Winter in the Hamptons. I wonder what the Lawson brothers think of the Graysons? It’s fun sometimes to imagine characters from series set in the same town running into each other.

Based on the show description on the site I watched it on, I was expecting more out of the flashbacks. In fact, I was expecting the show to consist largely of flashbacks, and not that they’d all be from Evan’s POV. Yes, I’d totally forgotten that the main reason for airing this special in December is because that’s when Paige and Evan were getting married. Speaking of, Paige certainly did seem completely unfazed by all the hoopla, at least until she started her speech. I really thought she was going to lose it, but then she segued into her wedding vows and effectively cut the ceremony as short as the guest list had become. So my question is: Did Eddie say “By the authority granted me by” or did he just say, “I now pronounce you man and wife”? Isn’t that a legality that must be said by the officiant? I can’t even give my usual fan-wank of “Stuff happens off-screen, people!” to it because, IIRC, he said they weren’t to that part (Oh, no! A “kissing part”!), then he said he guessed they were, and then he pronounced them.

While we’re on legalities of marriage, does anyone really think that tearing up and burning your marriage license means you’re not married any more? I don’t care that it was issued by a state that issue them to people obviously not in their right minds on a regular basis, you still have to wade through a ton of paperwork to get it annulled or dismissed.

In other thoughts, the show-runners already made the decision they’re not going to bring Jill back to the Hamptons on a regular basis (and pair her up with Hank). They were going to let Hank be single for awhile. So let’s not tease the audience by bringing her back at all. Let Jill Flint get another series where they’ll treat her right, and let Jill Casey stay in Africa sans contact.

And last, but by no means least, Boris isn’t dead! Dun dun DUN! Thoughts?