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Amily’s VO talks about sacrifice and what it means. Intercut with scenes from the divers finding the wreckage of the Amanda are scenes of Emanda and Jack on their first night as husband and wife.  Back in Montauk, the Greysons clean up the mess Helen’s killing has left. As they start to roll her up in the carpet, her cell phone goes off. Her driver is getting impatient. Vicky puts on Helen’s scarf, hat, and glasses and pretends to be her.

The next day, Victoria and Conrad are planning their Labor Day party when Daniel comes in and is aghast that everything’s copacetic with them. He wants to know what they’re going to do. Blame Amanda Clarke, Vicky replies. They don’t care that she’s Charlotte’s sister. Ashley comes in and wants to know why Conrad wanted to meet her. He’s going to announce his candicacy for governor at the party that night. She wants to know why the schedule’s been moved up, and he explains about Emanda.

Nolan, Amily, and Aiden have a vidoe conference. They’re going to need to use Padma to get to the Initiative. Nolan doesn’t want to, but Aiden says he can protect her. Amily agrees, but suddenly there’s a knock at her door. It’s Ashley. I’m not entirely sure why she decided to let Amily in on this, but she tells Amily about Emanda’s blackmail of Conrad. Amily kicks her out and rushes to the cupboard, where her laptop is no longer.

The Amanda. Jack and Emanda wake up on deck. She heads down to make them some brekky. He wanders around and notices a pack of cigarettes. He rushes to the hatch to discover Nate with a gun pointed at Emanda. It’s in his left hand and I note the gold wedding ring from the watery grave. Jack has no idea why Nate’s pissed about them buying Conrad out, and tells him to call Mr. Greyson. When Nate can’t get any signal on his cell phone, Jack offers to go closer to shore. Nate thinks it’s a grand idea, and locks Jack in the cabin while he and Emanda go up on deck.

Montauk. Amily goes to the Stowaway. She wants to get hold of the Porters. Charlie hands over the laptop as she goes to check on the A/C, which just went out. Amily looks at the wedding photos Charlie was uploading and spots Nate peeping out of the Amanda’s cabin. She takes a picture of it. We cut to her and Nolan discussing it in front of the Stowaway. Note: The TWOP reviewer might’ve been being sarcastic, but I really can’t tell anymore, and it’s one of the ones who usually isn’t that bad. Anyway, he had no idea why Nolan would’ve called the hotel in Nantucket the Porters were planning on staying at to see if they’d checked in yet. Because, of course, there’s no possible way or reason for Amily to have immediately sent the pic to Nolan with some kind of message, and for him to immediately call the hotel to check on them, going outside (he’s tending bar for Jack) so he won’t be overheard, or even while he’s on his way there from his house, while Amily runs downstairs and joins him, where we find them when we come back, because IF IT DIDN’T HAPPEN ONSCREEN IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Argh. OK, I’ll stop beating my head against that brick wall for now.

Anyway, Nolan tells Amily they’re completely off the grid. They decide to check Nate’s cell, and discover that it sent a signal about half-way to Nantucket. You don’t want to know what kind of earworm typing that just gave me. Anyhoo, the two run off to find a boat.

In Daniel’s office, which they know is bugged by the Initiative, Daniel tells his assistant he was supposed to have a breakfast meeting with Helen and she never showed. His mother comes in and throws a hissy fit about his involvment with Ms. Crowley. (I never really noticed that surname before. Guess she really is a witch.) Dan starts to call security on her, but she leaves.

Padma enters the Stowaway, looking for Nolan. Aiden’s there and he’s got Nolan on the phone, which he hands to Padma. Nolan is in a speedboat with Amily, and tells Padma she can trust Aiden because the Initiative killed his sister.  Also on the phone are Conrad and Nate. Conrad straightens him out about which one of the Porters is the dangerous one, and tells him he wants both the laptop and Emanda dead. Nate threatens Jack if Emanda doesn’t hand over the laptop. Emanda agrees. Somehow, Jack’s popped up through a hatch towards the back of the boat and is evesdropping/spying on them. Emanda goes for a gun, but Nate’s already unloaded it. Emanda starts to unload “her” story on Nate. Meanwhile, Jack goes back below to find Declan’s laptop. Emanda’s telling Nate it’s back in Montauk. Jack brings the laptop online, giving Nolan the signal and allowing them to see both that a) he’s alive and b) the boat’s turning back. They’d stopped the boat, but now speed back up.

Victoria visits Charlie to invite her to the party. Charlie doesn’t want to go, but the A/C is officially dead and Karl should probably get out of the heat. Dec agrees. When Charlie goes to get Karl’s stuff, Vicky sneaks into the bedroom and stuffs Helen’s scarf and cell phone under the bed. She sure likes that as a hiding place, doesn’t she?

Aiden and Padma are finalizing their plans. She needs proof her father is alive. Aiden persuades her to call Helen.

