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So many stories intertwine on this show that it’s easier to recount them story by story rather than the show from beginning to end.

Bay and Ty: Bay goes to visit Ty on base. While he looks damn good in that tank top, I’m not sure they’re allowed under the uniform shirt. I think they have to be T-shirts, and I don’t know if you can still wear black with desert cammys. At any rate, she has some lame ideas and one possible to get him out of his redeployment. He explains that it’s a commitment he made, and that’s part of dating someone in the military. He asks her to go camping the next day, and she plans to use the old “play one parent off against the other” ploy. I think that’s only going to work until Regina figures out she’s being used, but she surprises me by telling Bay to tell her she’s going camping with Mac and MaryBeth as well so she’s not lying when she tells John Bay said she was going camping with friends. Except she is, because she knows Bay’s only going camping with Ty. It’s similar to the Lie of Omission, Regina.

Of course, the camping trip goes about as well as I expected it would, but not in the way I expected it to. Turns out Ty’s still pissed over seeing Bay and Emmett’s onscreen kiss, so he takes her to a jump tower to find out what she’s made of. She jumps, but starts freaking out and waving her arms and legs, which makes him unable to hold the rope steady enough to belay her down safely. She lands hard and, when he admits he’s still jealous, limps off in a huff. I think she’ll wind up lost or something, but instead after about two hours (and well after dark), she limps back to camp. When Ty tells her he thought she was dead, she points out that was how she felt when she heard his chopper had gone down and she didn’t know if he was on it. And it’s how she’s going to feel every day while he’s redeployed. In a surprisingly mature move, she admits that despite this, it was stupid of her to make him worry like that and apologizes. It’s a straight out “I screwed up and I’m sorry” apology, too, none of this wishy washy “I’m sorry you feel that way” non-apologies that seem to be floating around these days.

She adds that her ankle is hurt more than she thought it was (that’s what comes of walking around for two hours on a sprained ankle without doing anything for it), and Ty decides to leave all their expensive camping equipment out so he can get her to an ER right away. After she’s gotten a boot on her foot and a pair of crutches, he says they can talk to her dad about getting him out of the redeployment.

Daphne/Jace/Senator Coto: Unexpectedly, Jace seems to be more into having a relationship with Daphne than I thought he would be. He views their fight as a milestone, not as the difference in values coming out as it truly is. Daphne tells him she still needs time to process it. At work, the intern who was having an affair with Senator Coto asks her if she told anyone, because Senator Coto knows it’s out there now. Then one of Senator Coto’s aides tells her she’s up for Intern of the Year, and Coto wants to interview her the next day. She fakes being sick, but Katherine’s not fooled by her fake cough. But instead of making Daphne go to work, she decides they should both play hooky at the club spa, instead. Wish I had a rich friend who’d take me there.

Unfortunately, they run into Senator Coto’s wife at the spa. While Daphne excuses herself to call Jace and freak out over the texts they sent him, Diana quizzes Katherine about anything Daphne might’ve said about her husband’s affair. Katherine freaks out, and practically accuses Daphne of having the affair. Daphne is horrified, and decides to go into work, since Jace persuaded her she needs to act like nothing’s wrong. Regrettably, Senator Coto makes it clear, without coming right out and saying so, that he knows Daphne’s behind the blackmail text she and Jace sent. Maybe they shouldn’t have used Jace’s phone? Jace is still power tripping over the fact they got him to change his vote on a sex education vs. abstinence bill, and while Daphne’s been scared straight, he wants to keep going. Daphne breaks up with him, so he decides to proceed on his own. This still won’t end well for her.

Toby and Nikki: While having lunch with her mother, Nikki asks if her father was a drug dealer. Her mother acknowledges this fact, and after Nikki runs off, tells Toby she couldn’t think of a way to tell her without getting that same reaction. Later, Nikki almost literally throws herself at Toby, telling him she doesn’t want to wait for marriage before they have sex. But since the Kennishes raised him right, Toby holds her off and talks to her about what she’s going through. They have a brief dispute about whether or not they should have the wedding in the church. Katherine, on her way to the spa with Toby, overhears him telling Nikki he doesn’t want to marry her when she’s like this. So it’s quite a letdown when he approaches her later with a request to hold the wedding at the house, instead of calling it off as I’m sure she’d hoped he would.

