I’m glad Mrs. Rizzoli has moved on, but I’m sorry that relationship had to end. I hope Maura’s birthmother decides to stop rejecting her. I trust Jane’s military man will pull through and comes back to her. I’d like to see Frost and Frankie get love lives, but not with the same gal again. I’ll be watching this when it returns to TNT in the summer of 2013.

There was some debate here as to whether or not Jane could’ve pulled rank and rushed into the unsafe building to save her brother, nephew, and partner. I say not. In the military, you can disobey an order if it is unsafe, immoral, or illegal, and I expect that, while civilians, first responder rules are the same, and that in this instance, the fire chief was the incident commander. Since what Jane wanted to do was both unsafe and personal (not like she was chasing a suspect or escaped prisoner, after all), I don’t think he would’ve had to let her in. I know laws can vary from state to state, but, for example, in most states an ambulance can go the wrong way on a one way street or highway exit/entrance ramp if that will get them to their situation faster. Thoughts?