looking at each other like that is kissing him, so no, she can’t be his friend.  Jackson looks like he likes that idea very much as he huskily asks her if she’s sure, and as I’m screaming at him to just kiss her, she says she’s sure and pushes him aside and runs off. He and Steph are cute and all, but I’ve been rooting for Jackson and April since he took care of her at Mere’s party after she almost lost her virginity to Alex. I think that might even have been Owen and Christina’s wedding.

Jackson’s also involved in another new relationship, but then again, he has been involved in this one for a while. He is running interference between Chief Webber and Catherine. Dr. Webber, who is feeling mega guilty that he was sleeping with Catherine while his wife was dying of Alzheimer’s, is not only not doing any surgeries, he’s contemplating getting rid of his collection of atrocities removed from patients over the years, as each is a reminder of the time he didn’t spend with Adele. When Catherine tracks him down her own self, he takes it out on her (and Debbie Allen does a beautiful job of showing that she’s crying for him, not because of him), then decides to take Mere up on her offer of an assist on a surgery for an abdominal mass. Which turns out to be a bezoar, so Mere later gives it to him for his collection. After which, he finds Catherine and she explains she just wants to be there for him while he grieves and hold his hand, which he finally, literally, lets her do.

Derek’s wrist is in so much better shape that Callie sets up a ping pong table in the conference room. Evidently the motion you make when playing is similar to a particular type of motion Derek needs for a surgery, and since the average surgery he uses it in lasts 8 hours, he gets to play Shane for 8 hours. Shane, who wants to be Derek so badly he creeps him out by using phrases like “Until I become you”, is just happy to be with the great Dr. Shepard, and lets him win until the latter explains neurosurgeons are very competitive, and then they have some real games. Slowly, per usual, the whole hospital comes by to watch at various times during the day, and Alex and Princess Jo wind up making a $1,000 bet on the outcome. When she wins, she runs right out and buys him a couch for her to sleep on when she crashes, and a six pack to start the next party session.  He calls her out for acting like a girlfriend, to which her reply is that she thinks of him as a brother. Yeah, I’m sure Sally said that to Harry at some point, too.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jackson is taking over one of Mark Sloan’s patients, and there’s a scene which made me wonder how many takes Jessica Capshaw had to do, because the shot that made it to air has her refer to him as Dr. Avery. At least, it sounded like she was referring to Mark and not starting a sentence to Jackson to me, but I could be wrong.  But I have to side with Jackson on this one. Mark taught him, and more than once let him change a planned surgery because he had a better idea, or a different method. Arizona’s attempt to bully Jackson into doing it as originally planned (even calling in Derek as back-up, which temporarily works) is, IMO, not what Mark would’ve wanted, contrary to her belief.  So she winds up standing in surgery for five hours on her prosthetic leg, a fact which Callie insists on celebrating at their dinner. (I’ll get to it!)

In the meantime, Bailey has to operate on a man whose wife fell on him while she was giving him a pole dance for their 45th anniversary, and the wife also has had something called vajazzling. Yeah, go look it up yourselves; I’m afraid of the pictures I might get. This results in Bailey confiding in Callie about what really happened on her and Ben’s honeymoon, and honestly, Miranda, you know how Callie is. How could you think she’d not laugh her ass off at you for that? But you get a sympathy ouch from me.

Speaking of sympathy, we’re finally to it, folks. The judge isn’t even going to bother with a trial. His decision is that the five survivors get $15,000,000.00 each, for a grand total of $75 million. Arizona, Christina, Derek and Meredith are all stunned, and pretty much just want to go back to work, although the latter three do contemplate buying houses with yards big enough for football games and then a couple of teams to play them. But Callie, who was late to court, wants to celebrate, and she finally talks them all into it, and they go out to dinner.  After dinner, she gives a speech that gets me a bit verklempt, and then they start the champagne toast that Mere refuses. After that, everyone (except Mere) gets drunk and happy.