With all the downer storylines this episode, it was nice to have one that was quite positive. Emmett and Melody accompany Cameron and his girlfriend when Cameron gets his cochlear implant turned on. Sean Berdy does a wonderful job of portraying Emmett’s conflict over his feeling betrayed by his father’s step into the hearing world and perhaps a bit of envy, as Cameron hears himself talking for the first time. Later, at the house, as he’s getting ready to play the drums for his father, he asks him what the implant is like. He finds it hard to believe that just overnight, one can hear. Later, there’s a moment between Melody and Cam that he watches, and I’m afraid he thinks they might be getting back together, even as Cam hands over his audiologist’s phone number to Melody. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Anthony Natale (Cameron) has a CI in real life, but I was surprised to find out that most insurance companies consider it an elective surgery. Yes, it is in the sense that some deaf people are quite happy without it (as is Marlee Matlin herself, from what I understand), and yes, there are even others in the deaf community whose sense of self is threatened by all these advances to bring them into the hearing world, and I can understand that. But for those that want it, it can improve their quality of life, so I think it should be covered under any health insurance policy.


I’m seeing a hell of a lot of hypocrisy in the characters lately. Not everyone is being a flat out hypocrite, some of them are being moderately deceitful, instead. And quite a few of them are teenagers, who really aren’t emotionally mature enough to realize they’re being hypocritical. But some of them are adults, and should know better.

Let’s look at the Kennishes first. Up to now, I really kind of liked them. Well, okay, I still do. Even though they’re part of the conservative Republican 1%, they’re not part of the radical section that subverted the Tea Party. They’re fairly open-minded and inclusive. But John’s “family values” don’t include a recovering alcoholic single Latina mother from the barrio. He flat out told Regina he’d’ve taken Daphne away from her (and we know they would’ve kept Bay in the process), and essentially he and Katherine (to a lesser extent) are trying to do that now.

Next up is Emmitt. Emmitt is the only deaf character on this show who makes no attempt to verbalize while he’s signing. This is a personal choice. But his best friend, Daphne, wears hearing aids and vocalizes quite well — also a personal choice (yes, I’m aware of the difference between her going deaf after language learning as opposed to being deaf since birth). He doesn’t seem to have a problem with her doing that, only with her having a tendency to only date hearing boys. And when he first started dating Bay, he seriously considered (and even attempted) learning to vocalize. He gave it up fairly quickly, deciding it wasn’t for him. Which is fine. Now his father says he’s been thinking about getting a CI (cochlear implant) for some time. Yes, his current girlfriend has one, and perhaps that spurred him into looking at it more definitively. But again, whether or not to get the implant (if one is eligible for it), is a personal choice. I’m as sorry Emmitt’s father gave him the power to choose as I am for Emmitt denying his father something he himself may not be able to have.

Jace and Daphne. Jace told Daphne point blank he didn’t want to get involved in a relationship. Then she kissed him on their “non-date”, was hurt he didn’t invite her to his party after they’d made plans for a real date (which she initiated), and got jealous and hurt because he was talking to another girl at the party he didn’t invite her to. It’s hard to believe this show is only in the middle of it’s second season when Daphne has dated Liam, Wilke, Chef Jeff, Travis, and now Jace. Each one she meets, if she’s attracted to him, must immediately become hers exclusively — no matter what he says (Jeff, Jace) or does (Jeff). Daphne is in love with love (which has more to do with the fact that she’s 17 than Regina’s parenting) and I hope she grows out of it faster than I did. She also can’t see that Jace’s only interest in her is the same as any normal teenage boy’s — although I do wonder how much older than her his character is. I don’t think she realizes the kind of trouble Chef Jeff was in for sleeping with her. Guys who tell you straight out they don’t want a relationship really don’t.

Bay and Ty. First, I have to say that telling your bio mom, with whom you’re staying temporarily, that you’re dating a boy you know your adoptive father hates, is deceitful. As for hypocrisy, well, Bay kinda made the same mistake Daphne did, but not with Ty. With her boss, Matt. She talked him into the double date with Marybeth by promising him it wouldn’t be fun, even though he tried to explain his non-fraternization policy. Then she pushed them together at every opportunity, even after Tyler told her to back off. I’m very glad he spoke up so quickly in offering to take MB home before Bay could push Matt into doing it. Ty’s continuing to insist to Bay that he’s fine when there’s a fairly good chance he’s got PTSD (although probably more from Justin’s suicide than the war – I suspect growing up in a barrio could help in that aspect) — well, even he knows thats not completely true. I’m glad Ty feels that everything is better with and around Bay, and that she can make him forget the horrors he’s seen and experienced, but that’s not really him living in his real world. In fact, he’s running/hiding from it, which isn’t healthy. As much as I liked him and Bay together before he left, now I’d rather see him with Mary Beth.