Jack tells Nate he wants to talk to Emanda. Part of what he overheard was her saying she only married him to aid in her getting revenge on the Greysons for what they did to “her” father. He demands to know if she’s using him. Nate thinks it’s funny. Jack manages to place himself between Nate and Emanda. He tells Nate she did bring a laptop, which sends Nate below deck to look for it. Jack continues to harangue Emanda while he digs a life raft out of a storage locker. Emanda catches on and helps him, but does her best to make sure he knows how she feels. Nate is evidently an idiot, because he hollers at Emanda he can’t find the laptop, which Jack whispers to her is under the mattress. I’m not sure why Nate didn’t look there when he was busy tossing everything else around. Anyway, she goes into the cabin and pulls it out for Nate. While he’s engrossed in it, she manages to slip out and lock the bedroom door, then runs back up on deck and starts to barricade the hatch. Jack has the raft ready to go, but Nate’s managed to break down the bedroom door, and starts firing at the lock on the hatch. One bullet goes through and into Jack’s upper left abdomen. Since the laptop is still on, I guess it has a built-in microphone and Nolan’s heard the gunshots and Emanda call out for Jack, and figures out Jack’s been shot. Fanwanking here.

Emanda shoves Jack into the life raft and shoves him off in order to save his life.  Nate bursts out of the cabin and wrestles with her, finally pushing her down. She hits her head on the storage locker, but Jack’s safely out of pistol range.

Night. Conrad and Victoria’s party is in full swing. They exchange their standard verbal spars. Jack is unconcious in the raft. Emanda wakes up below deck. Amily and Nolan are now looking for Jack, and by the erratic movements of the Amanda, realize Nate is, too. They hope they get to him first. Emanda yanks up a floorboard and stomps a hole into the bottom of the boat.

The Initiative sends a gentleman by the name of Trask to query the Greysons as to Helen’s whereabouts. They maintain their innocence and throw Amanda Clarke at him, then him out of the party.

Amily and Nolan find Jack. She tells Nolan to get him to a hospital and gets in the raft. She’s heading for the Amanda, which has lost power due to the flooding. Nate heads below.

Trask is searching the apartment above the Stowaway, and finds Helen’s stuff. He checks her voicemail, and gets Padma’s message. He calls someone and tells them to send the package.

Emanda hits Nate over the head and flees, but she didn’t bash him hard enough because he’s right after her. But when he emerges, Amily whacks him with an oar, and then pulls her gun. Emanda is surprised to see her, and causes Amily to lose focus, which allows Nate to attack her. Amily yells at Emanda to find his gun while wrestling with him for hers. They’ve fallen below deck and when it discharges, it holes the propane tank. Just as he starts to overpower her, Emanda shoots him in the back. Amily heads out, telling Emanda it’s time to go. Amily realizes her necklace is missing and goes back for it. Just as she scoops it up, she locks eyes with Nate, who is holding a lighter. She turns and throws herself at Amily, who is in the raft, as the Amanda explodes.

Amily surfaces, calling for Emanda. She makes it to the life raft, and hears/sees Emanda.

Trask returns Padma’s call. She asks for the proof, he replies that she just signed for it, and be “sure to check the fingerprint.” Aiden opens the small box sitting on the coffeetable, and while we don’t get to see the inside, we all know what’s in it.

At the party, Conrad throws his hat into the gubernatorial race.

Amily finds Emanda. The explosion gave her a wound somewhat lower than Jack’s, which means she’s not going to last long enough for Nolan to find them, now that Jack is safely in emergency surgery. Emanda makes Amily promise to take care of Jack and Karl, and tells her Amily gave her what she never had, a real family. She hands over the necklace. Amily flashes back to juvie, where she’s just given that necklace to Emanda. Emanda asks her if they’re sisters now, and then hugs her and tells her she loves her. In the life raft, Amily finally replies, “I love you, too.”, but it’s too late. Devastated, she lets Emanda’s body sink.

The Greysons regroup on Victoria’s balcony, where they can overlook the former Clarke residence. They think Amanda Clarke is out of their lives, but they have no idea how wrong they are. As doctors work on Jack, Emily Thorne, nee Amanda Clarke, renews her vendetta.

Until the third.

Nina Lisa


Union – Revenge Season 2 Episode 13

Casinos, huh? I saw what they did to the Gulf Coast before Katrina and while I didn’t like it, they did bring in jobs. But don’t the Hamptons pretty much close down in the winter? And Atlantic City’s actually closer to NYC than Montauk.

Hey, Jack still looks pretty good with a shave!

That tape was made six years ago?! That sucks. Oh, poor Nolan, he has hope he can rescue Padma from the Initiative’s clutches.

Oh, dear. The coroner found a report that could be Colleen. Poor Aiden.