So Derek, who has been hard put to forgive Owen for making the decision to put them on the plane (but Christina rightly reminds him of all the decisions he had to make when he was Chief, which include, IIRC, decisions about a season ending massacre), decides to forgive Owen and calls him to join in the fun, even recruiting Christina to try to talk him into it. But Owen has other plans. It would seem that the insurance company has found a loophole about no more than two attendings being on the same medivac flight, so when Arizona got pissed at Alex and took his place, that violated the policy and they’re now refusing to pay. Which means the hospital is liable. But you may remember (if you’ve been watching for a while) that not too long ago the economy sucked so much that a sister fictional hospital in Seattle had to close its doors, and many of their staff got absorbed by Seattle Grace, thus giving the additional “Mercy West” to its name.  (And which is where Jackson and April came to us from). And even after that, they had to let some people go.  Sure, some of those people they kept got killed off in that massacre, but then the interns we started with all passed their boards, and at least one of them finagled his way into getting more money that Webber told him would be available in the budget.  And then Owen went and gave April her job back.  And after the accident Christina left and he fought for her to come back and I believe there was mention made of a pay bump when she did. In short, the hospital can’t afford $75,000,000.00 and will have to go bankrupt and close its doors. Dun dun.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Bueller? Bueller?


Things we said today

Wow. What an episode. For me, other than Adele’s operation, most of the action occurred at the wedding, so that’s what I’ll concentrate on.

Couples therapy.  When Alex and Princess Jo were sitting at the bar, they were kinda cute together, so they’re growing on me, although the drunken crying act, not so much.  The potential pairing of Stephanie and Jackson is pretty hot, as evidenced by the steamy windshield in the hospital parking lot.  April and Shane, OTOH, gag! I wasn’t impressed with their being included in the couple montage at the end.  Yay for Callie and Arizona working on getting back together. Yay for Owen and Christina opting to stop hurting each other, but I hope this doesn’t mean that Owen has given up on the idea of them as a couple working, just that now he knows he can’t cage Christina.  If he still harbors hopes for a wife and 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, I’m going to be pretty bummed because he’ll have to look elsewhere.  I’m over the top excited that Miranda and Ben made it official like I was hoping they would.

I’m not going to bother commenting on the C storyline because it was a boring, horrible plot device contrived to make Owen realize he couldn’t cage Christina. This show tends to have their Patient of the Week (POTW) have a parallel storyline, or something about their disease/home life/whathaveyou that will resonate with one or the other of whatever main character’s storyline is going on so that someone can learn A Very Important Lesson. Sometimes it’s nice and subtle, or well written, mostly they hammer us over the head with it. Sometimes it’s a rubber mallet, sometimes a brick. This time it was the whole damn wall. I’ve seen an entire play concept done so the playwright could use just one line; but it was well written and acted and it didn’t irritate me like this one did. Oh, look, I’ve written a whole paragraph on something I wasn’t going to bother commenting on.

And last but not least, a fond farewell to Adele Webber.


Wow, wow, wow. OK. I’ve loved this show from the beginning, and I can understand the need to bring in new characters/interns, but just like on Glee, the introduction of them has been somewhat clunky. Princess Kate (Jo. The actress played the Duchess of Cambridge in a TV  movie.) so needed that reality check Alex gave her, it isn’t even funny. What the hell did she think a surgical intern did, fer cryin out loud?

Shane Ross, OTOH, is an interesting guy. I like the (coming soon, I’m sure) pairing of him and April (tho I really think she belongs with Dr Avery) much more than the train-coming-down-the-track obviousness of Alex and Jo. Stephanie and her cohort (IMDB failed me here) are rightfully removed from rotation after almost killing a patient, and I wouldn’t miss them if they get written off. The tall guy with glasses whose name is also not listed I can deal with.

I’m very glad Christina is back, and that she and Owen are reconciling. But I’m worried about Bailey and Ben. He proved he knows her and is willing to take care of her pretty well in the mid-season finale, and I sincerely hope that the next episode picks up with him rushing to her side after the neglected phone call has been made.

Meredith and Derek are another couple who’ve managed to survive getting married, and I look forward to seeing more of their adventures with Zola, and hope Mere’s hostile uterus manages to relax for the next nine months (TV time), although I truly doubt it will.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Debbie Allen on a more regular basis, either, I love the pairing of her and the Chief (whom I will always think of in that capacity). I’d like to see her more on SYTYCD, too. And I have to agree with Richard’s assessment of Jackson’s playing messenger boy.

Grey’s returns to ABC on January 10, and I’ll be watching it online.

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