Katherine: While her reasoning was accurate, I’m not sure how I feel about her initial decision not to tell John that his boss had made a pass at her. I do think that there are some things your partner in life doesn’t need to know — you hate their favorite shirt, her favorite jeans make her ass look huge when it shouldn’t be — but something like “Your boss said he was having sex dreams about me” is too major a thing to try to gloss over, IMO. As an aside, judging from her discussion of John’s temper with Toby – which to me came off very similarly to how family members discuss dealing with someone’s alcoholism — and John’s eventual reaction (the confrontation with his boss), lead me to wonder if he wouldn’t benefit from some anger management sessions. Perhaps he can go with Ty. (Although I’m not sure that’s the kind of therapy Ty needs.)

This past Monday night, those of you with control of the remote got to see what would’ve happened if Regina had come forward as soon as she found out about the switch. I have to admit I’m looking forward to that, because while I want to know if John’s OK, I’d rather not dive right in to him having another heart attack when he finds out Bay just lost her virginity to Ty.

I’m trying to catch up on the past three weeks’ worth of shows. As happy as I am to have Blair Redford back on my small screen, the more I’m concerned that that means The Lying Game isn’t being picked up.

I don’t know how to feel about the past two episodes I just watched. I think Regina’s wrong in trying to dictate how both Daphne and Bay are treated by  the Kennishes. I do agree that Daphne doesn’t need a credit card at her age, but to then hop right in and interfere with John’s discipline of Bay just rubs me the wrong way. OTOH, I think Daphne and Kathryn need to give Bay and Regina the same time to bond that they’ve had. It seems like the Kennishes are happy to recover Daphne, but want to keep both her and Bay for themselves, and that’s not right any more than Regina interfering in their parenting of Bay is. (Nor should the Kennishes interfere in her parenting of Daphne).

I think Toby’s too young to get married, and I don’t think Nikki’s the right girl for him. I do like the girl and think she’s sweet, but something about her really bugs me. I suspect I might be prejudiced against her because of her religion, so I’m just going to try to shut up, but what else bothers me is how fast Toby’s been turning and burning them over the past couple years. He seems pretty malleable, and I’m not sure that John giving him the managership is going to be good for him. I hope it will, but I have to admit I kinda wish he’d made Toby and Travis comanagers. I’d really like to see the two of them and Emmitt all hanging out together.

Well, I’m going to watch last night’s episode now.

Nina Lisa

I’m going to try to be quick and dirty with this one.

Noah and Bay make out. Daphne breaks up with Travis. Katherine talks Daphne into auditioning for the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.,  Regina found a job and turns down a drink with Zane to celebrate, so maybe she didn’t stay off the wagon, after all.

John talks Bay and Toby into helping on the campaign. Bay will be designing a billboard. Toby advises her to tell Emmit she’s dating Noah.

Noah apologizes to Daphne at her audition. She tells him she’s not the one he should apologize to. He tells her Travis won’t look at him. With a bit of coaching from Katherine, she knocks it out of the park and gets the role. She and Noah leave the class, talking and being friendly. Travis sees them and gets upset.

Bay tells Emmit she’s with Noah. She thinks they should move on. He tenderly cups her face and kisses her gently, then asks if she’s ready to move on. She can only stare after him.

Regina seems to be settling into her new job well.

Noah and Daphne aren’t too thrilled with Katherine’s costuming, which will be a mix of modern and traditional. I’m not too thrilled with it, either. Bay fills Daphne in on her and Noah and says Emmit’s taking it well. Katherine gets a call; the police may have caught the guy who attacked Daphne.

Noah tries to be there for Bay while she works on her dad’s campaign billboard, but he doesn’t have an artistic eye like, say, Emmit. Or Regina, Bay should say but doesn’t.

Travis is already at the police station. After Daphne positively ID’s the guy, they bring him in, since he saw the guy when he bought the taco. He lies and says he doesn’t see him. When Daphne confronts him, he sticks to his story.

Regina’s talked into drinking again by Zane and the bartender, Tria. Looks like she’s late for her second day of work. Sidebar: Tria is played by Kim Rhodes, whom some of you may or may not recognize from the Disney show with the twins Zack and Cody. I just read her short bio and now have a girl crush: she’s certified in four types of stage combat – hand-to-hand, quarterstaff, rapier, and dagger.

Looks like Emmit’s also been roped into volunteering for the campaign, so he’s there to play wingman when Toby’s new love interest walks in. Her name is Alyssa.

Regina’s 1.5 hours late, and her now ex-boss isn’t taking any excuses.

Daphne’s talking to Noah when she has an epiphany about Travis. Sure enough, the camera cuts to him lurking outside the thief’s workplace with a baseball bat. He’s forestalled when Daphne pulls up, her headlights blinding him. She reads him the riot act, but he’s determined to follow through.