How can Daniel not know she put him on speakerphone? There’s an echo-y, tinny sound quality when that happens.

Nolan, you just need to ask Padma straight out, “What is Helen holding over your head to get you to do her dirty work for her?”.

What’s Emanda up to? I wonder if she’ll find those pipe cleaner rings. And how does she know Amily’s password? Well, Conrad, it has been Amanda Clark. Just not this Amanda Clark.

BTW, why do laptops on TV immediately spring to life on the last page viewed when they’re opened? That never happens to me.

Funny, I always thought men could turn their emotions on and off like a tap. Or a switch.

Emily VanCamp has really grown as an actress on this show.

I hope Nolan both helps Padma and doesn’t leave her.

So, Mommy Dearest finally tells Daniel the truth! And even the house is bugged! Did that really not occur to them?

I like Nolan’s officiant jacket.

They say love is blind. I guess that’s why Jack didn’t see the confused look Emanda threw Amily when she opened the box and saw that ring for the first time, nor the relieved look after he explained its significance. Not to mention Nolan’s pause and Amily’s confirming nod before he said the name. But at least she really does love him, and even fi he doesn’t know she’s not the same girl he fell in love with all those years ago, I think he loves this Amanda Clark. It makes me sad for the real one, though.

Nate just leaped to the top of my list.

Poor Daniel. He thinks he’s protecting the woman he loves, when instead he ought to be enlisting her help to fight the Initiative.

“Takes one to know one.” Heh.

Wonder if Victoria’s going to kill Helen? Because she didn’t say she’d have to call off the call to Daniel.

Aw, she should’ve just fired on that line, and not let Helen talk any more!

Go, Victoria! And thank goodness Daniel actually listened to her.

Resolution time!

Greysons: They make a nice family unit as they stare at Helen’s body. They’ll get through this.

Nolan/Padma: I’m afraid they won’t. I think the Initiative runs like a terror cell, and Helen was Padma’s only contact.

Aiden/Emily: I’m glad they seem to be back together. Maybe they can help Padma.

Porters: After what Emanda pulled with Conrad, combined with how she took out WHM last season, there’s no doubt in my mind that Nate’s the one going down, not Jack. And there shouldn’t be any in yours, either! 🙂

Nina Lisa

Revenge 2/10 Preview

Uh, oh. It’s beginning to look a lot like Jack really is the body in the Amanda. Did anyone else see the preview for the Feb 10 return? Thoughts?

Aiden just moved back to the top of my dead-body-on-Amanda list. When he told Amily that Helen had met with him, I had hopes. Now that he’s broken ties with her, I think he sealed his fate with the Initiative. Nate’s still in #2 place, especially since he’s trying to mess with the man who framed Daniel Clarke as a terrorist.

I’m still holding Mason in reserve. He’s only in jail because Amily can keep a better eye on him there. To refresh, the rest of the list is as follows:

Kenny Ryan (aka Mr Argent)

Marco Romero

Conrad Grayson

Daniel Grayson

Declan Porter

Jack Porter

Various tertiary characters I’ve eliminated because I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again this season. I seem to recall that by this time last season, we knew who it was who had really been shot, but I’m not quite sure where we are in the current timeline, as there’s not exactly a fancy Labor Day ball or any other holiday celebrations to judge by, and I don’t even recall what month Charlotte’s birthday is supposed to be in.

So, let’s see how all our favorite collaborators mixed it up this week, shall we?

Grayson/Clarkes:  Victoria and Amily think they’re in collusion over Daniel; Amily throws Vicky under the bus and ‘fesses up to Daniel, who was pretty sure that’s what was going on anyway. He’s forgotten his sister’s 18th birthday; neither of Charlotte’s sisters have. When she decides to celebrate by legally changing her last name to Clarke, Amily permits her self a small, dare I say, loving smile as she overhears this. Conrad, meanwhile, has rescued faux sister Emanda’s beau and baby daddy Jack from the evil Ryan brothers.

Ryan/Porters: Between them, Conrad and Jack have gotten the Ryan pere’s real killer to sign a written confession, thus letting Jack off the hook. The former then proceeds to buy out Kenny Ryan and the Ryan’s share of the Stowaway, which really annoys Nate Ryan, who evidently wants the bar for another reason. So he decides to go face Conrad on his own, and we are left with a closed-door meeting.

Nolan/Padma: Padma’s innocent act of misunderstanding last week screws her over this, since Nolan never did get around to telling her that the person Carrie Ann was the program Carrion, or so he tells Amily. Her advice is to play Padma the way Padma was playing him, so our favorite spy technique of desk-decor/spy-cam is brought into play, and he almost literally leads her by the hand to finding the flash drive she needs.