Toby, Emmit, and Alyssa are putting up campaign signs. Alyssa starts spouting off on how horrible John’s opponent is. Emmit can see how the two are looking at each other, so he takes his time getting more signs out of the car. Alyssa’s impressed with Toby’s fluency in ASL.

John and his campaign manager, Ivan, aren’t really impressed with Bay’s design, but John says to go with it. Daphne swings by the design center and discovers Regina no longer works there.

Alyssa asks Toby and Emmit to her house. Emmit’s already advised Toby to go for it, and he takes off. Cut to Toby and Alyssa making out in a hot tub. When he stops kissing her, she starts asking him about ASL. He offers to call Emmit to take his place, so she moves in and starts kissing him again, meanwhile taking off her top. She flings it to the steps, where it’s promptly picked up by her mother. And I’m not surprised to learn Alyssa’s mother is John’s opponent.

Speaking of John, Daphne told him about Travis, so he calls him into his office to talk to him. He points out that now that Travis is 18, he’d be the one to serve time if the thief pressed charges.

Toby’s pissed that Alyssa set him up and leaves, despite her protests that she likes him for real.

Bay overhears Ivan telling a potential contributor not to waste his money on John’s campaign; he thinks Kennish will lose.

Daphne confronts Regina, asking where she was. Regina says she was at work. Daphne reveals she knows Regina doesn’t work there anymore. Regina realizes Daphne doesn’t know she was fired, and lies about the job not understanding she needs time with her family. She apologizes for lying about where she was and promises it won’t happen again. I’d like to believe her, but . . .

Bay apologizes to Noah and they’re back on track. Travis did the right thing, but tells Daphne his life still sucks. Turns out after Bay overheard Ivan, she purposely missed the deadline to get her poster in. When John confronts her she finally tells him about Ivan. Turns out John knows how Ivan feels, and was hoping Bay’s poster would be the way to show he’s not the average politician.

Regina drops by the bar to get her phone. She tells Tria about losing the job, but not why. Tria immediately pours her a glass of wine. Regina asks if she has any openings, and Tria says the manager will be in at ten and she’ll put in a word for her. She says Regina should stick around and listen to the band. Regina takes a drink of wine. Looks like she’s officially off the wagon. Later, she’s walking down the Kennish driveway when Bay comes out of her studio and sees her. Regina lies that her car broke down and that she caught a taxi and had him drop her off in the road. I guess it’s good she’s not driving. She tells Bay she’s not feeling well, and then trips going up the stairs. Bay looks like she might know what’s going on. I’d think she’d be able to smell the alcohol; they weren’t that far apart.

And that’s it for my recaps of Switched at Birth. Thank you for reading.

Nina Lisa

Kathryn catches Daphne checking out a bruise she got when she was robbed. Daphne says she fell off her bike. Kathryn says she thought it was broken, but Daphne claims she fixed it.

At school, Bay and Natalie, who appear to finally be real friends, are selling Valentine Day’s roses to raise funds for drama club. And they’re wearing costumes. They’re not doing too well, which gives them time to commiserate with each other that Bay’s not with either Emmitt or Noah, and Natalie likes a girl but doesn’t know if the girl likes her back.

Travis gives Daphne flour, instead of a real flower. He thinks he has to tell her it’s a pun, but her reaction is more that she doesn’t want to think about that night anymore. They settle their plans for Valentine’s.

Bay, still in costume, runs in to Emmitt. It’s clear they still have feelings for each other.

Katherine tells John about Daphne’s bruise and the bike lie (which she checked). John tells her that Daphne is his biological daughter and reminds her of one of his klutzier moments.

Bay is talking to Noah. He tells her last year, his girlfriend broke up with him via text while he was on his way to give her the present he handmade for her. He slams Valentine’s Day and the two stare at each other in an awkward silence.

Melody’s class. None of the pilot kids are in here, although I wish Noah was, for reasons that shall become clear later. She wants to talk about language. The first thing the parents of a deaf child are told is that s/he failed the hearing test. Five hours old and already a failure. “Hearing loss” makes it seem like deaf people are less than everyone else. Melody asks the kids, if someone invented a pill that would take away their deafness overnight, would any of them take it. None of them would. This way, they have a built-in community with a shared perspective. They have an identity. Melody says it’s deaf gain. Daphne looks like she’s learning some life lessons. (Note: Katie LeClerc is not yet completely deaf. She has Meniere’s disease, which is a degenerative inner ear disease that causes fluctuating hearing loss and vertigo, and eventually some degree of permanent hearing loss. This is the same disease that the character Noah has).

Toby’s dropping Nikki off at her house. He gives her a three month anniversary gift, and she blurts out that she loves him. She quickly backtracks that she meant she loved the gift and bolts out of the car. Toby seems intrigued by the thought. Have I mentioned that Lucas Grabeel is a good actor? I really like him.

Lana and Angelo are discussing prospective couples to adopt their child. Angelo’s not down with the whole idea. This infuriates Lana, as it should, since she doesn’t feel like she can raise a child and Angleo hasn’t shown that he can, either. She tells him to do the right thing and sign.

When Bay gets home from school, she and Katherine talk about Noah and Emmitt. Bay wants Noah, but isn’t sure he wants her. Katherine thinks she should throw a Valentine’s Day party. Bay stops her planning because she’s going to go meet Angelo. She’s talking to him again. Maybe.

For some reason, Daphne has decided to take her food truck back to the park where she was attacked. By herself. Ye gods, girl, what are you thinking? Sure enough, when a guy who resembles and is dressed somewhat like her attacker comes up, she flips out and closes up shop. Terrified, she sinks to the floor and texts someone. After the commercials, we find out it was Melody. Melody tells her they need to report the crime. Daphne hates this part of being deaf. Melody reminds her she can’t pick and choose. Being deaf can enrich your life, but there’s a price you have to pay.

Bay and Angelo discuss Lana and the baby. Angelo tells her they’re fighting about the adoption. Bay suggests just hanging out and getting to know each other. He asks her if she has plans for Valentine’s Day. She tells him about Katherine’s idea and why she doesn’t like it. Angelo offers his apartment and services as chaperone.

Melody and Daphne are at the police station when Regina rushes in. She thanks Melody and takes Daphne in to make the statement. The cop is an insensitive a-hole who wants to know why a deaf kid was allowed out after dark alone. Regina starts to go off on him, but Daphne reads her the riot act in ASL. Then she tells the cop if he just lets her talk, they can all go soon. After the commercial, we open on Regina telling John and Katherine. They go through the roof. John says Daphne’s never taking the truck out again. Katherine starts yelling at Regina for not telling them right away or taking Daphne to a doctor. Regina walks out.

Angelo and Lana meet for coffee. She’s surprised he remembers how she likes her coffee. He presents the idea of a detente and asks her to help him chaperone Bay’s party. He says they can watch a movie, but she nixes that. He says they can just hang out. She still looks uncertain, so he asks her if she has other plans.

Katherine catches up to Daphne and asks her about the incident. She wants Daphne to go to her doctor so he can look at the bruise. Daphne insists she’s fine. Katherine asks her if she’s going to go to Bay’s party, Daphne says she was planning on stopping by. Katherine asks her to text her both coming and going. She appreciates Daphne’s independence, but she wants to wrap her in bubble wrap anyway. OK, she doesn’t say that, but she implies it. Daphne agrees, but she’s not happy about it.

Bay’s rounding up party guests, and Natalie’s first on board. Now that they’ve called a truce, I think they realized they have a lot in common. Bay persuades Noah to agree to swing by, then she spots Emmitt. The look on her face when he tells her he already has plans confirms my suspicions of her lingering feelings for him.

Regina goes to the car wash. She needs to get some paperwork from the truck for the police. She asks John where it is. He tells her he sold it. That’s rather high-handed of him. Regina realizes he hasn’t changed from when they first met.

Bay’s a bit surprised to see Lana at Angelo’s, but she’s cool with it.

Toby picks Nikki up for dinner, but asks her to go to Bay’s party first to support her. Nikki agrees, then says they don’t have to go to dinner if he doesn’t want to; they can do whatever he wants. He just smiles and says, “I love you, too.” Yay! They’re so cute together. She gives him a leather cuff she picked up in Guatamala.

Bay’s party isn’t exactly rocking yet. She’s relieved when Toby and Nikki show up; evidently it’s been an hour and everyone’s being fashionably late. Nikki goes off to get a drink (non-alcoholic), and Bay spots a huge cross on Toby’s cuff. She asks him if he suddenly got born again. He’s both disconcerted and a little embarrassed. He pulls his jacket down over it. She confides in him that she’s hoping to mack on someone that night, and when Noah comes in she tells Toby the party’s officially looking up.  She greets Noah and reminds him that in the spirit of the party, there’ll be no hooking up, and looks at him expectantly. He happily agrees that everyone is just friends and heads off for a drink.

Regina’s venting to her mom about John and Katherine, who rightly points out that instead of arguing over who’s the better parent, maybe she should be more concerned about Daphne right now.