Amily/Aiden: The episode opened with Amily having a sex dream about Aiden, who morphed into Daniel, which didn’t slow her down one little bit. But at least she looked desolately at the empty bed beside her before going to meet her Brit on the beach so they can discuss their missions and make out in peace and quiet and sand. Unfortunately, about half-way through the episode, they realize their missions are in conflict, and Amily’s persuasion of Aiden to throw his over appears to have cost him his entirely, and their break up this time is not just for show.

The interesting thing is exactly how many of these pies the Initiative has their grubby fingers in, or, to put it in Helen’s words, how many of these are her “irons in the fire”. Aiden, Padma, and Daniel (albeit somewhat unknowingly) are all hers. Technically, so are those who struggle against her: Victoria and Conrad, and Amily. Sure, she thought Aiden’s partner was Victoria, so it looks like she remains unaware of Amily’s machinations for now, but I’m really beginning to think that she’s a serious puppet master and I’m wondering when the revenge part of the show’s premise will wind up getting more focused on the Initiative, or if it will switch to being about hers?

See you next week,



What a delicious, title appropriate ending! It seems that in this episode, Conrad was the only one not keeping secrets, since he readily admitted to Jack and Emanda that he’d only gotten Jack sprung to forward his political career. And about that: it’s a blog, so I can say, “I told you so!” I told you Kenny was playing good cop to Nate’s bad cop, but Emanda wasn’t any more fooled than I was. Nor Declan, for that matter.

On second thought, Conrad wasn’t the only one not keeping secrets, at least not entirely.  Aiden did step up and tell Amily about his meeting with Helen, so I had nothing to be worried about after all. I’m just not 100% sure she bought their whole little set up game, since she always seems to be about two steps ahead of everyone.  I wasn’t surprised when Nolan showed up to “rescue” Amily, although he had me fooled at the benefit; when he asked her what Aiden and Helen could be talking about, I thought perhaps he wasn’t in on the whole situation. Yes, I’d already forgotten the whole cutesy little Bond scenario. That was a pretty good Sean Connery imitation Barry Sloane pulled, and I love Nolan being Q! So obvs, with his technological know-how.

Speaking of which (does anyone know any more phrases that mean that, so I don’t repeat myself too much?), I was pretty confident that Marco would’ve known enough about Nolan not to use a ghost program to communicate with Daniel.  And somehow, the look Padma gave him when that ghost e-mail popped up further clued me in that yes, she was setting him up to get him out of the way. So while her connection to the Initiative was a delicious shout-out to the episode’s title, I’m sad for Nolan. I’d like to see him in a good relationship, instead of this constant run of psychos he’s managed to collect (I include Marco among them).

And that last comment segues well into noting Ashley’s return.



Power Plays

So, Aiden just moved to the top of my list for the person who’s found dead on the sunken Amanda, but Nate Ryan’s not too far behind. I’m just afraid that he’s not going to open up to Emanda about Helen’s demands. I truly think that he would’ve, despite the threat to his sister, until he saw her kissing Daniel.

In other coupledom, I really hope Nolan doesn’t get back together with Marco. I’m not sure that I could ever forgive someone betraying me like that, and N. truly does seem happy with Padma.

I hope Declan took a page out of Jack’s book and was honest with Charlotte about what’s going on with the Ryan boys, but I doubt it. Convenient, tho, that Amily is staying with Ems, so that the latter gets to ride to Jack’s rescue yet again. (Which is why Nate Ryan’s #2 on my list).

JR Bourne does such a good job of playing the villain (on both Teen Wolf and Secret Circle) that I find it hard to read him as anything else on this show (not to mention that the show’s a veritable playhouse of villains to begin with), so I’m not really sure I believe his apology to Declan. I think he and his brother are playing good cop/bad cop.

I’m fairly sure that Ems and Aiden wanted Daniel to be Grayson’s CEO, so I’m confident Ems is only playing along with Victoria in order to cultivate a favor. I suspect it will stand her in good stead when he tracks the breadcrumbs back to find that emptied account and finds out *she’s* the real Amanda Clarke.


Returns to ABC on Jan. 6, but I’ll be watching online. Last season, we were all supposed to assume Daniel was the one who got shot, and it turned out to be no loss Tyler Barrol instead. This season, we’re supposed to assume that the body on the sunken Amanda is Jack, but who will it really be? Mason Treadwell tops my list, despite the fact that Emily (real Amanda, whom I will refer to as Amily from now on) has placed him safely behind bars.

Next on the list would be Kenny Ryan (whom I’ll call Mr Argent from his Teen Wolf stint),

Nate Ryan

Marco Romero

Aiden Mathis

Conrad Grayson

Daniel Grayson

Declan Porter

Jack Porter

More remote but also possible: Dominik Wright, Nolan Ross, Satoshi Takeda.

Based on my recall of the hand, I think Kenny, Conrad, Declan, Nolan, and Satoshi are out. Probably Marco, too. Of course, it could also be someone yet to be introduced.



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