Toby and Nikki are talking to Lana and Angelo about their session with the producer. The guys wander off and Nikki watches Toby try to hide the cuff again while Lana tells her what a great guy he is. Nikki asks her about baby names, and Lana says it’s not her place if she’s giving the baby up. Angelo jumps in and says nothing’s definite. Nikki tells him it’s like he’s got a second chance and says she’ll pray for a safe birth. Both Toby and Lana are obviously uncomfortable.

Daphne walks in. Bay tells her she heard about the attack and asks if she’s okay. Daphne says she is, then Toby comes up and tells her he wishes he’d been there. She snaps at him as Angelo and Lana come up so Angelo can introduce them. Travis comes in just then and Daphne goes over to hug him. She pulls him into the kitchen to tell him what went down at the police station.

John comes home and tells Katherine about Regina and his selling the truck. She also takes umbrage at his not discussing it with anyone first. She blames him for Regina not tellingh them about the incident, and says he’s washing away any bridge she tries to build with Regina. He says that’s “absolutely ridiculous” and storms out. No, John, that’s absolutely right.

Noah’s hearing cuts out at the pary and when Bay tries to help him, he pushes her away and runs into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. She sinks to the floor outside it. Just then, Emmitt walks in, much to her surprise. She tells him she’s glad he’s there, he agrees. Travis comes up to ask Emmitt if he has any music and Bay if it’s okay to switch it up. The answer to both questions is yes, so Travis and Emmitt head off.

Lana is studying some pix of Angelo with Daphne when he brings her a drink. She says it must’ve been hard for him when he found out Daphne wasn’t his. He admits it. He tells her he’ll do whatever he has to to raise his new daughter, and his heart he knows he’s the one who should raise her.

Nikki finds Toby, who’s taken off his jacket. The cuff was large enough his jacket wouldn’t really hide it, and it’s obvious it’s not under his sweater, either. She asks him if he wants to go someplace more private.

Bay has gone into the bedroom to talk to Noah. He tells her the hearing losses are happening more frequently. She jokes that if the music gets any louder they’ll all go deaf anyway. He agrees, and heads off to pick a fight with Travis. It’s just words at first, until he tells Travis that when he talks he sounds like a seal. He says none of them are perfect and asks Travis to give him a break, then starts to walk away, but Travis pulls him back and slugs him. A brawl ensues. Emmitt tries to break it up, but Travis throws him off. Angelo comes running in and Emmitt helps him pull them apart.

Nikki and Toby are walking by a pool, possibly outside Angelo’s apartment complex. When he asks her if she’s okay, she tells him she knows he doesn’t have the same relationship with God that she does. She believes in God and that He has His hands on her life. Toby reminds her that’s one of the things he loves about her. But she doesn’t know if that’s enough for her anymore, and breaks up with him.

Katherine’s moping by the cheesecake she mae for her and John when Regina comes in. Katherine tells her she wasn’t happy about John selling the truck, either, but that’s how they felt when Regina didn’t tell them about Daphne’s attack. Regina confesses that she was upset because Daphne hadn’t even come to her, but went to Melody first, and she thinks it’s because she doesn’t sign any more. Katherine reaches out to her, and then John comes in. He bought the truck back. He still wants to sell it, but agrees they should talk about it first. Katherine and Regina promptly say they want to sell it. John rolls his eyes. Regina leaves. John tells Katherine he really is sorry. She says he should be and hands him a fork.

Emmitt tells Daphne he thought that fight had been coming for a while. They’re somewhat blaming it on Travis. Well, he did throw the first punch.  Travis pulls up in his car. When Daphne gets up, Emmitt tells her she doesn’t have to date Travis just to prove she can date a deaf guy. She thanks him and gets in the car. Emmitt watches them drive off.

Noah is sitting on some steps when Bay walks up and hands him a frozen quiche because Angelo didn’t have any ice. She then apologizes for forcing him to come to her party, where he got decked. Noah owns that he deserved it. He’s upset about the Meniers and took it out on Travis. Bay concedes that he has a right to be upset. Then she asks him about how he’s been acting with her. Noah tells her he heard all about her “epic” romance with Emmitt. They even had their own nickname, “E-Bay”. Bay hadn’t heard that, but she’s flattered he asked about her. He says he likes her, but he’s not up to being used to . . . Bay cuts him off when she dives in for a kiss, but their noses collide. She apologizes and he tells her to do it again. This time, they both move in.

OK, because I’m a romantic, I think she should eventually wind up with Emmitt. But because she’s still in high school, I think dating more than one boy is probably a good idea at that age. Last I recall, she told Daphne she’s still a virgin. As long as she stays that way, she can, and probably should, date as many guys as she wants, AFAIC.

Nina Lisa

Uh-oh, looks like Daphne’s regretting that kiss.

I think Emmitt hit the nail on the head.

I guess John has daddy issues. And now I can see why. But I think Grandpa’s right.

I like that Katherine and Regina are friends. I just feel bad for Daphne having to answer to three parents. Bay and Toby don’t have to run things past Regina.

Yes, John, but with all the changes in the band, it does seem more like a hobby, and it would seem like that on a college application, too.  Wasn’t Toby a large part of that zombie movie? He could put that down as well.

Isn’t Regina entitled to some of Angelo’s money? Of course, her pride probably won’t let her accept it.

That’s not going to help Travis’ case any, if a hearing guy had been with her, he might’ve heard what was going on.

Hmm. Well, maybe John’s daddy issues have a good reason.

Actually, Katherine, with today’s economy, unless you throw her out at 18 and tell her never to come back, I don’t think she’ll be gone forever in two years.

Travis and Daphne should’ve gone to the police.

Oh, this isn’t going to end well for Regina.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. I didn’t like the idea of Daphne with Travis. I didn’t like Travis, and he hadn’t really redeemed himself to me. I didn’t really see any chemistry there, although I knew he definitely like liked her. But the way the writers dealt with the situation, and the way the actors portrayed it, I bought it. Hook, line, and sinker.  I thought it was very well done, and very sweet. It worked that Bay did her little “jealousy test”; it made it even more believable. And, let’s face it, I liked how Ryan Lane looks in a towel. (He’s 25; I can say that without feeling too skeevy, even if I am old enough to be his mother.)

As for how he wound up in that towel, well. Some fast thinking on everyone’s part but Lana and the guy from ICE. How stupid do you have to be, or blind, I guess, to not notice people are signing in front of you when they a) don’t need to (John and Katherine) and b) the person they’re signing to is facing you but obviously looking at them (Regina and Katherine).  And I’d think even someone who doesn’t know ASL could pick L-L-I out of the alphabet.

I admit, I didn’t know which way Regina was going to go for sure, but she almost blew it by snarling at Angelo right away and then stomping out of the main house and heading for the guest-house before the Immigration official even left! He had to have heard her heels on that floor, and know she was coming out after him. And while the various angles make that driveway really funky, it really looked like he would’ve seen her stomping off to the guesthouse once he got in his car. I suppose I can fanwank it that he thought she was mad at Angelo for bringing Lana over, and was then confronting her, but it’s kinda stretching it thinner than I usually have to do for this show. Then again, now that I’m pondering it as I type, it did look like she was really out of the guesthouse. Then Lana said she’d met her in the elevator on the way to see Angelo. So those two things would make it seem like she and Angelo were living together, I guess. I don’t know how suspicious that officer really was; he seemed to go back and forth on it. Perhaps it looks more suspicious to me because I know the truth?  And this new guy — I’m not liking him at all. Mainly because I want Angelo and Regina to work it out for their own sake, not Bay or Daphne’s.

Speaking of Bay, I’m glad she found out the letter is real.  But what kind of an artist is she that she can’t read a certificate of authenticity? I’m sorry that her little-girl-lost dreams didn’t give her the father she wanted, but I think Angelo is trying, the best that he can now.  Maybe her hanging the letter back up in its place of honor over her bed means she realizes that.

I hope so.

Nina Lisa

Did anyone else catch the chemistry between Toby and Lana? Or was that just me? And why is there only one car repair shop in Kansas City, anyway? And here’s why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia for research: its article on the show claims it’s set in KC, MO. But John is running for the Kansas State senate. And I’m pretty sure that I remember Daphne telling someone that Carlton was considered the premiere deaf school in Kansas, not just Kansas City. Which means that that is the KC the show is set in.  And really, that’d be the KC I’d think of first. Just like I’d think of London, England before London, Kentucky. I could go on, but that’s not what this post is supposed to be about, so back to the show.

I think I can tell the show is produced in a liberal town when they stereotype Republicans by requesting that John rein in his little woman because she dared to discuss politics instead of recipes on the talk show.  I was actually surprised that they were Republicans, since they seem pretty liberal to me.

So, I was really hoping for a Noah and Daphne hook-up; I liked their connection at the retreat more than her and Teo’s, and thought maybe he’d open up to her about his diagnosis. But when I went to the ABC Family website just now to confirm what John’s campaign website said, I got to see the preview for next week, and it showed her and Travis in a lip lock. Evidently Noah’s going to get closer to Bay. Argh. But I guess it wouldn’t be good TV if we all had our favorite couples all the time; look at all the Team Stelena vs. Team Delena TVD fans.

Speaking of the retreat, I really thought that Natalie and Bay had reached a sort of detente, but evidently Natalie didn’t think so. I’m glad Bay stepped forward with the truce, but I saw a list of summaries for all the episodes, and there’s one coming up in March, IIRC, where the deaf students protest against the pilot program being extended.

I was really sorry to hear Regina’s prognosis, and I sincerely hope that’s not a reflection of the real world, but I’m afraid that her line about learning to sign so rapidly at an advanced age means it is. Because Regina didn’t have to learn to sign so rapidly, Constance Marie did. As for using the other hand, that’s a question I was wondering myself. I’m left-handed, and I tend to use my left hand for signing more. And I’ve noticed that Toby does, too. So why can’t Regina?  Although I suspect that it’d be very difficult to switch to your non-dominant hand.  I’d think she should still be wearing the brace if she’s not supposed to use it like that anymore.  Also, for some reason this episode I noticed Daphne signing a number with her palm facing toward herself, which I guess is how you’re supposed to do it, but I’ve also noticed not everyone does that (including the instructors on eHow). I do know that they actually have an interpreter on set because of the regionalisms in sign between Marlee, Sean, and Katie.

Well, I still have six shows or so to go, and my friend is rewatching Arrow right now, so I’d better close this for now. See you next week.

Nina Lisa

The Awakening Conscience

So, Angelo came clean with Regina, but yeah, only because he was caught. And I guess it really is his kid. I believe she was pretty sure that was Lana she met in the elevator; I just don’t know how it’s all going to go down. I’d like her to be happy, but I’m beginning to believe that Angelo is not the answer. I wonder what Lana was doing heading back over to his apartment at that time of night?

Looks like Natalie’s not going to accept Bay (or Teo) any time soon. I hope that Bay and Teo don’t wind up hooking up because they’re a couple of the only hearing kids at a deaf school. I’d rather see him with Daphne, but we’ll see how it all plays out. Another favorite meme of TV writers is the couple that hates each other from the get-go, and that guy from the Vasquez’ old neighborhood sure seems to have it in for her. I just think she should be thankful that the crowd that was still there just left instead of stealing all the food and money when she left it all unguarded like that. I’m sure the majority of the people figured out what was going on and that they weren’t going to get fed, but it was definitely “dumb luck” that no-one in an admittedly rough neighborhood in a moderate crowd was that desperate or that criminally-minded.

As for Nikki and Toby, well, I have to totally side with her on this one. People are allowed to decide to go a different direction than the one they were headed for in the past, whether it’s for bad or good, although I’d hope it’d be for the good in the general run of things. And as his mom pointed out, he’s not exactly Mr. Saint himself.

I was a bit surprised at the complete lack of caring on the kids’ part about John’s plan to run for State Senator. They seemed to dismiss the whole thing pretty fast, but I guess if you’ve grown up with your dad as a famous ball player, then you’d be used to that type of thing. Daphne, OTOH, couldn’t possibly have a clue about what that’s going to entail. Then again, as Katherine pointed out last episode, they’ve pretty much already been through the whole being smeared in public rigmarole.

And why is everyone on ABCFamily shows eating ice cream out of the same container this week?



Nothing left to lose*

*If you don’t get this reference, I think you should expand your musical choices.

OK, let’s get minor storyline E or so out of the way first. Not that I minded getting to see Jessica Tuck not playing a shapeshifter, but I really hope neither of the Kennishes run for public office.

In other news, I immediately pegged Theo as a new love interest for Daphne.  I just can’t see her with Travis, as sweet as he has turned out to be. And I’m glad to see Emmitt and Bay slowly making their way back together. That’s how to tell a story like that. Makes me rethink my dealbreaker stance on infidelity.

Speaking of infidelity, I’m confused. Was that a DNA test Angelo was waving around? Was it determined that the kid is his? Are we going to see Billie Jean around more now? (Again, expand your music repertoire). Maybe she can adopt Travis as a live-in babysitter, thus solving his housing problem. But I suspect he’ll wind up moving in with the Kennishes, too.  Or maybe Daphne will hire him as a driver and sous chef, and he can sleep in the truck at night to guard it from theft.  I don’t see why that couldn’t be her 7th period project.

Now that Angelo knows Bay knows about BJ, do you think he’ll step up telling Regina, or do you think he’s really planning on doing what Bay accused him of planning on doing?

Do you suppose we’ll see Toby’s potential love interest at the recording session? I don’t remember how her having a boyfriend back home played out, do you? As I mentioned, I’d like to see Travis get a love interest other than Daphne. And if Bay’s going to join the pilot program, then I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of it and, by extension, Theo.

Now I think I’ll go rewatch some of the ASL videos I saw on eHow and try to retain some more signs.

Nina Lisa

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